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  • braincleaned

    WOW leaving_quietly! Your comment gave me the goosebumps! All true! THank you for all of us here!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Once you realize the "faithful slave"are imperfect men who have been making stuff up as they go along...and telling everyone its from the mouth of will set yourself free...look up 1925 1940's 1975 they lied about armagedon coming. I know ALOT of old Witnesses who are childless and had to do cleaning to support themselves and were upset about Armagedon not coming when they were told.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Check your PMs in a minute. They can be a little tricky to access the first time you try it depending on what browser you're using. Click on the little envelope and when you click on a PM topic, sometimes it doesn't come through right. Then you have to use the "back" button and try it again before you can see the private message.


  • thedog1

    thank you all for your posts and taking the time and having the concern to do so.

  • thedog1

    thanks open mind, got your message

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    thedog1 - Welcome! I think many can relate to your story. I am a born-in, family on both sides and served as an elder for around 10 years. The best advice I can give is to take a deep breath! Don't do anything rashly. Like OM suggested, maybe call in sick or have a talk scheduled out for that upcoming WT. One of the best places for unemotional doctrinal issues is

    The author posts here pretty regularly.

    Don't tell anyone about what you're learning yet. It can be quite a tough time coming to grips with the reality that the WTS is not who they say they are but once you do, things will at least make a little more sense.

    Honestly the best thing I did was to resign as an elder but it took me a few years before I got to that point. Once I did that, I was pretty much ignored in the congregation and while I still attend to keep my wife happy, they don't bug me.

    Look forward to your comments!

  • AlphaMan

    Welcome to the board thedog1.

    Nice to hear active JW's waking up to how ridiculous these "new light" understandings are. The GB is just making this nonsense up as they go along and is shoving it down JW's throats as true spiritual food.

    Does it make sense that being this deep in the end that God would all of a sudden change around the truth? NO

    Does this new light Faithful & Discreet Slave and over-lapping generation changes even make sense? NO

    Are these changes actually "new light" from God, or an attempt to cover up old lies and keep the Watchtower religion scam going? LIES to COVER UP

  • thedog1

    There is an overwhelming sense of sadness when something you have believed in for so long may not be correct. I say 'may not be correct' as I cannot just throw the baby out with the bathwater. I understand why some who post here stay in, and I think some have been doing this for many years, but I know that if I continue to question that at some point I will reach a 'tipping point' where I cannot continue. The effort required to cover over the doubts would be, I fear, too much psychologically. But I haven't reached that point yet. Nowhere near it, I think, as the core beliefs I hold as a Witness have not yet been shaken.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Hi thedog1, You had me with your first 35 words.

    You signed up 5 days ago, and are posting today.

    We like BRAVE and THINKING people.

    I have known TTATT for 1 year and 8 months. I was baptized in 1963.

    It makes me so happy, when I see new ones wake up and come to their senses.


  • BluesBrother

    Hello and a warm welcome, thedog1.

    May I say first up that where you are now is where I was a few years ago.

    I was raised knowing it all, by a believing mother. I had risen to be an elder with multiple assignments including The Watchtower Conductor, my wife was (and is) a diehard believing Sister. When the penny dropped and I saw "The Truth" as being no more than a religion of men , I was thunderstruck. What could I do? How could I get out without my marriage collapsing? It was my own 'crisis of conscience'

    In the end I did compromise my principles and carry on for a bit to buy time. I felt terrible, there is nothing worse than a hypocrite but I had to say things I did not mean, for the time that I was preparing an exit. I let my wife and the P/O know that I was having "a bad time spiritually" , that negative reasonings were in my mind, I was feeling "down" etc. As time went on I could get more bold and eventually the time was right to be able to resign without anyone being surprised. Funnily enough the body wanted to stay on (even though I profesed disbelief of a lot) but the C/O told them to accept my resignation.

    After that it was esy to fade away ......I still attend to assist Sister Blues but I am left alone

    Best wishes in your exit Bro. You know that it has to come now. One cannot unlearn what we aleady know

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