What is spirit, exactly?

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  • cofty

    perhaps life is a function of the message in our genetic code,


    and life is spirited, ready for action any moment.


    So spirit is anything that is ready for action? Fascinating!

    Does a sloth have spirit? How about a bacterium? Algae?

  • prologos

    cofty, there is a plant, goat feed , a little flower in the Phillipines, they dub it "the shy one" that will fold like an umbrella in half a second when touched. I swear it has sensors and a spirited reaction.

    are there not experiments that have bacteria respond to stimuli? they process , act on information that comes to them from the environment?

  • cofty

    What exactly IS spirit?

    Bacteria respond to the environment and..........

    You have lost me.

  • prologos

    cofty there is a difference between surface tension, capillary action producing movement of a water column and the deliberate springing into action of a living organism.

    evn if a robot can be programmed to do a simulation there is still a deliberate USE of information, energy somewhere that is generic to life. At the pinnacle of this spirited process in the universe is perhaps the workings of our brains resulting in the existence, actions of our mind , great Spirits if there ever were ones.

  • talesin

    prologos, I used to have one of those plants in my house. Amazing plant .. unlike the Venus Fly Trap, it seems to be more of a protective action. It's not 'carnivorous' (or whatever the word is, I'm sure it's wrong and someone will correct me haha)


  • snare&racket

    prologos, never has someone tyoed so much whilst understanding so little. It isn't an insult, it is a plea to halt doing it.

    Such talk is how con men, cults, pseudo scientists talk. I would ignore it, had I not witnessed it be so dangerous.

    Please stop it, that is all. You talk of well understood mechanisms as if they are a mystery to us. I am afraid that is a personal issue to you alone. A library card would ix your dilemma. Though I am aware, woo, pseudo-science and made up b.s. is easier to generate or consume than years of reading and reserach.

    For anyone that takes his comment seriously, please examine them thoroughly. They make no sense whatsoever, what he writes has no correlation with his conculsion. If you don't understand the words he uses, be assured neither does he. I do understand them and he makes no sense at all. But do not take my word for it either, simply examine it yourself.

    Snare x

  • talesin

    Hmm, let me see. If I was just exiting a CULT, how would I deal with it?

    PERHAPS I may cling to my belief in God for a few years before I was ready to let go of it ........ I wonder if any of the other atheists on this thread have ever been in a similar frame of mind?


    That is called 'empathy' --- putting yourself in someone else's shoes. My experience is this: I left the cult at age 18, because I never believed any of it. BUt I do have empathy for those who are leaving after having, as an adult, believed.

    It must be SO hard, and I understand why some people cling to their religious belief.


  • talesin

    All I'm trying to say is, teaching requires empathy and patience.

    Peace out.

  • prologos

    S&R, rather than ignore what I come up with, I wish people would deal with the issues, ideas one at a time so we can all learn.

    let me say there is for me a domain, for want of a better word, that is the realm of information, our minds, rising above the function of our brains, the first life arising out of the exquisitely right reactions of elements ,molecules cooked up in stars.

    I can not help but feel, that all life --using energy and INFORMATION,-- has a joy in doing it's thing, it is a SPIRIT of the existence. and it knows it.

    and that shy plant opening up again to gather light, grow, procreate, de-light.

  • talesin

    prologos, you will never *win* - spiritual is only what each individual believes it to be. You can't explain it, you can't prove it, you can only believe in it. Why not save yourself the frustration, and call it a wrap.



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