They are going to charge members monthly fees now! Society Tyranny

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  • kaik

    I think it is wordwide, because I am in overseas and my relatives are scattered through several Eastern Europe countries and I was told by all of them that the demand for money was increasing. They say it is still voluntary, but people who do not donate much are looked as spiritually weak. The box is put in place so everyone could see if you donate and how much (as was 20 years ago when I was in KH). Other told me that money demand is turning into extorsion like give give give money. The field hours became secondary and they ask for donations even when people do not attend KH meeting due illness, job situation, travel, or other issues. I was told by relative that branch is asking money from entire congregation in the amount of 30000 Czech crowns (1USD = 20CZ) per month on top of the other expenses like utilities for KH, etc. I understand the maintenance issues and utilities, the KH was paid by our local JW donations and was finilized 20 years ago, but the money are called operational expenses for [closed] branch. I will ask my relatives in Prague, CZ and in Slovakia how much they donate in cash per KH.

    One advantage of small cities, things do not stay secret.

  • kaik

    So, there are about 240 congregations in Czech Republic. If each gives in equivalent $1500 per month, the branch will receive about $4.32 million in cash per year. This is without memorials and assemblies. So in comparison the Coca-Cola had after tax profit in Czech Republic in 2010 equivallent $12.2 millions that was distributed to shareholders.

  • Da.Furious

    This is a global arrangement. Have friends in North America, Europe and Asia - all heard the same annoucment but different aproach tot he pledge due to the confusion by unclear instruction form the GB.

  • rebel8

    Can anyone present evidence that "They are going to charge members monthly fees"?

  • talesin


    One advantage of small cities, things do not stay secret.

    hahaha! we always need good 'secret agents'

    And, good work!


  • MysticMage

    I laughed to hard inside and smiled so big when they told me to think of an amount to write down to give.

    I knew the amount was zero. Not one penny.

  • MysticMage

    People are so stupid if they think God commanded them to give money. I mean these people must have a pre school intelligence level.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Why the hell they need the hey so instantly ?

    Would not WAITING like in Scully's post be humid, faithful & secreeeeet?

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    rebel8: 'Can anyone present evidence that "They are going to charge members monthly fees"?'

    You mean like this?

  • Suspicious

    rebel8 - "Can anyone present evidence that "They are going to charge members monthly fees"?"

    There is no monthly fee that each publisher is obligated to pay nor is there an official form to fill out in order to process this. Per one of the most recent letters addressed to the BOE, some congregations were asked to write down how much they think they could contribute every month and turn it in anonymously. This was to give the elders an estimate of how much they could forward to the WTBTS on a monthly basis due to some financial changes perhaps. Not all congregations followed that method however. Some BOE's just averaged out the monthly contributions over the last year and presented a resolution to the congregation to get passed. This resolution was a certain amount of money that would get forwarded to the WTBTS as well. At our congregation, they did not pass around slips to turn in anonymously, but there was a resolution that was read and passed to forward $300 every month to the WTBTS. This was based on the monthly average contributions over that last year. Hopefully that clears up your request. Also within the letter to the BOE, those with an outstanding loan on a Kingdom Hall were advised to forward an equivalent or great amount each month as the current loan’s monthly payment.

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