Well it is time for me to say GOODBYE!!!

by mouthy 147 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • leftbelow

    Well you are always the one I look to for sage advice. I no longer have my Grandparents and even though I seldom post here you don't know how many

    times when I was down going through my divorce and dealing with losing family and friends some of your post would help me make it through. Sometimes I

    would just read through your post so hopefully your read this and THANK YOU. I may not have made it without you

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Grace your a friend to everyone here

  • blondie

    It's not time to go Grace yet, you need my permission. Who will keep us on the straight and narrow.

  • Adiva

    Please don't go. You're the only 'granny' I've got.


  • carla

    aww, Grace, you can't go! too many people to be an example for, no?

    Now tell us what is on your mind so we can remedy the situation if possible.

  • Stealth

    Grace, You have been here for over 10 years. Certainly that is proof that your skin is not so thin that you would depart because what a few may say.

    Please reconsider. I am sure you still have words of wisdom to share with this community.

  • steve2

    Looks like Grace has disfellowshipped herself from us - or is it the other way around?

    If you're reading this Grace - am I that bad that you wouldn't? of course not! - you'll know already that many people here love your contributions. Okay, you get up people's noses. So? When was that ever not the case? As my wise Uncle Pelican used to say to me - and he was way older than you -"Sometimes the mere fact that you exist will be a problem for some people somewhere. It's called existing and having opinions."

    Take a break if you wish - but join us again. We love you just the way you are.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Mouthy, I don't agree with your faith at all. But I have never been upset by it, nor anything you say. You add so much to the discussions from your point of view. Please don't let anyone's problems between them and you run you off.


    Grace - I am a man without faith, but nothing you have ever said has caused offence. A long time ago, I took a cheap swipe at you, your response was so kind and accommodating that I was both moved and humbled. Hope you will reconsider. You are an asset to this forum.

  • Fading Begins
    Fading Begins

    Grace, as you know I don't post here very often either. I have been on this site (originally under another name before I changed internet carriers) for over ten years as well. I have gained strength from your courage, your refusal to back down from your beliefs even when you were sometimes mocked and made fun of. There were times when I made, what I thought, were legitmate comments about some topics and received the same treatment. My first thought was to never post again, that this site was just as bad as the borg for judging and putting people down that didn't agree with their point of view. But you made me realize that these ones are a very small part of this community and you and your comments made me keep coming back, even if I did not feel comfortable posting very often, I enjoyed your sharp, witty and intelligent arguments. Don't let a few hurt and bitter people win. If you need a break, take it, but don't stay away too long. We all need and love you!!

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