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    Welcome thedog1, nice to have you here.

    Be cautious who you open up to , as their are a couple of jw apologists that post here and would love to expose any who are in your position .One way to do that is to check out their previous posts they have started

    Having said that ,the majority are here to help and support you on the journey you have started. Use the search option at the top of the page and type in "generation" a lot has been posted about that topic you might find it interesting . Take care


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    Narcissistic Supply

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    Island Man

    Welcome thegod1!

    You may find the following series of blog postings on your particular doctrinal issue - "this generation" - very interesting:

    But there are other doctrinal issues discussed on the (aka Beroean Pickets) site which you would find very interesting. You will begin to see scripturally proven errors in some of the JW teachings that your eyes were hitherto blinded from seeing. The moderator of the site is actually a Witness who is awake to the errors in some of the teachings but does not advocate leaving. I think it might be the right site for where you are currently.

    Island Man

  • whathappened

    Welcome dear brother. We are here for you and we care. Thanks for starting this interesting thread.

  • skeeter1


    A high control organization needs docile, abiding and non-questioning followers. See North Korea as an additional example.

    Many individual Jehovah's Witnesses are docile, abiding and non-questioning; to a degree not seen in the public at large. As are many North Koreans. Is it out of love or fear, is the question. But, the answer is that it doesn't matter. Because without the character trait, the organization would not survive.

    I hope you the best on your spiritual journey. I was never an elder, or an MS. I left when I was a snotty nosed teenager in 1985ish. I wanted to go to college. That was against the rules becuase the "Generation of 1914" would not pass away. I went to college and followed my passion. My older siblings were teenagers leading up to 1975. They were also discouraged by the Watchtower Society to not go to college, because the end of the world is near. My father was discouraged to go to college (or even marry) in the 1950s, becuase the End was near. He eventually took a few classes, and one sibling went. They saw that college was not sinful. And, they all rallied around me to go and buck the WTS. I bucked the Society too.

    So, the new ruling is that there is an overlapping generation. The fact that the world is going to go on is manifest in the building of new Kingdom Halls and Bethel locations.

    Just, keep thinking. It's going to be hard ride for you, as it was for many of us. Watch the movie, "The Truman Show." It has nothing to do with the JWs, but everything to do with what you are going through.


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    Welcome and good luck on your journey.

    I keep thinking of Dog the Bounty Hunter.

  • fakesmile

    i look forward to hearing some of your experiences.

  • life is to short
  • fulltimestudent


    this is a very strange thing for me to do.

    Nope, its a very human thing to do. But, you'll solve the problem, in your own way, on your own day.

    I was a witness for over 35 years, and had served in many positions and saw myself in those days as having enjoyed many privileges in Yahweh's service. I can look back and say with honesty, that I enjoyed some good times. My area of dispute, involved the existence of a divinity, so its probably different to yours, though I would have had a hard time rationalising the concept of a 'flexible' (stretchy) generation that focussed on a group. But looking at the problem the WTS has with its original 'generation" now stretched out to 100 years, what else is there for the poor buggers in Brooklyn to do, but try to persuade the 'faithful' that this may be what Jesus meant.

    My own solution at the time to my doctrinal problems, was to stand down from all positions. It certainly brought some questioning, and I would rather have just 'walked,' but I could not resolve (in my mind) the inevitable family problems.

    But what I really wanted to say (and, may cop some flack for saying it) is that in accepting the appointment to WT study conductor, you accepted it on their terms and conditions. So you can now refuse to continue, or conduct the study that day with what I'll call a "straight bat." (cricketing terminolgy). i.e. the Question is ..., the paragraph answer is ... and so on.

    Tell you what, my friend, you are not the first to have this problem, and you will have good company on that day.

    If you want a dramatic end to it all, you can get up to start the study, and then announce "I cannot conduct this study in good conscience, and just walk out of the hall. But you have to live with the repercussions.

    In any case, smile at your predicament, at least a police squad won't come for you!

  • rawe

    Hi Thedog1,

    I was baptized at age 16 in 1981 and left the faith in 2007 after a life-time of involvement. Although I did serve as an MS and later an elder, conducting the Watchtower study was only something I did twice. Once at the congregation and once as part of a circuit assembly. Living with concerns and doubts can be very difficult. After book study one evening I revealed more about my doubts than I should have to a young couple. After that I realized that I had to resign as an elder, which I did. Although I lost all my privledges, including being on the TMS and even saying public prayer, in general I felt the elders were kind and fairly considerate. Likely this had much to do with how non-confrontational I was about the issue, taking all of the blame for my doubts upon myself. This was in 2005.

    For what it is worth here are few thoughts, considering of course, I do not know your circumstances. First, unless something is pressing the issue, there is usually time to think through the issues and do research. If you're uncomfortable with the idea of directly reading material critical of the Witness faith, I suggest either reading the Bible or a portion of it, outside of the TMS schedule. Doing this can really help one see the over all gist of what the various authors really wanted to communicate. Although it seems that "deep study" would imply diving into each verse and tearing it apart, there is much to be gained by reading the accounts at a quicker pace.

    Another suggestion is to read an older publication. Reading Russell's Divine Plan of the Ages can really give one a sense of where the faith once was and how it developed into what we see today. Often through eBay or Amazon one can find copies of this book at a reasonable price.

    As you know the organization stesses loyalty towards itself. Thus, most attempts to find a real true friend you can confide in, in regards to doubts, is near impossible. Even if the individual wants to be a friend, all we'll wind up doing is likely putting a burden on them. Although the faith presents itself as comitted to Bible truth, at the end of the day, it is run more like a business. Thus it tends to reward good managers, those who know the rules and are effective at organizing others around them and accomplishing things that fit the primary goal of the business. I eventually likened the organization to an out of control beast in the shape of printing presses -- a few fed blank rolls of paper in one end -- and the many had to run printed results out to the public. In many different ways we all sensed not all was right, but none of us knew had to make it stop.

    For a short while, another way to cope is to rationalize your situation. Over the long haul I firmly believe this doesn't work and in my own case caused me to reach a breaking point, wherein I was out in service in the morning and left the faith that afternoon. But... while you're doing research and considering more deeply what you believe and where you want your life course to take you, rationalize... the faith is defined mostly by the Governing Body. It is those men who decide the format of meetings, what is published, etc. So while I was part of it, I always felt it wasn't my place to try and change it, but rather go along with the program. For me this relieved much of the stress and gave me a bit of room to breath -- eventually of course, I felt I had to leave.

    Next, I think it is entirely reasonable to ask to be relieved of some of the burden of being an elder. This does not have to mean anything more than explaining that you're under some mental stess and need time to focus on yourself, your relationship with Jehovah and your family. I know in one case, an elder presented this case to the body -- he wanted to resign. We actually asked him to remain and not be deleted, but otherwise promised him that he would not have any assignments for awhile.

    Just so you know. My doubts were centered around science and the theory of evolution in particular. My initial doubts about the existence of God eventually blossomed into accepting the fact that I was an atheist. Although some fellow atheists find it odd, I continue to be a Bible reader.

    Take care,


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