Sign of the Time of the End ---> Armagaddon

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  • punkofnice

    johnamos -

    It’s sad to see the many here that have allowed the becoming aware of the WTS/GB’s lies and errors to cause you to no longer read and use the bible to make your arguments, as well as just flat out loose faith and belief in Jehovah and Jesus.

    When you say allowed it makes it sound as if people like me a deficient or weak in some way. I'm sure that wasn't your intent. Just saying so you know.

    I no longer read or use the bible because I have done research only to find that it is a collection of writings put together by the catholic church. Due to confirmation bias, those that wish to believe in it will defend it and find all the reasons possible to to keep it at number 1 in the hit parade.

    What about the quran? the rig vedas? There is so much to choose from. As far as a belief in 'Jehovah(tm)' I think one only needs to look at the origin of the name to be convinced that something is amiss.

    People that wish to believe in god, jesus, allah, govinda or whatever are welcome to their beliefs but when it comes to using those beliefs to look down on non believers then there's a problem.....probably a lot of what is wrong with society is right there. The devil is in the detail.

  • BluePill2

    @johnamos: Can you post that in Twitter-Style? You know 140 characters and shit. I have a short attention span. Too much WT crap for far too many years. If humans get to the point, so can God too. He should just say it or shut up.

    I will save you lots of valuable time: There is no God.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hey opening poster:

    Dont forget:

    "birds of heaven having a feast" on all the little kids from the local pre-school just because their parents dont like the watchtower magazine!!

    Then you can take their toys from their dead carcasses and give them to your children!

    What are you doing on this forum?? Seriously you make me mad......

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh and opening poster...

    learn to spell "ARMAGADDON" correctly please... Its easy...just read your bible .....

    You insult us...

  • Heaven

    ... And another day has passed... and Still, Armageddon Has Not Arrived.

  • punkofnice
  • BluePill2


    Watchtower Treasury Department

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    @ Johnamos: It’s sad to see the many here that have allowed the becoming aware of the WTS/GB’s lies and errors to cause you to no longer read and use the bible


    The best method to expose the Bible's absurdity is to actually read it. What you fail to understand is that many here have come to certain conclusions because they've studied the Bible extensively, not inspite of it.

    And, it's statements like this one that prove the idiocy of the religious mindset when they argue for the Bible, god and Jesus:

    "None of that should change your view of Jehovah and Jesus and the bible!!! If anything it should strengthen your faith!!! WHY??? The scriptures state that those lies and errors (In fact a very BIG error) are part of Jehovah’s people."

    In other words, a person should just expect that god allows massive lies within his group and these should be accepted as a matter of fact??

    Stupid x 100

  • jgnat

    I used the bible.

    I speak the language the hearer may understand.

  • NewYork44M

    Where does the rise of the king of the north fit in? That was the big event we were looking forward to when I was a kid?

    Also, this is one that never gets much play time - when did "the disgusting thing that causes desolation standing where it ought not" take place? This was another big deal that was revised and not forgotten.

    If you are looking for signs, please don't cherry pick your prophesies.

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