True Stories from the Tower - Part 1 "From Anointed to Pedophile to Bethelite"

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  • Pistoff

    The shine on your halo is getting annoying Village Girl, give it a rest

  • villagegirl

    Pistoff - LOL your hilarious -

    Turning in pedophiles requires angelic goodness?

    All it requires is a little conscience and some willingness

    to stand up to WT non-Biblical policy that you know

    is causing suffering to small children.

    Its like 'not leaving the scene of an accident' level,

    social responsibility, anybody can do it, no "Halo" required.

    Elders who do turn in known pedophiles would simply

    be doing their civic and moral duty as people as humans.

    And they would also be protecting themselves from

    future lawsuits against them for supressing what they know.

    Pistoff - what exactly IS it your pist-off about ?

    If you see children being abused or suspect child abuse,

    or in the case of Elders, have absolute proof

    of child abuse through child victims and confessions,

    and you allow the pedophile to walk out of the juducial hearing

    and fail to report this crime, you are complicit

    and an ACCESSORY under the law.

    However, if your failure to report, was a result

    of following "instructions" through the WT Elder's Manual

    and the secret rules contained in that publication's regulations

    and you were "under the influence" of the WT as your moral guide,

    and then you later realize the WT is not any 'sole channel' for God,

    then you wake up and realize what you did endangered others, as BluePill2 has,

    then you need to take corrective action, contact Child Protective Services

    and talk to someone and give them information even if it is 20 years old.

    "Just following Orders" didn't work as an excuse in the Nuremberg Trials,

    and it won't work for you now.

    Because protecting pedophiles is a crime against humanity.

    No "Halo" required to face up to this. Just balls.

  • villagegirl

    In the United States a prosecutor can grant immunity to a witness in

    exchange for testimony or production of other evidence.

    In the United States there two kinds of immunity; transactional immunity,

    known as "blanket" or "total" immunity which completely protects the

    witness from future prosecution related to their testimony.

    There is also use and derivitive use immunity which prevents the

    prosecution from using the witnesses own testimony against him.

    This means if a single Elder, or a group of Elders tell what they know,

    they would be protected from personal prosecution, but if they do not

    come forward, and they are implicated by the hundreds cases being

    filed against the WT as we speak, they can be individually sued.

  • Pistoff

    VG, don't lecture me or anyone else here about balls.

    You have stated over and over and over what you think, we hear you, we respected your opinion the first 20 times we heard it.

    Now can you please shut the hell up?

    We are all grownups here; we judge for ourselves what we should and shouldn't do; we don't need your constant nagging.

  • villagegirl

    SILENCE IS CONSENT So no, I will not shut up about the Watchtower's

    written instructions, in the Elders Handbook, telling Elders to supress evidence

    of sexual abuse against children. Individual Elders posting here who are able

    to now step forward, can offer testimony and can be protected by immunity laws.

    Those who fail to do so will be exposed as complicit as more and more victims

    have their day in court for crimes which time cannot erase, and on which there

    is no statute of limitation. Candice Conti successfully sued the WT for $25 million.

    That was 20 years after she was sexually abused by a, 'known to the Elders'

    pedophile Elders protected from exposure. Listen carefully David Hader if you

    are lurking and Barron Erik Spafford, Richard Reid and Kathy Reid ;

    licensed day care provider, and all who know of pedophiles

    and never reported them to the police. The WT is being held responsible

    by the courts, the Elders who failed to come forward will also be

    held responsible. And pistoff - No one is allowed to "judge for themsleves"

    what is and isn't against the law. Thats why there are written codes,

    courts, and the Rule of Law that is above you and the Watchtower

    and any little "Handbook" written by the Governing Body

    of Jehovah's Witnesses. You do not get to say what the law is and neither

    does the WT. You do not get to decide what laws to obey and what laws to ignore.



    This has turned onto a Pretty Good Thread..

    16531 views and counting..

    Active JW Elders on these exJW forums,who "NOW KNOW BETTER"..

    Need to do more,than Watch Crimes in the WBT$ and Do Nothing..


    BluePill2 has done an Excellent Job in making that Known,by Writting this Thread..

    VillageGirl is Right on Topic..

    Her last comment made me laugh!..LOL!!..


    No "Halo" required to face up to this. Just balls......VillageGirl


    .................................................................................................... photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • jgnat

    Are all judicial meetings about pedophiles?

  • Pistoff

    You, villagegirl, are proud of your cause.

    But you lecture people here like they are disagreeing with you; we don't.

    We believe the WT, elders and anyone else who doesn't report child abuse to the police should be prosecuted.

    You have no idea who I am, and what I have done for the cause of reporting child abuse and holding WT's feet to the fire; that's why I don't need you lecturing me, I have been here doing this for 12 years, so keep it to yourself. You asked me why I am pissed off; the WT's child sexual abuse policies, that what got me here and why I named myself pistoff (the site wouldn't allow Pissed Off).

    But how many times do you have to say the same thing?

    And is there a point at which you can just shut up and listen to bluepill in the event he may say something useful, but that your constant repetition of the same diatribe over and over has shut down the flow of information from him?

  • villagegirl

    Pistoff - Maybe I was confused by the phrase "shut the hell up " and "nagging"

    and "we can judge for ourselves" and "diatribe" and "the shine on your halo"

    I mistook that for hostility, and here we are best buds all the while.

    I am so pleased to meet you. BluPill has already stated he has no

    intention of naming names or giving any clear description of the

    records and events he witnessed. I was hoping that those who

    actually interviewed pedophiles in JC meetings might come out

    of the woodwork if they knew that they had a chance of protecting

    themselves with immunity. These Elders know where the bodies

    are buried, so to speak. Hopefully, 'so to speak'. Possibly literally.

  • jgnat

    villagegirl, are all judicial meetings about pedophiles?

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