Well it is time for me to say GOODBYE!!!

by mouthy 147 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mouthy

    It has been nice talking with you.But I seem to upset a few because of my faith.

    So Have a GREAT Christmas.... & Be good, I wont be here to send you to your rooms
    I have grown close to many of you.... If I have ever said anything to hurt you SORRY!!!!
    When I kick the bucket I am sure "Mary" who ssometimes post will let you know.to you ALL

    Mouthy Grace Gough

  • cofty

    I seem to upset a few because of my faith

    Really? I have never seen anybody take offense at your expressions of your faith Grace. Has somebody said something?

    You know you are universally loved and respected around here don't you?

    Please stick around and keep everybody in their place.

  • Hortensia

    I don't get the feeling that you are upsetting anyone -- have you received some mean pms?

    I wonder if you're just feeling tired and discouraged in general?

    ETA: I agree with cofty -- stick around!

  • joe134cd

    No offence taken from from this side of the earth.

  • Ding

    Don't go, Grace.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Please don't leave, Granny (((Grace)))!!

    I'm not sure who you could possibly upset here. But, you're very much loved<3 and appreciated, Grace.

    I currently don't have any emoticons, but if I did, you would see a post full of hearts, and flowers!!

    Don't you dare go to your room! Get back here, Mouthy!!!

    Love and Hugs,


  • 144001

    Stick around, Grace! Besides, to steal an argument from the JWS, "where else would you go?"

  • FlyingHighNow

    Don't let anyone run you off, Mouthy, PLEASE. JWN needs you and you need love from anywhere and everywhere. So many of us go way back with you and love you tremendously. I don't post much anymore, I know, but when I come back, I look for you.



    Even Harry Wayne Casey wants you to stay. Singer and keyboard player for K. C. and the Sunshine Band.

  • FlyingHighNow

    If I could, I'd sure give you a rose garden, Grace. I'd love to meet you. I wonder how far you live from me.

  • Scully


    You're old enough to have earned the right to speak your mind without having to worry about what other people think.

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