Midweek Meetings no longer Necessary

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    Well, you are both right. Some C.Os are more concerned about people than others, but ADCMS is right because at the end of the day, NO C.O is going to fall on their sword for a lowly R&F. It's just like "friends" in the ORG, some really like you...until they learn you don't believe, then it's shunning time. The ORG comes first, the extent that love is shown is limited by the parameters of the ORG.

    So yeah, you might run across a really nice Manager at a Corporation once in a while, but he's not losing his pension because you, a lowly mail-room clerk, get crapped on by the share-holders.


  • notsurewheretogo

    Not really wanting to get into a war on words but....

    You said " If you look only for opinions that match your pre-conceived ideas you won't learn much. Step out of your comfort zone and listen to those that have seen a thing or two."

    That implies I haven't...or that you know more.



    You say: "I f I've experienced it personally, then it's true."

    So if you came to my house and it rained all day and you went back home and said to your family "it rains all the time there" then that is true because you experienced it? That statement may be true to you but it is not fact. All CO's to you may be cold company men and that is true in your experience but it is not fact.



    I understand the bigger picture and agree 100% with you about the religion in general etc but that is not my point. I get fed up of people beating down on the WT by using general statements which are untrue and ironically these very ones complain when the WT makes generic statements. It is a religion, like the rest of them, it has major bad points...but it also has good, geunine people. Now that in itself doesn't make it good but to help others out by making generalised statements won't work because it shows a bitterness.



    You say: " Sometimes calling a spade a spade is precisely the wake-up call a JW needs."

    Wishful thinking but research into the cult thinking would be against you on that. We all know showing evidence that the WT is a fake to a dub is utterly pointless.



    DATA-DOG you say: " but ADCMS is right because at the end of the day, NO C.O is going to fall on their sword for a lowly R&F."

    That is correct in terms of a CO will not fall for the dub but that was not the point ADCMS made, he said "Encouraging the factory workers (Publishers) is of no concern to a CO. "

    That statement is wrong...there are plenty of CO's and Elders who genuinley care about people.



    And that is my beef because if I was just starting to fade and I read that I pick up that this guy has issues with the WT and therefore no matter what he says he is like a bitter and twisted apostate and thus I slip back in...that is not the way to get people out of this cult.

  • AndDontCallMeShirley

    NSWTG....you still think like a JW. You're entitled to your opinions but please stop trying to steamroll those who see things differently and discounting our view as invalid simply because you disagree.

  • hamsterbait

    I'm on the same page as Dontcallme -

    We were assimilated in 1969 when I was a kid. recently deprogrammed. COs were usually conceited self seeking vain and had food fads. DITTO: the only one I came across as really caring had a nervous breakdown because of the disgraceful behavior of the elders in the circuit.

  • steve2

    Regardless of what happens elsewhere, we base our conclusions about these men on our interactions with them, including what we see them doing and how they "behave" when they visit. So, if you experience these men as genuinely concerned about the congregation's wellbeing, that is a valid observation. Similarly, if you observe them behaving like "company men" preoccupied with carrying out the organization's formalized requirements with comparatively little regard for the congregation's wellbeing that too is valid.

    My own observations from when I was last active - early 1980s - and during my JW upbringing - is that a few COs were "people" oriented (able to convey an empathic, attunened attitude towards the congregation. However, most were focused primarily on ensuring the congregation toed the organizational line and were known to be tough on elders ( who, in turn, were often defensive and reactionary).

    On balance, my own observations are much closer to ADCMS's - although I'd acknowledge not all of the COs behaved that way.BTW, my family who remain the organization often "let slip " their trepidation, if not, barely disguised, negativity, when a company man and wife are due to visit . I cannot recall a single time they have ever spoken with affection and/or admiration about COs. Very telling about what these men's priorities are.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Steamroll? Still think like a JW? Oh my...you don't like my points so you try to discredit the person...I know that tactic from somewhere...pathetic.

    What is the Yes or No answer to this question: Is encouraging publishers of no concern to all CO's?

    You claim the answer is Yes. All I'm saying is the answer is No.

    End of.

  • tiki

    The truly caring and concerned, honest, fair-minded CO or DO did exist - but their honesty and compassion are not going to override the corporate type structure. I'm with 'Dont Call Me Shirley" on this one. I knew plenty of gems who were in key positions - but they had to capitulate ultimately to company rhetoric or risk demotion....and that is an especially scary thing when you have no job skills or means of support on the outside.......

  • Apognophos

    *ahem* Good point, Tech49

  • villagegirl

    Tech49 Exactly what religion do you think your in ?

    The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is a publishing company

    and a real estate holding non profit corporation. They are focused

    on advertising themselve and controlling the rank and file and directing

    all obedience and money and time to the service of some entity they call

    "the organization" and eight men they refer to as "glorious ones"

    The word "organization" is not even in the Bible, meditate deeply on that fact.

    Meditate and ponder deeply on the fact no governing body existed in the

    early church and Jesus said he himself was the sole mediator, for everyone,

    not simply a selected group. Anointed was a term used to describe the pouring

    out of holy spirit on ALL mankind, everyone. The governing body's claim to be

    the "sole channel of communication" between man and God, places them, "standing in the holy place"

    and is in fact "the man of lawlessness" who draws people after themselves and away

    from Jesus Christ. Did you go to the memorial and see the mass rejection of

    Jesus command to "do this in remembrance of me" DO IT not sit there and refuse to.

    This cult is evil and dangerous , I know I was faithfully in it for 30 years.

    Blind as a bat to what it really was. Blind but now I see.

  • WTWizard

    The boasting sessions are never necessary. They simply teach the same lies--lies about how you are inherently sinful and need a savior to remedy that situation. Then they lie and say that Jesus saves, and that you need to show appreciation for the sacrifice he made by replicating sacrifices. The jokehovians take that replication of the sacrifices to the extreme of wasting your whole life doing the deadest of works, and making you make a binding contract to serve the beady-eyed monster joke-hova forever. From there, most of the boasting sessions are simple poverty workings.

    From what I have seen from the boasting sessions, the religion makes several natural things sound like sin. Sex, material things, and intelligence are all cast in the most negative light possible. They are all so highly regulated that it's a wonder that anyone that has ever spent five seconds at a boasting session is ever able to attain these things, in this or any future life. Worse, they cut you off from Satan so you are deprived of that assistance to fix things. You can do power meditations until you are blue in the face, but the angels and joke-hova simply sap the energy from such meditations and prevent you from getting the benefits.

    Going beyond that, you waste your money. This new donation arrangement is a way to impose perennial debt, and you effectively become slaves to the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger financially (and that's on top of your debt to always do field circus and to obey instructions for your own damnation). Listen, obey, and be damned--forever.

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