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    If a teaching was incorrect, so what? Humans make mistakes all the time, that is not really what bothers me. When you claim to have a monopoly on "truth", even calling your ideas "the truth", then you have made quite the claim. When something that you teach for decades had to be believed as coming from God, and then it was wrong... I mean, come on. Who REALLY made the mistake?

    When the GB teaches that the Generation of 1914 WILL NOT pass away, and then changes it because it's expiration date was up, who's fault is that? GODS?!? When Elders are jerks and DF someone without justification, was that the Holy Spirit leading the process? When a molester Brother is made a MS and then an Elder, how does that happen?! You know the steps that are gone through to "theocratically" appoint someone. Where was GOD? Did God and Jesus go to the bathroom? Did they appoint the molester. Did they allow it to test the faithful? Popy-cock!! It is human error, cause by materialistic/physical thinking. Here is an example:

    Young Brother Reach-outer wants to be a MS. He truly meets ALL the spiritual qualifications set forth in God's word. When it comes time to recommend him for appointment, he does not make the cut. Why? He does not get quite enough hours in "visible" field service. Therefore, how can he be an example? How can he "take the lead" later. So even though he meets all the "scriptural" qualifications he WILL NOT be appointed. He simply does not meet the extra-biblical and Organizational/corporate requirements. The very exact second that you allow an extra-biblical, man-made requirement to overshadow a scriptural requirement, you are on your own. You have just thrown the Holy Spirit out of the room. It simply cannot be any other way, and that is precisely why the WTBTS is in the shape it is today. Decades of Pharisaic, Legalistic, Corporate/man-made regulations. Ever wonder why an Eldub meeting can't proceed smoothly? Ever wonder why the " Stars" of Revelation can't get along?

    A true story:

    During my meetings with the Eldubs, the service hour requirements that appear nowhere in the scriptures came up. The Eldubs said, " The CO gave a beautiful example of leading the flock. You see, DD, the sheep MUST BE LEAD. If they are not, then they will just do whatever they want. If a Shepherd was to place an obstacle in front of a sheep, the sheep will have to jump it to leave the pen. If one jumps it, they all will. The sheep will follow the lead of those in front. Isn't that a beautiful illustration?"

    Why are we purposely placing obstacles in front of the sheep? Why does the C.O feel that Jesus sheep will do nothing without being prodded? These views of the R&F filter down from the top. This is what they really think of you. You are a dumb sheep that will never do what is right, unless they prod you and give you challenges to jump over. If the top-men, the GB, really valued God's word, then WHY can't they send out a letter to all congregations about not going beyond the things written? Why not share the info that any of us can find on the CD-Library? There are ZERO hourly requirements in the scriptures. Look up " 10 hours ", and see what hits you get. The Governing Body could put a stop to ALL legalism if they wanted to. That is "truth."


    ps. Lois Lane, I am glad you are doing better. It's important to laugh. A little humor can help, even in serious situations. I do what I can!

  • Oubliette

    DD: He does not get quite enough hours in "visible" field service.

    It's quite ironic the amount of VISIBLE activity this religion puts on its adherents when you consider the entire belief system is based on the idea that Christ is INVISIBLY present and leading the organization.

    When I first had that thought it was quite the "Aha!" moment. There was no turning back after that.

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    SFPW is usually quick to jump in with his ignorant crap... At least he is polite enough to let you know that he saw your thread, but it puts him at unease.

    Im really curious to see what he has to say. He more just stats opinions and hate, not much intelligent debate with this fellow.

    Remember Recovery? Of course. At least he was able to have an in depth discussion. His arrogance was an issue, but at least he was better read than the average JW. This fool is just like the rest. 90% of posters here know more than ANY JW About their own religion... That's why they're here.

  • cantleave

    Can't wait for pure worship's response. Ya know - if he can answer the question I will go back too.

  • EdenOne

    You know....the same reasoning that was used in another thread for what constitues 'scientific fact' (I believe Adamah brought that one up) can be used here to justify the "new light" contradicting the "old light". Thread carefully on this one.


  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Data-Dog - a similar point is in Franz's book ISOCF, where he tells of a GB member who said, If we lower the service hour requirements, what will the brothers do with the extra time - probably just watch more tv. Like HE is the owner of the robots' time. They can't be allowed to choose how to spend their time.

    Well....i quit going to meetings a couple years ago - i can't really pinpoint the very last time I was there, maybe it was the memorial of 2011. Anyway, my tv consumption has decreased to almost nil. I'm too happy to spend time watching tv. And I own my life, YES!



    Yes, I am aware of that point. I am not too worried. No one religion, just like no one scientist has a monopoly on truth. I am not saying, and never will say, that absolute truth is unattainable. I am simply asking for proof the JW's have " THE TRUTH." That's the real issue in my mind. Let's drop the act WTBTS, let's really set matters straight. When have you ever taught, " THE TRUTH?" How does your heavenly Father feel about you claiming to have a monopoly on truth? The WTBTS should just respect the right of the individual to disagree on matters that are not clearly spelled out in the scriptures. Stop the DF'ing over dogma.

    If the scriptures provide no proof, no verifiable facts on a matter, like Jesus=Micheal the Archangel, then how dare any of us teach it as "Truth?" For the JW who says, " Well, that's our current understanding on the matter.", I say, " Fine, but don't say it's "truth" and berate or shun your fellow Christians because they do not take that view. Especially when there is no clear scriptural teaching that Jesus=Michael."

    The difference with most Scientists is that they NEVER made the claim of having "THE TRUTH." Imagine a Scientist claiming that the Universe channels truth through his laboratory only. Then one of his truths is disproven by a fellow scientist. Instead of admitting that he was mistaken, he has the other scientist excommunicated from the scientific community. Fortunately, the scientific community does not usually operate that way.

    The WTBTS has tried to compare themselves to Scientists before regarding new light. If that defense is used, then it will be pretty easy to disprove it. There are many sharp-eyed JWN members who will probably get to it before I do. Hey, I pray for my Father to show me the way. If he does it through SFPW, so be it.


  • wasblind

    " Because Jehovah's Witnesses base all of thier beliefs, thier standards for conduct, and organizational procedures on the Bible, thier faith in the Bible itself as God's Word gives them the conviction that what they have is indeed the truth."___Reasoning from the scriptures book page 203-204

    " It is true that the Witnesses have made mistakes in thier understanding of what would occur at the end of certain time periods."___Reasoning from the Scriptures book page 136

    " Why have there been changes over the years in the teachings of Jehovah's witnesses ?

    Jehovah's Witnesses are willing humbly to make such adjustments." _____Reasoning from the scriptures book page 205

    No big deal

    " Matters on which corrections of viewpoint have been needed have been relatively minor ." _____Reasoning from the Scriptures book page 136



  • wasblind

    " When you claim to have a monopoly on " truth ", even calling your ideas the " truth " Then you have made quite a claim " ____DATA DOG

    " Thus what is taught is not from men but from Jehovah "_____Sept 15 , 2010 WT page 13 para 8



    " Before the last members of the generation that was ALIVE in 1914 will have passed off the scene, all things foretold WILL occur, including the "great tribulation" in which the present wicked world will end."____Reasoning from the Scriptures book page 97



    Oops , That wasn't the truth


  • smiddy

    I wait with baited breath for Stands For True Worships resonse .


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