How to accept the actions of the Old Testament God

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  • Hortenzie

    Adamah - I thought I made it perfectly clear that God (if he exists) and what people claim about God are two completely different things. And since God didn't talk to me I can't talk for him. You are using the Bible as an authority on God, but remember it was written by people who claim to talk in the name of God. And believing something doesn't make it real. Belief is just an opinion...

    Beside that, we are trying to understand thinking of ancient people. The times are different, we are different, our thinking is different, it is nearly impossible to imagine what was going on in their heads. (Good point made by Pyramid God)

    P.S. And of course, I'm against slavery of any kind (physical, as well as mental, spiritual, or emotional). And I'm sure the Creator of everything would be too. Why would he want 5 of his children mistreat his other 5 children. If they deserve it, maybe there is something wrong with his parental skills.

  • Monsieur

    it's not word games adam, it's reality.

    what's the point in discussing the subject if we are not going to base our perspectives on reality?

  • cofty

    god is a just jugde. and he is also slow to anger and ready to forgive. however he is also one to fear matthew 1o:28 - Unstop

    I applaud you for attempting to be consistant unstop. However, because of your commitment to biblical inerrancy you have left god exposed to the charge of being a moral monster.

    The OT describes examples of infanticide, kidnap, rape, forced marriage and genocide, and all of these carried out at the specific instructions of Yahweh.

    You seem to be defending a capricious god who puts on different hats when it suits him. If god is love, everything he does must always be loving. Even when he punishes it must be motivated by love.

    You still have all your work to do to explain how the cold-blooded murder of infants, or the kidnap and rape of young girls can be a loving act.

  • confusedandalone

    Monsieur please understand I do NOT believe that the old testament god is real. I want to see how those who do believe he is real (a large portion of Christians) can explain how his actions are appropriate

  • unstopableravens

    cofty: i have alot to say here i hope i can explain my postion in a way that does not come out wrong. i ask you as well to not take what i say out of context. if i were to start a thread and ask what should a judge give to a person who kidnapped a bank owner and rob his bank for a million dollars. we would prob get 15 differnt thoughts. if one person said life, some other would so no thats to harsh. if another said 6 weeks others would say no way thats not enough. if a judge you know is honest gives a judgement , than it on that judge. i like you may look at the flood for example and say wow did they desrve that? i know god is a just jugde. i cant put my self in his seat i am not the judge.

  • cofty

    i like you may look at the flood for example and say wow did they desrve that?

    The flood is a disgusting act of capricious anger. Thankfully its only an ancient myth but if was for real it would prove that god is our moral inferior, beneath the contempt of all rational people.

    i cant put my self in his seat i am not the judge

    You have relinquished your responsibility to make moral judgements. This is why I am an anti-theist.

  • bohm

    Unstoable: if you claim to be unable to judge god by his actions then you got no way to determine if god is honest and good or dishonest and evil...

  • Dagney

    AFter I left JW, I took the time to read the gospels...and thoroughly enjoyed them with my JW filter off.

    Then I started to read the OT. I decided I didn't like god very much. He was mercurial and schizophrenic, and down right scary. It really sucked to be born a Canaanite. If god wants your are SOL. I never recovered. Could not marry "God is love" with the real god. Does he love the world or hate the world?

  • shadow

    A god who can create the universe is so far beyond us that it would be arrogant to think that we could understand him. We are less than atomic particles on the scale of the universe but we can't seem to remember that.

    God has an infinite view of time and the power to change anything that has happened. A person dying is simply going to sleep for a short time. Less than an instant in the grand scheme of things.

    Sure it is hard to fathom, but then given the statements above, how could humans expect to? Maybe in a thousand years I will understand better.

  • krejames

    Great thread. I asked this question to the elders who gave me a shepherding call about a year ago. They told me to re-read the Draw Close To Jehovah book. Then in the closing prayer the elder asked God to forgive me for daring to question his divine justice and wisdom and love. I never read the book again.

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