True Stories from the Tower - Part 1 "From Anointed to Pedophile to Bethelite"

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  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    I have every reason to believe that what you say is true. What is more troubling is the many more experiences of other bethelites like yours that are out there. Thank you for sharing.

  • Splash

    I hope that by exorcising your demons you can begin to lose your inner rage BluePill2.

    I see the WT condemn other religions for the very thing you describe:

    *** g90 11/8 p. 31 ‘Our Shame Is Clear to the Whole World’ ***The Times reported: “The Archbishop of Newfoundland has resigned after charges that the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy ignored or failed to deal effectively with three years of scandal involving allegations of sexual abuse against altar boys... Usually these cases are hushed up, and no significant disciplinary action is taken. Perhaps a priest is transferred to another parish or duty, where the depravity might start again... And even worse, the church hierarchy failed to act decisively. They were accused of being more concerned about the offending priests than about the victims.

    *** g89 1/22 p. 8 Christendom Walks in the Way of Canaan ***During the synod, Higton had presented a sensational dossier of evidence against the homosexual clergy. One was convicted of child molesting but was merely moved to another parish.

    *** g89 11/8 p. 28 Watching the World ***Most disturbing is the accusation that sexual abuse in the church not only has been long-standing but has usually been covered up and the offending priest simply moved to another parish where new offenses were sometimes committed... “The recent events put all priests under a cloud of spoken or silent suspicion.”

    *** g82 12/22 p. 30 Watching the World ***“For lesser offences, including adultery, divorce or separation, a clergyman can be moved from his parish, temporarily suspended or given a warning.” It is enlightening to contrast the early Christian congregation’s discipline of adulterous members.—1 Corinthians 5:11-13.

  • clarity

    Bluepill ...

    As a female R&F ... I was basically a zero in this society.

    Fifty years ... a zero! Hah!

    With every build-up and let-down, a part of me ... knew.

    1975 loomed ahead longing for a safe world for my

    children, hung on that '75 promise!

    The lifetimes & life blood that these sods have wasted,

    have piled up from one end of the earth to the other!

    Those Queens of Brooklyn, those who would be Kings...may see a zero,

    but they highly underestimate ME!

    Thank you for writing.


  • confuzzled777

    Thank you for heart is saddened for all that you have gone through. I am passing this on to my sis who is still "in", but has been fading out for a while. I look forward to hearing more from you as you are able to share...

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    Thank you for posting your secret. WOW!

    If you ever decide to write a book or sript there's always use of a pseudonyme. You can also replace the name of the cult . Also, instead of writing this as a tell all, write it as a literary work.

    Brit Marling's project called "Sound of My Voice" was an interesting concept....

    IM me if you need tools or help with writing a script. Thank you again for posting.


    Fascinating, sad story.

    Thank you for sharing it

  • mind blown
    mind blown

    or check out "Primal Fear" with Edward Norton. Excellent story and film.

  • Podobear

    Hi BluePill: a chill ran down my spine as I read your account... you are probably much younger than I am but your writing sends memories of stories from Panama and Selters... Ernie Reid and Phil Rees. Do those names toll for you?

    A strong shoulder here if you begin to unload. All was not well with WT then... mein Gott! what must it be like now


  • RayPublisher

    Thanks for this bro. I am eager for more as the rest are.

  • truthseekeriam

    Writing out these experiences will definitely help with the anger. Look forward to reading the next one.

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