Honest survey question on effectiveness of 'apostacy'

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  • RayPublisher

    Yeah Cedars to put yourself on Eric's category also is appalling!!!

    You suck Cedars you are the scum of the earth!



    (Only 28 minutes until I can delete/alter this hastily written pithy-festo...)

  • tornapart

    RP:- I would rather focus on ones that are fading and contemplating leaving the movement, ie, ones that want help to escape WT."

    I think that's where activism is at it's best.

  • Simon

    RP:- I would rather focus on ones that are fading and contemplating leaving the movement, ie, ones that want help to escape WT."

    I think that's where activism is at it's best.

    Yes, it's all about how to be the most effective.


    I used to try and target asleep JWs with my stuff but not anymore.I would rather focus on ones that are fading

    and contemplating leaving the movement, ie, ones that want help to escape WT.....Ray Publisher

    Better to trade something that will never work...For something that works..

    Helping People who "Want to Get Out of the WBT$",is much more Productive..

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  • Simon

    Great video but I found the reference to activism a little confusing: the sentiment is really what I am saying - it's about helping people and providing information for those who are looking for it and this is what is most effective in helping people to get out and stay out.

    Maybe people are getting too hung up on the actual word "activist". I don't consider that to be activism, I consider it campaigning, supporting, raising awareness etc. I'm all for that, I think it does a huge amount of good.

    I tend to associate the word 'activist' with more direct, head on, possibly on-the-edge, often negative behavior and these are the things that I don't believe are as effective for combatting WTS indoctrination as it usually just reinforces the beliefs. Of course there will be exceptions, there always are. I'm talking about generalities and the 90% cases (but that's not a scientific number).

    It's quite amazing that some people consider this sentiment to be such a terrible thing to say that they feel the need to storm off! I knew some were attached to the word 'activists' from their previous cabaret acts but never realised a single word could mean so much.

    Anyway, I think most people are actually on the same page with some slight variations of opinion over specifics. Everyone is free to do their own thing just as people are free to have their own opinion and no one should ever be shouted down or, as Carly Simon sang, to think the song is about you (unless you really are so vain).

    It's not like we all need to be part of the same group and have to sing from the same song-sheet. We're not the Avengers or the Fantastic Four and have to all dress alike and wear the same badge to be effective.

    We're more like the lesser known JLE (Justice League Europe) - a loose ensemble of, well, some possibly strange and wonderful characters, many not very well know but all doing their part in their own way. Hope my comic book references translate well enough, LOL.


    as Carly Simon sang, to think the song is about you (unless you really are so vain).....Simon

    You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you
    You're so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you
    Don't you? don't you?...............Carly Simon

    ..........................Your so Vein..

    You probably think this Varicose is About You!


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    the majority fake spiritual interest because it's expected and everyone else seems to be doing it

    you're not wrong!

  • 144001

    As to that label... anti-activist. I do not consider myself one of those, but rather one who recognises the relative futility of the task at hand, not that many people have so openly declared that they are 'bringing down the WT', but rather that those who feel that sending the GB letters or making offers to meet them in an attempt for reform is not a realistic method. Videos and blogs are great and are certainly entertaining, but I question the effectiveness of these methods.

    I guess this means that you do not consider Cedars to be an activist, because when the AAWA debacle hit the fan, I seem to recall you personally accusing Cedars of having committed a crime relating to alleged misrepresentations on the organizational documents of AAWA. At that time, I took exception to your comments because I believe that accusing opposers of the WTBTS of criminal conduct, especially when the alleged crime had absolutely no impact on anyone else, is helpful only to the WTBTS. I may not agree with all that Cedars says and/or does, but he is, in his own way, opposing the WTBTS, and for that reason, I would always refrain from posting comments that could potentially harm him. Accusing him of criminal conduct for issues relating to the organizational documents of AAWA was mean-spirited, vindictive, and entirely unprovoked, since you were not personally affected by anything that Cedars did.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Had did I miss allegations of criminal conduct?

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    Well don't take my word for it, take AAWA's then:


    AAWA recently reorganized its corporate structure. By law, we must have identifiable corporate officers, and we do. Mickey Hudson, Lee Marsh and Richard Kelly make up our current Board of Directors.

    By law, they needed identifiable corporate officers. Thus if you are not 'identifiable' (i.e. using your real name and address) then you are not abiding by the law. People other than me pointed it out to him, but we were all told to shut up and be quiet about it. Just because he's doing something against the WT means that we should not point out when he could be in trouble? It was against the law. And it was completely uneccessary. There were many others who could have been president, even in name only. You are really suggesting to just pipe down about it because it had no direct effect on me? So if I see a crime being committed on the street, as long as I am not involved, I should just mind my own business? Another poster took it upon herself to contact the ACC and they informed her it was a Class 6 felony to use an alias on incorporation documents. What is alleged about the misrepresentations? AAWA itself has acknowledged this. This was discussed weeks ago, you really need to catch up on things.

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