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  • factfinder

    Hi thedog 1!


    I had given up meetings already before finding out the TATT so my experience is a bit different than yours is.

    It is very good you posted and as you can see there are many helpful responses from those here on jwn who have also gone through what you are now facing.

    I wish you the best and look forward to your future posts!


  • Crazyguy

    Welcome Dog, Just my two cents worth but as a spiritual man when i realized and learned TTATT i also during my bible studies read in Romans and Hebrews where it says that if one knowingly sins hes truly sining or better yet in romans chapter 14 it seems to state that when you have the knowledge you can not go back because then its a sin. So now that you know if you wish to please god you can not turn back or ignore what you know. For me TTATT also open the door to really become more intune with Christ or to find Christ as people would say. This is not to discount Jah in any way but Jesus said that God would call ones to Him.

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    You're very brave and even more intelligent. Trust your brain and intelligence and ability to tell right from wrong, of falsehood from truth. It is a god-given ability to smell the facts from fiction. Go with that and you will be fine. Fear of man is a snare.....

  • gorgia2

    Welcome theDog1,

    How wonderful you chose to listen to your doubts. I wish you the best in your journey towards greater clarity. You will find much encouragement and understanding here.


  • LucidChimp

    "There is an overwhelming sense of sadness when something you have believed in for so long may not be correct."

    I remember that feeling... S&R put's the feeling brilliantly here I think -

    Congratulations on finding out TTATT, and welcome to the best place on the interweb to talk about it.

  • KateWild

    Just curious, Kate Wilde, are you still attending meetings? It seems like you are from your comments.-thedog1

    In a word "yes". I attended the Service meeting and School this week on Wednesday and had a JC meeting after that, which I recorded. Please listen if you have 20mins to spare thedog1

    If I attened another meeting it will be to take my son because he wants to or to visit JWN posters in the UK who are still in. I will never be RI'd by my JC. So there is no real point in going back now. Plus it's likely this recording on JWN has exposed me.

    This was planned over months of research study and preparing my kids. I feel free and liberated.

    You also recognise what cognitive dissonance is. Only people with high IQ suffer with this. Thats why so many JWs suffer with depression and other related mental health issues. Others walk round in fluffy land, they have a low IQ and are clueless. Then there are the liars who relish in their power. They do not suffer CD, because they do not have an internal sense of justice, "conscience".

    We are all here to support you. Send PMs to us if you run out of posts and have any questions.

    Take care love Kate xx

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Welcome thedog1, thanks for showing courage and opening your heart. You say you haven't reached the tipping point yet but watch out - if you continue the way you're going, it could be a matter of days . . . it's going to be a bumpy journey. You will however come out the other side but it takes time. will set you free.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.


  • mrquik

    Hi Dog1; My story's pretty much the same. 50 yrs in. Elder. Parts on conventions. RBC member. Father-in-law of the anointed. He personally knew Rutherford. Had Schrouder, CO's, DO's over for dinner on regular basis. Would most likely still be in but after 34 yrs. of a loveless marriage I left to marry the love of my life. She was not a witness. Knew I would get DF'd but was working on getting back in. Because of being a high profile witness, the JC wanted to make an example of me. After 2 yrs. of trying to get back in, I got disgusted & started to examine the "Truth". After reading Ray Franz's account, I knew I was never coming back. I still believe the Witnesses got many thing right. But what they got wrong, they got tragically wrong. The beauty about this site is you are free to expres your opinions & not get kicked out. A thought from the Boreans; " Never relinguish your right to question the authority of men."

    After all this, my credo has become "Live Well....Enjoy Life !"


  • thedog1

    Lots of interesting reactions here. Only a day after first post so still feeling pretty weird. Went on ministry today with our group. No real positive reaction to what we said. Don't want to reveal too much about location etc. but we are an English group sponsored by a local congregation which is not English speaking. So the native language of the country I am in is not English. This is how I am conducting the Watchtower study, but alongside us we have a Watchtower study in the local language. So I am the kingpin in the English group, as it were. This means that everything that happens in this group depends on me. Not complicated at all then if one is having doubts, eh?

  • steve2

    The end-times beliefs of all apocalyptic groups necessarily become more elastic as time passes. Their byline is always, "soon". Carried over the decades, the word "soon" becomes meaningless, especially as earlier generations of devoted followers die out.

    The organization has painted itself into the corner with its 1914 doctrine - but it has managed to buy extra time with the nonsense about "overlapping generations".

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