True Stories from the Tower - Part 1 "From Anointed to Pedophile to Bethelite"

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  • BluePill2

    Thank you all for your comments and loving support! Sometimes I don't know how I managed to come out of this with some amount of sanity, really.

    I will answer the pm's that I received one by one, as soon as I am able to.

    Writing this was mentally strenuous and somewhat stressful. I have to "relive" the experiences in order to put things in the right order and since I had put all these things far into the back of my mind, now it feels strange to think about them again. Some of you might ask, why doing it then? It's kind of a healing process. I have the feeling that I can't move on with my Life if all this is bothering me at sub-conscious level. Many people around me have told me that I have to "unload" the emotional baggage (including my girlfriend that lives with me and see's how all these traumatic things are nagging and eating me from the inside).

    It is not easy to write this up (and believe me, this was not the worst story I will write!), for various reasons: first I don't want to hurt people that are on the inside and still active that have their own doubts, but have not decided to come out of the closet. I think they have to make their own decision at their own pace and some of the events that I will describe could identify some persons. It isn't too difficult to figure things out, this is a small world - I already have pm's from people that know persons described in this installment, even one person on this board that know's me personally! Since I am using specific places, dates, events it isn't very difficult and I don't know what consequences this could have.

    I also have to write in a candid, factual way - I don't want hate to interfere or cloud the true account. I have to separate the two and just report "as is". No exagerations, inflating or adding or leaving out details. So it is a "walk on egg shells", but nonetheless I will continue to write - it does help to "clean up" and finally leave things behind.

    Because of my decision to become free I had to pay (like most of you) a very high price (family, financially, emotionally) and my Life took another strong turn after this, and yet I see the perpetrators going merrily their way, smiling and happily changing things that they condomned in the past to suit their own interests and I see that my Life was f***** because of them and I don't see why they don't have to also pay a price. If "Karma" is too slow, I will gladly help out.

    If this makes their rounds (and it will!) some people should better be sh****** their pants because of the things I will reveal. I have NOTHING to lose and you know the saying: "Never contend with a man that has nothing to lose."

  • BluePill2

    Now a few, more specific answers:

    clarity: unfortunately they make woman feel like "zeros" and yet they are the ones that contribute the most to the sales activities and much more!

    mind blown: I have thought about this, maybe one day I will. Let's see how this writing turns out. It is a first experience for me.

    Podobear: Selters ALWAYS sends chills down my spine. I had to go there a couple of times because of the Admin2000 Database and that place is creepy as f***. Germans and High control cults are a bad combination. Not meant to insult anybody of German ancestry, just saying. There was a running joke in Selters that went like: "An American Witness and a German Witness visit a Assembly and find a pin (pinhead) sticking up from their seat. What do they do? The American sweeps it away, the German Brother sits on it and asks the Governing Body: should I sit on more?" This joke was being told by Germans in a tone of pride for their total obedience to the GB (most of them where proud that so many activities where moved and concentrated into one monster operation in Germany - some even hinting that it must be because Jehovah is so more pleased with them) and sometimes this was told with a critical tone because of said obedience. Depending who told you the joke.

    By the way I think to remember Ernie Reid, can't remember Phil Rees.


    LoisLane: You are a good person. Thank you, right now I think that I am doing OK. Flipper and some others have helped me a lot in the past (some of the older members here, when I started visiting this board like 7 years ago)

    Problemaddict: Clarifying on your question. Yes, he was caught again with some sex related problem. That second ocurrence was totally hushed up and I could never get my hands on the details! I close lid was put on the case, but it must have been bad enough to keep total - and I mean: absolute secrecy. I have no doubt that he was a sick pervert that couldn't stop, but I might be wrong and it was something else. The Branch Committee made sure that nobody knew why he was axed. They moved him away into one of the congregations in Managua.

