What is this new Announcement to take place in August?

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  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    Oppostate said: "In August 2014 there's a worldwide campaign to advertise JW.Org. JW's will be distributing brochures explaining JW.Org"

    With this in mind, perhaps the public versions of the WT/AW will no longer be in print, just downloadable.

    The cart witnessing does not offer the magazines, just the Bible teach book. Dubs are now also allowed to report tracts, so the need to report magazines has become somewhat obsolete.

  • TheOldHippie

    The cart witnessing does not offer the magazines.

    Here it does. Lots of mags offered, and there is a large-format front page of the latest mags as eye catcher.

  • Jon Preston
    Jon Preston

    Yea starting sept 1st theres a huge campaign for the website...whata way to draw worship and attention away from god and onto skme website

  • Jeffro


    JW's will be distributing brochures explaining JW.Org

    Really? What's to explain? The JWs' target audience doesn't understand the concept of websites?

  • Quarterback

    Just two months ......for the count down

  • jookbeard

    every time I see their carts I get the mags then I dispense them in the nearest bin.


    I like the symbolic 144,000 idea. Its obviously symbolic by the context of Revelation. It would also provide an pool from which to draw future GB as the old die off. Plus it helps to prolong the END. The big A cannot come until this unknown symbolic group is sealed. The END can still be "soon" without dropping 1914. Sure, that will happen someday, after my generation is dead. There is no need to do it NOW. That idea can be shelved for some time.

    A symbolic 144,000 and Jesus' "inauguration" [not enthronement] beginning circa 1914, will buy much needed decades for the WTBTS.


  • kneehighmiah

    1914 has already been un officially dropped as the beginning of Christ's presence. It is now the ambiguous birth of the kingdom. There is no scriptural basis for an invisible presence lasting 100 years. No doubt many in the upper ranks no longer believe in the invisible presence. The convention this year will be propaganda to reinforce the teaching of the kingdoms birth In 1914. No mention at the convention will be made of the invisible presence. It's dead and may receive a formal burial within the next year.

  • Enlightenment123

    There are some interesting talks on the program for the convention. There's absolutely no way I'm going to drive six hours to listen to this stuff, but if other people here are going... I wonder if someone could record it?

    Some of interest...

    A Century of Kingdom Rule Contrasted with a Century of Satan's Rule... 1914 nonsense.

    How Babylon the Great Has "Shut Up the Kingdom"....I'd love to hear this one and how much they bash all other religions.

    Symposium: What Must Be Kept in Second Place? More pushing for completely abandoning sports, education, marriage, etc. so you can spend more time in service. This is not scriptural in the least.

    Sacred Secrets of the Kingdom Progressively Revealed... sounds like new light!

    Jehovah's Organization - 100 Years of Seeking First God's Established Kingdom... yeah, this will be one of those "please don't leave after October!" talks.

    Drama: Not One Word Has Failed...I wonder if this will be a sly talk to con people into not looking at the WT history, false dates, all that good stuff.

    Never Be Anxious - Keep Seeking First God's Kingdom... translation: Give, give, give! More, more, more!

    Now that I typed this out, I kinda do want to go. Should be most entertaining.

  • jookbeard

    any news on this?

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