What is this new Announcement to take place in August?

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    Yes probably the special tract thing. I haven't read any other letters of any changes taking place

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    What month goes by where there isn't an announcement(s) or change(s) in JW world?

    Oh, there'll for sure be an announcement(s) or change(s) in August 2014!

    Like all the past BOE letters-it'll be utter nonsense!

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    The new announcement is that you start with 1914 + 100 yrs then you overlap with anyone who knows of someone who might have seen somene partake at a memorial and then you add times times and half times to it and you have the date for armageddon. Is that not wonderful new light brothers and sisters are we not grateful for such loving provisions.

  • Quarterback

    Nostramo: No that track thing is old news now.

    Tal: Hi Honey, and no about those pledge sheets so far. We got to wipe out $800. K on our mortgage though. I'll keep you informed. Love ya.

  • Phizzy

    Nancy, that makes far more sense than what they probably will come out with !

    I think if a mere Elder has got wind of something it is probably that he has smelled a stale fart and even that did not come from a GB member's bottom.

    A load of hype about nothing, I bet.

  • CuriousButterfly

    I know the assembly and kingdom halls are preparing for a "meeting" for all JWs. Local KHs are asked to review their internet access (if they have one) then look at options to purchase a video projector etc for the over flow that they are unable to accommodate in the assembly halls. I have heard some bits and pieces and I get the feeling another sort of zone/branch meeting.

  • blondie

    In the recent letter regarding giving money to the WTS changes, didn't it say there would be a later letter with more info?

  • LostGeneration

    Just check in here in July to find out!

  • Quarterback

    Blondie: I'm not sure about that , and I don't think it has anything to do about this announcement. The way it was said to me, was it had something to do with a new change. Love you, too.

  • jam

    All members must sale all their goods and relocate to Granda, the

    end is soon.

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