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  • Ding

    Remember the story of "the emperor's new clothes"?

    If you repeat verbatim what the articles say (even though they make no sense), most of the audience will tell you what a wonderful lesson it was.

  • TTATTelder

    Hey thedog1,

    I feel your pain. I am a current elder myself. I too have a named position in the congregation. Here is my first post from about 2 months ago:"

    The generation teaching thing is huge for me. I made big life decisons based around their "old light", and so did many people I care deeply about. This latest twist along with the other so-called "new light" is beyond disturbing. Oh, and thanks for the apology - gotta love them manning up and taking responsibility for screwing with people's minds, plans, lives, and futures. Anyways...

    All of this is extremely bizarre to deal with, but more and more people seem to be coming out of the ether. Welcome. Feel free to PM me.

  • rawe

    Hi Thedog1,

    "We are an English group sponsored by a local congregation which is not English speaking. . . .So I am the kingpin in the English group. . .everything. . .depends on me. Not complicated at all then if one is having doubts, eh?"

    I can see what you mean. If you moved to serve where the need is great, can you make plans to return home? That might help. In the 1960s and 70s many in Western Canada moved to the province of Quebec to serve there, which of course included learning French. In a meeting setting the stories of "Jehovah blessing the work of these 'original pioneers'" would often be told. Yet, in a few cases, where I was able to talk more one-on-one with those who did this, you got a far different picture. Having an unshakable faith that you're doing Jehovah's will no doubt help one endure some of the challenges. Yet, as Jonh Cedars, of related in his life story, moving to an area where English was not spoken actually caused him to unplug from the constant stream of information one gets from the publications and meeting attendance.

    In Quesnel, BC, Canada where I am originally from, a family moved to the Dominican Republic. The family spent one year there, then moved back. Again I got the feeling, although nothing too negative was ever said, that there were difficulties. Shortly after this, we made plans to move to Phoenix, AZ. But I made it clear to my friends, we were moving simply to give our girls a chance to see a wider world. We were Witnesses in Quesnel and we would be Witnesses in Phoenix. As things turned out we stayed and even eventually became USA citizens.

    Ultimately though, the world of the Witnesses will continue on regardless of our level of involvement. And being part of something we don't fully believe is like trying to serve two masters. It just doesn't work, as even Jesus said.

    Do take care. I hope you're able to find a resolution that works the best for you, knowing adjusting how we relate to this faith, is always a big change.


  • problemaddict


    First of all welcome to the board. Like many others, I was once just a guy in a KH serving Jehovah the way that i thought was proper. I was serving in the congregation, serving in foreign countries (I am home in California now), building KH's, pioneering, and all that jazz.

    I decided to challenge my faith when a bible student of mine made a point about birthdays and blood.


    He said a few things. If the context of the events surrounding where birthdays is the important part, then why do we use indoor plumbing? Indoor plumbing was only mentioned twice in the bible and it was done by bad people? Also, if its what the first century Christians did, well then we shouldn't be using wind chimes, wearing wedding rings, or celebrating anniversaries. They also did not do these things. Who decides what is right and wrong? It was hard to argue with that logic. I researched how we decided birthdays wrong and what the penalties were. It was very telling. If it was any other religion I would have scoffed at it. I tried hard to make it fit. I could even justify that it shouldn't be done. But if someone celebrates their birthday should they be refused a Christian baptism, or disfellowshipped?! No justification scripturally for that.


    I had a child. There were complications. I could refuse blood, but what about my wife and child? I decided if they needed blood, I would give it to them without their knowledge. Then Jehovah would hold ME accountable. So yes I would die, but my family would live. Then I thought about how insane that was. Did I believe ina God less loving and understand than me, so that i would be willing to sacrifice my life (before him), to circumvent a law so my child wouldn't die? It made me study blood in detail. Once I really did that (still doing it), it was clear to me that the scriptures do not teach or say what I thought they did. It was the ultimate betrayal.

    My wife was a pioneer for 16 years. 16. It was half her life. Its all she knew. Every friend and family member we have is a JW. I tried to express doubts to the brothers, and that was a mistake. I brought up innocent questions about the generation teaching and was treated with hostility when they couldn't answer questions. Many here still attend meetings because of fear with their family.

    Dog, you need to really make sure you figure out what YOU really believe right now. Don't follow the compulsion to speak or to act. Research in the archives here. There was a time when this board was pretty scholarly in nature, and even attracted some JW apologists. Compare it with your CD rom. Decide for yourself if schanging the language in books to reflect something not happening is something you think is ok or shadey. Decide for yourself if having white blood cells refused when they make up .6% of blood volume, but Albumin is ok being 2% blood volume.....makes any sense. Decide for yourself if even the concept of "new light" means what you thought it did.

    Read that scripture in proverbs again. Think about the book it is in. it is a book or prophecy? Are you reading a proverb, or a prophecy. if you didn't already have an understanding of that scripture, how would it read.

    No matter what you do, you have a group of people here that understand EXACTLY how you feel and what you are going through, and will support you NO MATTER your final decisions.

    Once again......welcome.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Welcome and yes, you are wise not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. It's distinguishing between the two that is important.

  • Fernando

    Welcome thedog1.

    Sudden awakenings can be quite chaotic and stressful.

    Anyway most of us probably remember how much courage our first steps into the unfamiliar took. Congratulations (especially for having a backbone and not being a coward, Rev 21:8).

    If possible, take your time to process your unfolding realisations.

    Each person and each circumstance is unique.

    Some may be able to hang in there longer than others and do a lot of good.

    I benefitted tremendously from some articles Raymond Franz made sure were published before he left.

    If your inclination is to pursue faith and spirituality, I would suggest avoiding too much negativity about the Watchtower at first, while you make a study of these great articles (and maybe also his book "In Search of Christian Freedom").

    Alternatively if your inclination is atheist or agnostic others here may be able to offer pointers.



  • ohnightdivine

    Welcome, thedog1.

    I've been wondering if there's any elder at all, currently conducting the WT study, who is doubting what the WT (not the Bible) has been teaching about the FDS, generation, etc. Being a sister in the audience, it makes me quite sick to the stomach to hear all these new light and I just hope the elder conducting the study does not believe it either. But even if that were the case, he's very good at faking it because he still speaks like he believes it ALTHOUGH he sometimes peppers it with "the current understanding."

    Anyway, I am happy to know that a WT study-conducting elder has awakened. I just wish you were in my congregation.

    Please know that you are not alone. Trust YOUR conscience.

  • thedog1
  • thedog1

    Our meeting is on Saturday night so tonight I conducted the wt study and it was ok as it was a pretty non-controversial subject.

  • nugget

    I used to have skill at making sense of the nonsense but when I saw the issues behind the doctrine I was unable to do so any more. It requires mental gymnastics that are truly unbelievable.

    If you are struggling it may be worth getting a pass for that specific meeting citing illness that prevents you attending the meeting that day. In the meantime carry on with your research, information is everything in this situation.

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