Stands For True Worship. I am turning myself in......

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    SFTW still gets feed a lot... trolls gotta be fed ... nom nom nom nom

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    SFPW appreciates Robert Green Ingersoll...a self professed opposer of the Bible!!! An excellent example of hypocrites in action.

    Read Robert Green Ingersoll words, anyone. There is a link provided above.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    I'm grateful that somebody bothered to read my post.. Thank you.
    I don't think SFPW is a hypocrite, I think he is pretending to be an apologist to make people think. I've been told to be quiet, though, so that is my last word on the matter.. ;)

  • The Quiet One
  • Apognophos

    So even though the Bible was written 200 years ago and as Jehovah's word is absolutely unquestionably true and has not changed - the spirit-directed understandings of the WBTS, which are presented as absolutely true such that anyone who does not accept them is an apostate, they are in fact only relatively true, if such a concept exists, and change every few years.

    I think Frazzled UBM's words above are a good succinct response to SFPW's assertion that many servants of God in the past didn't have the whole or perfect truth either. Yes, that is true, and John the Baptist and the apostles are good examples. But notice that (1) Jesus did not shun them for being wrong on some points; he simply gently corrected them and tolerated their inadequacies, and (2) when people did have slightly "apostate" views, and brought themselves in with someone else's teaching, it was because they could be certain that they were following the authority of a true man of God. For instance, the apostles didn't always understand Jesus, but they followed him anyway, NOT because he told them he was the son of God and thus had to be obeyed, but because they saw him perform miracles and show superhuman wisdom.

    What does the Governing Body provide as a basis for believing that they hear anything from God or Jesus or the holy spirit at all? They don't perform miracles. They don't foretell the future. Their teachings are often embarrassingly foolish, not wise (organ transplants are cannibalism in 1967, then suddenly they're not 13 years later because, as they explain in 1980, taking an organ into the body as a replacement is not the same as eating it... hmm, what other extant ban does this remind me of?). In short, they provide no reason to believe the claim that they are God's chosen representative as a group.

    Most important of all, they massively fail the #1 test, which is that Christ's followers must have love among themselves. Whatever love JWs show towards each other is no more remarkable than the love any marginalized group shows to its own members. There's nothing special about the JWs. As mentioned by others, what is unique to the JWs is not true, and what is true is not unique.

  • stillin

    I think SFPW is a complex and conflicted person. I think he gets what he needs from the form of worship he has chosen, but he needs to add a LOT more depth to it so he comes here. I hope the regular posters will be hospitable and kind because IMHO we are ALL on this journey called life together.


    " What does the Governing Body provide as a basis for believing that they hear anything from God or Jesus or the holy spirit at all?


    There are many reasons to have complete trust in the slave class. First and foremost, Jesus has appointed them over all his precious "belongings." This is a clear indication that he has complete trust in them. - OD, p. 18 – [Italics in original]

    ( minus )


    A further consideration of Jesus’ prophecy indicates that an adjustment in our understanding of the timing of certain aspects of Jesus’ prophecy is needed. … So it is reasonable to conclude that Jesus’ arrival to appoint the faithful slave over all his belongings, mentioned at Matthew 24:46, 47, also applies to his future coming, during the great tribulation. 1 -Watchtower, July 15, 2013, p. 8, paragraphs 17 & 18 – [Italics in original]

    ( equals )



  • Apognophos

    Heh. Of course that OD blurb is old light. Now it should say "First and foremost, Jesus has appointed them over the domestics, and we assume they'll be appointed over all his belongings in the future."

    I see now that I made a typo in my last post which made one part unintelligible. Where I said:

    and brought themselves in with someone else's teaching

    I meant to say "and brought themselves in line with someone else's teaching", or in other words, "when they agreed that they were mistaken and corrected their viewpoint", it was for the reasons I mentioned above.

  • Stand for Pure Worship
    Stand for Pure Worship

    Well Data, when are you gonna get on the phone.

  • Finkelstein

    SFPW ....

    So then the name your using is to announce that you stand for pure worship of the Watchtower Corporation ?


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