Well it is time for me to say GOODBYE!!!

by mouthy 147 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • SanLuisObispoTruthSeeker

    Mouthy, why pick up your ball this late in the game? Don't leave the game, your team (everyone hurt by the Watchtower and others who are confused about how to live life) is here and loves you!

    We need your wisdom here, what's up with people getting their feelings so hurt and moving on? I love how you speak the truth with boldness, please stay here for the segment of Jesus loving friends if not for anything else, we need a fellow Christian wielding the "Battle Ax of the Truth", please stay!

  • KariOtt

    Please stay

  • whathappened

    I would not let them run me off, Granny. Don't you either. I am an atheist and the believers don't bother me. I just don't comment on threads where I don't have anything productive to add. I don't think you should leave us.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle


    Would someone please make this Tom Jones link clickable for Mouthy. Thanks.

  • AudeSapere
  • steve2

    Oh Grace girl, unpack that bag of yours, take your coat off, sit down, put your feet up and have a cup of tea with us for goodness sake - and I don't want to hear any more of this leaving nonsense! Okay?

  • Jeffro


    It has been nice talking with you.But I seem to upset a few because of my faith.

    That's not a good reason to leave.

    If some people are 'upset' by your faith, they should be big enough and ugly enough to deal with it.

    You're outspoken, and rightfully so, and I'm a little surprised that you would be dissuaded from the forum by others who are also outspoken.

  • LV101

    Don't go --- we've all experienced too many losses and you're needed. Your faith is amazing and a good example for many.

  • Phizzy

    Grace, you are our Granny, we simply will not allow you to leave the family. Your words, and your humour have been so good for us for so long.

    Don't take any notice of the naughty children who pretend you upset them with your faith, they are just trying to look grown up to Granny, but you and I know they are not, and that they do need to go to their rooms from time to time.

    Whatever you decide to do, you will always be in our hearts. Enjoy the life you have to the full, dear Granny, and have a wonderful Christmas this year, and in many years to come.

  • tornapart

    Granny Grace.. you are loved by so many on here, whether they still believe in God or not. Please don't go!!

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