Additional BOE Letter: Please Be Advised that Further Direction Will Soon be Sent to the Bodies of Elders...

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  • 4thgen

    Well at least there is a stirring of conscience thought and not just blind acceptance.

    They are probably saving the RNWT of Mal 3:10 and the tithing for another letter down the road.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I sure bet they're worried when they hear that people think their loan has been forgiven and they no longer have to pay it. - ONE EYED JOE

    Well they should worry because that's what they said one page one of their letter! Serves them right. Liars.

  • frankiespeakin

    It is very bad for the Governing Body to play Bankers for the Congregations collections. They seem to be setting the stage for some serious grabbing of funds so that they can pay off lots and lots of childmolestation lawsuit already in the courts and anticipated future ones. This is a house of cards just waiting for some one to breathe on it.

    Once this gets going with some momentum and they start liquidating Kindom Hall properties to help pay their legal woes, and things start happening like what happened in Menlo Park CA and they become more common expect a greatly increasing exodus.

  • TTATTelder

    I think what Oneeyedjoe is saying is more in line with what the WBTS wants. They want to create a sense of urgency (projects, projects, projects!!!!) and get congregations to send them more money. The wiping away of the debt is just on paper. Believe me the branch knows who owes them money. Or maybe a better way of saying it is - they know where their investment dollars have been spent. They even expect the cong's with loan payments to send that amount or more in this new arrangement (as has been stated). They were not shy about stating that expectation in black and white in the original letter.

    What I get from what DD is saying is that some congregations are apparently choosing to send just the old payment in. Well that would be a net loss to the branch because the cong was sending the old payment in before plus whatever the publishers put in the KH Fund box.


    I think that is one of the things that will be addressed in the "further direction" that "will soon be sent to the bodies of elders".

    I suppose they thought the original plan of passing out slips of paper would guilt-trip/socially-obligate the dubs into forking out more money, but they are running into serious problems getting the middle management (elders) to even understand the plan much less carry it out.

    They shouldn't be surprised, though. God directed these middle managers - through his "mouthpiece" - to not get an education. So many of them can't follow directions that require any thought on their part.

    As a side note - and I know the point has been made before too - isn't it bizarre that the headquarters is run primarily by men with college degrees from "Satan's" world. Lawyers and Accountants are calling the shots up there and directing an army of uneducated drones. Funny to think about.

    Anyway, I think we will see some more specific instructions in the coming letters that will curtail KH's sending in less money than they were before.

    This latest additional letter in the OP is dated 5/2.

    Its 5/9 as of this writing and no new letters yet. That's a long wait already for further instructions when this new program is supposed to be all sewed up in each congregation by the end of the month.

    They must be scrambling!

    They have painted themselves into a corner. How can they make sure they increase revenue and still come out looking like Santa Claus for the "less fortunate".

    I also think they have underestimated the entitlement mentality here in the United States. Everybody here thinks they are the "less fortunate" and let's face it - everybody wants something for nothing - even "God's Chosen People".


  • jimbojones

    I know this theory is out there, but I think this is all leading up to direct debit 'donations' in first world countries. I would bet that soon the R&F will be directed to setup an online account with jw dot org to submit a recurring debit from their bank accounts. They will label this as 'simplifying', such as the donation arrangement, no food at assemblies, etc.


    Does "loan" mean getting back the money you paid into the "KH Build" slush fund?! For instance, our KH did a remodel. I think we paid into a fund for years [ like paying insurance] and then we requested to "borrow" that money to remodel the KH. So, is that how it works, and is that THE "loan" we are discussing?


  • designs

    Does Jamie Dimon sit on the Board.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    " The vision depicts a woman with 7 horns, a forked serpent's tongue and hands and feet like the paws of a wolf.

    The woman wears a sheep skin coat, white and clean on the outside. But the inside is soiled with the blood of persons she caused to die; the semen from her acts of fornication with traveling merchants of the earth; and tears of those whom she has hurt with her false promises and vindictive ways.

    She lives in a tower with her 7 children with whom she is very strict. She promises them that if they are loyal to her they will one day get to play in a beautiful garden. She uses this promise to exploit them into doing everything she asks - even when her request does not seem logical from a human standpoint.

    And the 7 infants would sing the praises of their mother saying: "Who is there like Mother? Where else shall we go away to? Only by sticking to Mother will we get to inherit the garden!"

    The woman tries very hard to hide the soiled inner portion of her garment from her children and others, because they reveal her true, ugly character. Whenever someone points at a stain on the inside of her garment she accuses them of being a wicked liar and then tosses them out the tower so no one can speak to them.

    As I kept looking something strange caught my attention. This mother of 7 kept reaching down and picking up her infants one by one and engaging in breast feeding, only they were not sucking her breasts. She was sucking theirs!"


    I'll have what you're smoking!!!


  • Island Man

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