Involved with a JW woman

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  • jonza

    She has said that she would try going to church with me but just once or twice, but is opposed to go to a home bible study group. She goes get wildly offensive over the trinity and 'pagan' holidays though. The worst thing she has really said about churches is the variety and 'disorganization' and that we're all lost little sheep not knowing where we want to go. But it's been a while since she said that. It actually has been one year already since she's studied the WT (since lost her privileges she didn't care to) and doesn't really pay attention at the meetings. Now when she pays attention she's just looking for the bad things that they say, though she probably doesn't realize half of the bad things they say.

  • jgnat

    Wildly offensive to a Witness. See if you can get them to say why.


  • losingit

    Jonza-- she's still in it DEEP

  • jonza

    The whole pagan roots thing. When I mention that the WT has many bad/pagan roots she says that's why she'd never go back to them.

  • Euler173

    Run. Run as far and as fast as you can.

  • lriddle80

    You're making progress, but she can go back anytime...the mind control is strong, especially in a born-in. I still have issues and I've been out 15 years and have been "saved" for 5! That's why we are all on's hard to let go completely...we have to keep seeing the falseness of it all. It's a weird thing to be in that one completely understands unless you've been there! They make you feel like they are on the ark and you're going to get the door closed on you if you leave! That's why she wants to get reinstated, then fade. To be disfellowshipped - that's like a death sentence to them! Try to get her to just be DF'd and stay that way...because what she's trying to do is leave the door open to go back!

  • cultBgone

    jgnat, I always think it's odd that Mary is in blue and Joseph is in pink...but maybe they were just forward-thinkers... :)

  • Apognophos

    They make you feel like they are on the ark and you're going to get the door closed on you if you leave! That's why she wants to get reinstated, then fade.

    Or else she just doesn't want her family to be required to shun her.

  • jonza

    cultBgone: Actually pink used to be a sign of masculinity and blue feminity in many cultures :)

    I think she mostly doesn't want her family to shun her. She's still under their indoctrination big time, but she doesn't think they have the truth, though she doesn't think anyone has the real truth either now. A long time ago I saw the look of shock on her face when I showed her on that they teach Jesus isn't the mediator to all and that he didn't die for her personal sins. She wont believe that because she has read the Bible for herself and knows what it says is true regarding all that. She does not buy into their reasons whatsoever. She has stated many times she will go with what the Bible says not any man or organization.

    She has stated many times that before I came a long and even when we first met that there were lots of things that she didn't agree to. E.g. being a JW is the only way to get salvation. She always believed that's upto God to decide for each individual. That includes JWs who get DF. She doesn't think she's doomed if she dies/at armagedon while DF at all.

  • jgnat

    Work on that angle, being loved by God no matter what any man (including elders) may say.

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