Society money grab tonight

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  • insidetheKH

    Our congregation will transfer a one time donation of U$26,300 and a monthly donation U$1145


    I agree with WT Wizard as far as being "programmed for poverty." In the JW mind "seeking great things for yourself" is prideful and "Satanic." Here is how it work, you can believe it or not. There simply MUST be poor JWs, and they simply MUST make up the majority of the JW population. Those who are scraping by, because they have a psychological block and are determined to be victims, will continue to support the very system that abuses them. Their savior is their captor and abuser. They are locked in a cycle. They say, " The system is evil. ALL of it is set up to destroy ME." Jws are the foremost me-monsters. Then they reason, " Trying to get ahead is impossible! Satan runs the show! If I interrupt my "Theocratic Routine", things will be worse!!"

    What is a "Theocratic routine?" It's the JW programming sessions that hapen every DAY [ daily text] every week [ meetings and failed-service], every six months [ CO/manager], every few months [ DCs CA's Special Days], and every YEAR!! It NEVER ends!!!! Go to CD-Library. Look up the earliest KM that you can. Scan through the titles of the articles as fast as you can. Repeat with the next month, until that year is over. Do the same with the next year, and the next, and the next. It's the same SHIT EVERY YEAR FOR DECADES!!!!!!!!! That very routine is what makes JWs fail!

    That being said, the WTBTS simply cannot allow the majority of JWs to be educated or financially well-off. That would be their death sentence as a Corporation. THEY ONLY EXIST BECAUSE OF THE ILLUSION THAT THEY HAVE CREATED. That is the illusion that the world is evil, money is evil, taking pride is evil, success is evil, critical and independent thought is evil. Everything this is "SATANIC" except for slaving for the WTBTS. Even the occasional JW that finds success is a slave of the WTBTS. Those who are allowed Higher Education are tolerated because they slave for the WTBTS. Success is only allowed in so much as it benefits the WTBTS.

    The number of wealthy JWs will always be the minority because healthy, clear thinking, emotionally stable, rational people do not need the "protection" of the WTBTS. That means less money, which is simply a bi-product of the control that the WTBTS exerts over it's members. Total control of thought and action is the goal, that's what happens when Abusers project onto others, money just keeps the cycle alive. Remember this "faith" was supposed to done in 1914. Money comes from new and existing members. They can't have too much, or they will no longer need MOTHERS protection.

    A loving mother trains her children to leave the nest, and prepares them for reality. Does the WTBTS prepare it's members for life in REALITY??? A delusional, unstable mother seeks to hide her child from the world. The WTBTS leaders are worse because they actually sacrifice their children to ensure their own survival. They may not realize it, but they are slaves themselves. They are slaves to " Jehovah of the Watchtower."


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I saw this coming when a letter was read to our BOE back in 2010 just before I step down. The letter said it wanted the Wt. name on all checking accounts if possible. Our body was more than willing to do it. The Wt. reason was it would be easier for them to take the money each month instead of the congregation wiring them or sending a check. I could not believe what I was hearing. All I could do was keep my mouth shut knowing I was getting out of this cult. So this is no big surprise to me but it falls in line with everything else the Wt. is doing. Still Totally ADD

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Just wait till the tide turns and the Gen X & Millenial Dubs have to start supporting their parents finaically in their old age. Its coming and the tsunami that the Boomers will bring (yet again) will be costly as they move towards their demise. Quick WTB$ cash grab while they can get it.

  • LongHairGal

    Simon Morley:

    I agree with everything you said. All those older people there who never saved will need help from their children - assuming their children can help them and the economy doesn't fall further.

    I also get the sense that this is an "in your face" nervy grab and they don't give a sh#t who likes it...never mind what they used to teach. This is the new normal.

  • label licker
    label licker

    Our last hall has to pay a total of five hundred per month. Ten thousand was handed over along with a recent loan that was borrowed from society of fifteen thousand dollars. All that money was supposedly donated to another hall. That hall was sold and a new one built. Afterwards a talk was given stating that they didn't need our donation of twenty-five thousand dollars but since then there has been no mention as to what happened to that money. (In a previous post the amount was thought to be twenty-one thousand but it is twenty-five thousand)

    When the brother made the announcement of the congregation only having to pay five hundred per month, he added that they can be happy at that amount since they were paying eight hundred dollars per month to pay the loan off. People aren't buying it. The few that still talk to us are not donating. Still, people aren't getting the fact that even though they don't have to pay off a loan, they are indebted indefinitely.

  • pronomono

    I wonder if this whole exercise is even truly about the monthly amount. Maybe the "jig is up" and its a one-time grab of cash before they they shut the whole WT entity down. tryin to stay optimistic...

    No one seemed to object or really pay attention (how can one know, regardless).

    Like I said, though, the elder did seem uncomfortable- but maybe if I imaged that

    It would be so easy for them to take the money and run if this is a last ditch effort. Can you imagine a letter to the BOE that reads somewhat like the following:


    Dear Brothers,

    Due to an increase of persecution from local and federal governments, the Watchtower organization is forced to discontinue its operations at headquarters. As such, we will effectively be dissolved as a legal entity on such and such date. However, this does not mark an end to the preaching work. Instead, this should spur us on to even more activity as the end draws ever nearer. In agreement with the Scriptures in regard to early Christian congregations, Jehovah's Witnesses will now receive direction on the preaching work from their local body of elders. Each congregation should work closely with other congregations to ensure that the preaching work continues in an orderly manner to completeness.

    May Jehovah continue to richly bless your hard work and loyal service as you generously support Kingdom interests.

    Your brothers,

    Christian Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses


    Then the organization dissolves, exits stage left, and takes their money while the congregations blindly continue on believing that the end is even nearer while they are none the wiser.

    This may be farfetched, but stranger things have happened.

  • westiebilly11

    ..registered charity status..?...what charity work do they do?.....something is very odd about all this money stashing.....

  • redvip2000

    There is still a lot that doesn't add up on this whole scheme. I mean the greed is obvious, but what is the end goal here?

    Typically when you see situations of obvious greed, there is someone at the top who is reaping a fat check. But i mean in bethel, unless this is way deeper than what we can see, no one is seemingly benefitting from this. Yes the organization itself will make more money, but what or who is driving this greed? Is the GB really keen on getting more money in the society's coffers, even if their lifestyle doesn't change a bit?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Whatever happens the WTS wins.

    People stay - they will donate and the WTS wins.

    People leave - the WTS will sell the KH, they have the deeds already, WTS wins.

    It will be interesting to see what happens at our meeting tomorrow.


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