They are going to charge members monthly fees now! Society Tyranny

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  • WTWizard

    There is a whole spectrum of steps to enforce this. And it doesn't matter if your income goes down after you pledge--you can't simply state "I pledge [amount] on the condition that my financial situation remains stable". Do that, and joke-hova will insist that you pledge it no matter what, and then that thing will devastate you financially and force you to keep the pledge anyways. And blame Satan.

    First round, it will be at the congregation level. If the whole congregation dogs it, the hounder-hounder goes after the hounders. They will start going after the flock, ensuring the donations come in under threat that it displeases that beady-eyed monster joke-hova if people don't give what they pledge. Guilt trips from the platform come at this point.

    Next level, they will start approaching individuals. They start requiring each member to donate, giving them a way to track who donates what. Those who fall short can be hounded. This can range from simple guilt trips to being denied "privileges(??)", to being marked (I thought that was only for freeloaders and those who have to stick their noses into everyone's business), and ultimately disfellowshipping. They could use the "brazen conduct" card, or they could simply state that if you pledge and do not give that amount, the pledge is a lie and you would be a liar.

    At the next level, they could treat these pledges as signed, legally binding contracts. Your very baptism is itself a contract and the baptism its signature, and it takes one scumbag judge to rule it as such. At this point, they could sue for the pledge arrears plus court costs, and added fees and time wasted going after you. This could also be used to enforce pious-sneer quotas, and to get people to pious-sneer or even go after those who refuse to do anything at all. It just takes one court to uphold either the pledge, your baptism, or both as legally binding contracts, and they could garnish your wages or deduct from your bank account whatever you pledge plus what they feel are "reasonable" fees.

    Maybe now is the time to start getting your bank account pared down and invest in silver (or gold) which you keep?

  • Vidiot

    kaik - "She literally told me that demand for money is turning into extersion."

    Um, did you mean "extortion"?

    If so, then who the hell knows; we may just see her here, eventually.

    Reminds me of a phrase I once heard that I really like: "All movements eventually become institutions, which eventually become businesses, which eventually become rackets."

  • designs

    I remember a Community Church we went to when I was young, 1950s, before we got involved with the JWs and they would ask for this type of financial committment.

  • MysticMage

    Well I don't know what kind of drugs they are taking at the Society

    but hell would have to freeze over before I would pay them!

  • kaik

    Vidiot, sorry, English is not my native langauge, plus there is no spellcheck here.

    Ok, spent time with my mom for mother's day... and we end up talking about finances in KH, they are now required to get money regularly. People who contribute less are look as spiritually weak. Some people go for welfare to get money from which they pay KH expenses. She say that WT pulls about $1500 monthly in cash that goes out besides money they pay for KH and its utilities. Remember, this is in Eastern Europe where people's salary are around 1000 per month and average pension is between 350 and 550 per month. Some months they pull even twice that money especially after CO visit.

  • Violia

    I could not help but recall George Carlin's rant about God and needing money. In the video below at 45 seconds he rants about this and so much more. I still believe in God but even I think Carlin is amazing.

  • bobld

    After 20 years of the K.H.Fund,why the sudden request for(pass the plate) donations.They must be facing a legal challenge.They have been building K.h. around the world for a long time.Now a washy-washy directive for 13,000 k.h.come on.It is a cover-up.Look, they ask for a vote on a resolution when they don't give all the facts to the members .

  • bobld

    13,000 K.H.,2 Cong. per K.H. of 200 pubs equals over 5,000,000 100 pubs/cong still equal over 2.5 mil.

    No no no just doesn,t compute.They are up to no good.

  • Splash

    According to the 2014 yearbook, there are 114,000 congregations worldwide.

    That 13,000 means 11.5% of them require some kind of project.

    That doesn't sound out of the range of possibility to me.


  • Vidiot

    kaik - "People who contribute less are look as spiritually weak. Some people go for welfare to get money from which they pay KH expenses."

    OK; now the WTS is starting to move into comic-book supervillain territory.

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