Society money grab tonight

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  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    all living non witnesses must die, why feel sorry for the babies at armageddon? The poor and innocent STARVING babies in Afrrica will be reserrected so lets give our money to the society and after Armageddon we will have our horse and carts and ..." A fool and there money are easily parted".

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    I wonder if this whole exercise is even truly about the monthly amount. Maybe the "jig is up" and its a one-time grab of cash before they they shut the whole WT entity down. tryin to stay optimistic...

    No one seemed to object or really pay attention (how can one know, regardless).

    Like I said, though, the elder did seem uncomfortable- but maybe if I imaged that

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    Village girl: Some are and what is happening is they are immediately being 'taken care" of... Rochelle, studying with JW's, not even baptized started questioning and asked the COBE's wife that was studying with her and the very next week they had a marking talk about her for apostasy.

    Cedars also did an article about her story:

  • undercover

    On one hand, it's amazing the level the WTS has stooped to ensure all monies end up in their coffers, but OTOH, whether it's in their account, or the local hall's account, the cult minded zombies continue to hand over their hard earned cash to them, and don't blink an eye at any kind of new accounting procedures.

  • littlerockguy

    This arrangement may have slapped some awake, however sometimes even when someone awakens to the awareness of being in a cult like JWs it sometimes takes several years before they finally take action and leave.


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  • LongHairGal


    I agree with your whole post and I have said the same things myself even while I was there.

    The JW religion offers nothing and is of NO use whatsoever to the world around them!! If anything, they are takers and turn out incapable, uneducated people who are a drain on the system - in contrast to other religions that turn out educated, functional citizens. The famed JWs "free" bible studies don't cut it and are not really bible studies at all, but indoctrination sessions with their own literature.

    As you said, other religions (that the JWs love to criticize) have programs to help the poor, recreation for the community youth, schools and other socially beneficial programs, etc. In my opinion, the JWs don't even deserve to be called a religion as it has no socially redeeming qualities.

    I wish the public were better informed and warned about this seemingly "harmless" religion.

    Newly Enlightened:

    Interesting, that they are threatened by new people there who see that something is wrong and are speaking up about it. To me, there is nothing more cult-like than a religion crying "apostasy" when somebody makes an intelligent observation. Thank heaven for the internet.

    Is the word "apostate" supposed to scare me?? Well, it doesn't. Anybody who ever joined the JWs is an "apostate" because they left another religion. So stupid.

  • tiki

    obediently following those "strange and unusual directive" that may not make sense.........empty your bank accounts into one general pool which "we, the elite" alone control.........

    so they are allowing a baseline amount to be kept on hand? what if a hall needs a new roof. they have to petition the society for the funds and get a yes or no answer - or do the locals simply have to dig deeper to pay for the job?

    they have all your money and demand monthly payments - while the local circuit overseer gets to make or break positions within congs? its like a distancing from the local though they are stand alone units and can't even maintain the funds to maintain their place of worship. very strange indeed.

  • punkofnice

    They've always been after money.

    The Governing Body and their suck ups are now putting a stealth tithe in to ensure they get maximum cash to survive and to continue to protect those paedophiles they love so dearly above worldly non perverts.

  • TTATTelder

    This organization employs the "barefoot and pregnant" tactic.

    If you want to abusively control a woman - you can keep her barefoot and pregnant and then she cant leave you because she's so undesirable.

    If they keep the members poor and uneducated, nobody else will want them.

    It's pretty freakin' sick.


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