True Stories from the Tower - Part 1 "From Anointed to Pedophile to Bethelite"

by BluePill2 162 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    Amazing story... can imagine you have to get that off your chest and I'm glad you do. Hope it helps to relieve your mind.

  • DS211

    Bluepill--the rage you feel/felt is the same with me...the more i learn the more angry i get...were i single id shout out jn the middle of the meeting or put it in a talk and walk out after. But i have a wife and 2 daughters (girls are too young to know a lot about the WT so i stick to teaching them about Jesus) so i have to be careful how i approach my wife and this situation. At any rate your story helps to solidify my disdain for this ORG and i hope i can keep slowly sneaking them out.

    looking forward to the next one


  • Jaidubdub

    Thank u for sharing blueprint2... Please keep them coming...

  • mauiboy

    Unbelieveable, yet totally believable. Thank you for sharing. I hope thru writing and sharing, the needle you put thru the W.T.-heart has come out of your own, and life becomes more liveable day-to-day. Mercy be to those young victims.

  • gma-tired2

    Thank you your first story backs up rumours I've heard for the past 50 years. Many of my older sisters friends would go to Bethel in New York and I overheard the talk. It was one of the first things I googled last year when I started searching. I googled ex-bethelites I started reading story after story. It is time for the truth comes out.

  • gingerbread

    very interesting


  • tiki

    wow - and they tout all this morality, purity, chastity..... bunch of hypocrites.

    thank you for sharing - i hope it is indeed cathartic - and please do write more!

  • TTATTelder

    Keep it coming man. Stories like yours give us a view into the inner sanctum that is very rare and and eye-opening.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Blue Pill2,

    many thanks for sharing the story. It looks almost untrue... but only for those who have not

    experienced the Society's dealing in certain situation. Personally I don't have any doubts on

    what you have written so far. Again thanks for those revealing facts which might help to see

    clearer some readers of this excellent forum.

    Greetings to you,

    J.C. MacHislopp

    PS Waiting for more ...revelations.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Sadly true, but one never fully appreciates the darkness of the WTBTS until one gets a view of the underbelly from the inside. I was an elder for 20 years and saw so many disgusting things that it took me, a lifelong JW, to examine ttatt. Hard to imagine that I spent so much of my life making excuses fot the org and chasing rainbows.


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