How to accept the actions of the Old Testament God

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  • confusedandalone

    I will say something similar to the following to ensure my instant entrance into the kingdumb of heaven.

    what is sad is that of all the born agains i have met in and out side of the TRUFF they have some of these traits

  • zound

    Tammy, you didn't anwser my simple yes/no question...

  • Comatose

    Oh she answered! You just don't hear TRUTH!

  • adamah

    Zound asked-

    My father uses this argument - the OT is for a large part the Israelites misrepresenting god on many occasions - and putting their own spin on things (perhaps attributing him to bad things that they did?). Basically, most things that are immoral in the OT are mans fault (even though they attribute it to god) and everything good is gods fault.

    But when jesus comes into the picture its all gravy.

    What kind of argument can I make against such a cop out of an argument? (bear in mind I can't just point out how ridiculous that line of reasoning is - as it is a religious fundementalist we're talking about)

    Any help?

    Ask him how he knows what parts are to be followed, and which aren't; if that level of corruption exists, doesn't that fact in-and-of-itself raise some troublesome questions about God's existence? If God is willing to let God "cheat" at every turn to mislead humans, then God is not a fair judge: he's allowing "jury tampering" to go on.

    But even more fundamentally: how does a reader decide which scriptures are to be taken literally WITHOUT using one's own flawed moral compass in order to decide? See, that goes back to the fundamental problem of how does one determine that the God of the Bible warrants being worshipped and possesses a superior code of morality without exercising one's own moral code in order to make that determination?

    Xians go on and on about how flawed their moral compass is, and it cannot be trusted: so how do they KNOW that their same admittedly "flawed" moral compass was reliable in order to determine that God's morality IS superior, and that God IS the good guy to whom they can hand over their powers of decision-making?

    But ultimately it's not about finding the "perfect" logical argument: most people believe for emotional reasons, which places the matter outside of the logical areas: although a vast over-simplification, logic and reasoning occurs in different parts of the brain (frontal lobes) than thoughts associated with the emotional centers (the so-called "reptilian brain", deeper mid-brain).

  • watson

    I guess I'd ask it, "Has everything worked out like you planned?"

  • zound

    Thanks Adam

  • zound

    BTW Tammy - I'm awaiting your answer - just to repeat the question in case you missed it:

    God did not strike Uzzah dead for touching the ark. Uzzah is one example I was thinking of in my post above.

    So just to clarify - did christ/god tell you (in your special voice thingy) that the scribes got that one wrong, make a note in your margin that Uzzah WASN'T struck dead for touching the ark?

    A simple yes or no would be sufficient.

  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    That, my friend, is the ultimate question!

    If one is to believe that the Bible is inspired, then one MUST believe and accept the actions of the Supreme Being as being just and right. I love how many, not just the organization, strive to harmonize actions that are blatantly jealous, petty, cruel, or sadistic, to the same God of which Jesus spoke.

    One of the principal stories, besides of course the story in Judges 19 of the concubine that is brutally raped and dies, then cut into 12 pieces and sent to the twelve tribes, is the story of the Judge, that's right "JUDGE" Jepthah. I know the organization has tried to discount the actual words of this story, but many jewish scholars would argue that when Jepthah said, "whatever comes out to meet me will be offered up as a burnt offering," he meant it. Therefore, we have this innocent girl come meet her warrior father and he offers her up to the Supreme Being. There is NO scriptural evidence that THAT did not happen just as he had stated. None. In fact, the Bible states that the virgin girls cried for her every year...

    Try to reconcile THAT with your New Testament God of love.


  • hamsterbait

    ANY so-called "human" being who displayed the qualities and behaved like the OT god would be despised, and put on trial.

    The solution to any problem for him seems to be killing somebody or everybody.

    Christians claim that because he is their god, what he did is okay because he is god and knows best.

    The OT god did what he did because he could. Why does a dog lick its dick?

  • adamah

    USR said-

    i have faith, however sense having my son, i have wondered if god asked me to do what he asked abraham, what would i say what would i do? i cant answer for sure, i cant imagane that. i dont think i could, you are right thou different times, what i know from abraham is god did not go through with it,

    Wanna try that answer again, Ravens? Maybe you should watch this atheist's answer, first:

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