  • flipper

    BLUE PILL- I admire the hell out of you in doing this thread and writing it up ! Keep the great work up. It's not only healing for you but eye opening for lurking JW's who may be sitting on the fence pondering to exit this criminal WT organization. We never know who we can inspire or motivate by opening up our heart and soul to the universe. Good for you. Thanks for sharing your soul with us and others- I know it's enormously difficult and gut wrenching to do- but absolutely healing emotionally as well. It's like a ton of bricks gets lifted off of your shoulders. I've had the same feeling when writing personal stories on the board. Please know and be aware of my and others deep friendship towards you here and we are here as a support to you also as a friend, O.K. ? Take care buddy- I look forward to hearing and reading more of your experiences. Hang in there my friend, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • BluePill2


    I am going to answer with all love and best intentions. As I've said, I have become an atheist and don't think about this as "Jehovahs people", but I will answer as best as I can and just why I left that possibility behind.

    As it seems Jehovah has a very bad track record in managing people or other beings. Let's see:

    First human couple: Perfect, healthy, beautiful bodies, absolutely no problems, PARADISE and yet they have chosen freedom / exercising of free will over all of this! You could argue that they have been "tricked" - one cheap ass trick with a talking animal, but lets leave that one aside. It took Satan exactly 3 sentences to change her mind. ONE question and two more sentences and she changed her mind: yup, God is a liar, let's go for this. Genesis 1:31 says it was "very good" - so it got Gods highest stamp of approval. No faults here and yet Eve is either incredibly dumb or this Paradise wasn't good at all or the story is just fishy. Anyway, move on.

    Whole hordes of Angels go rogue! His "people": several times - the Bible is basically a full blown account on how God assembles people, tries to manage them and loses them to the most stupid things - people made a golden calf, basically minutes after seeing miracles. Jesus: the same. Very bad track record at managing people.

    It seems that Satan is scoring much better (at least according to HIS mission goal).

    And now you are saying that his people are corrupt and need a good beating. I am asking you: Why does everybody go corrupt - from perfect angels, perfect Ken & Barbie couple to everybody else down to this day? Even the Governing Body reigning in the last days goes corrupt?

    Makes you think, doesn't it? God must be the worst people manager ever. Or...

  • Oubliette

    BP2, great account to prove that Holy Spirit ain't got nothin' to do with it.

    I look forward to your next installment.

    You have a PM!


  • DJS

    I'm not surprised. Once I became an elder I noticed that the closer I got to the core of the apple the more rotten the apple became. I considered it a hate-filled dark, nasty little cult WHEN i was an elder.

  • OnTheWayOut

    It really pisses me off to know I was in an organization that acted shocked and angry at the Roman Catholic Church for doing just what they were doing as far as moving pedophiles around and covering up serious matters.

    "oh no, they will think that we are sitting here all day long like monks and intensively praying"

    People do have that impression anyway. I think they have tried to get away from SAYING it so that the members don't wonder how Holy Spirit goofed up another time whenever somebody slips through the cracks.

    Thanks for sharing your stories.

  • BluePill2

    OnTheWayOut: it is quite interesting to know that EVERYTHING this Organization does is for self-survival - no matter the human cost, no matter if they have to throw their own grandmother under the wheels. Really. EVERY.SINGLE.ACTION was self-centered and egoistical. The ORG is everything.

    We had one visit from a Zone Overseer and they had a big, heated discussion with the Branch Committee and at one moment he actually screamed: "I don't care if it's in the Bible, if it's here [holding a Watchtower magazine up] than that is what we will follow."

    I've seen many of these "characters" come and go over the years, talked with two writers from the Writing department and they are in to do whatever keeps this monster breathing. Sometimes without any reason or logic. Just "because" or something. It turns holy men into hellish people.

    Oubliette: PM answered. :)

  • Oubliette

    BP2: PM read and back at ya'!

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    BluePill2 yes, please do. All the tools and tips free. If or when you're ready.....all is good.

    I'm using a free screenwriting template from "Open Office" which you can also download for free, however, you may need a little bit of direction to navigate the template. Also, I can give you quick tips for structure, scene description, and dialogue . I don't want to veiw your just need a little how to guidance.

    There's many other free templates and ones you can purchase....just google search....

    PM will secure our personal identity

    Again, glad to have you here on JWN!

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