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  • Dis-Member

    As I suspected... so many words, yet saying absolutely nothing. I was hoping for something more, in some way or another many here are still seeking truth.

    It's just starkly apparent that there is more honesty, openess and truth among those that have left then among those that remain in. Yet another one comes up empty handed.

    Nothing to see here..

  • wannaexit

    As Italians would say :all smoke but no roast". ----

    I don't think Data-Dog will be satisfied

  • Finkelstein

    One thing SFTW wont acknowledge is that the WTS. from its very beginning and the men who started this

    religious organization deliberately created doctrines/teachings which were appealing solely as commercial vehicles

    to attract attention to literature and the continuing proliferation of that literature.

    The WTS. was always a group of commercialized false Prophets/profits clearly warned about in the bible.

    The Scriptures makes it clear how to identify false prophets and how to accordingly react to them as well and why

    would it not be conceivable to find these false prophets in Americanized charlatanism running and operating a publishing house ?

    The invisible return of Christ in 1914 to use just one example.

    In short the WTS. doctrines were marketing schemes devised to fool the public into reading and purchasing the WTS's products.

    The WTS. never had well educated bible theologians but it did have men who had pursing desires to make their own a publishing house

    fluently operative and expanding. Unfortunately it was driven by untruthful and seemingly corrupt bible interpretations.

    God would never choose adulterated false prophets like the WTS. house of Charlatanism.

    Thats NOT pure worship at all, what that is supporting the evil desires and wants of corrupt false prophets (men).

  • leaving_quietly

    I've been eagerly waiting for an answer as well, and now that it's been given, let's recap:

    The simple question was:

    On what date did the Watchtower arrive at THE TRUTH? (Answer to be free from circuitous reasoning and speculation).

    The answer given, although wordy, gave no date at all.

    In true WTS fashion, a quote was made without crediting the author. The author, Robert Green Ingersoll followed that statement with the following (see full text here:

    The man who finds a truth lights a torch.

    How is Truth to be Known?

    By investigation, experiment and reason.


    Every human being should be allowed to investigate to the
    extent of his desire -- his ability. The literature of the world
    should be open to him -- nothing prohibited, sealed or hidden. No
    subject can be too sacred to be understood. Each person should be
    allowed to reach his own conclusions and to speak his honest

    He who threatens the investigator with punishment here, or
    hereafter, is an enemy of the human race. And he who tries to bribe
    the investigator with the promise of eternal joy is a traitor to
    his fellow-men.

  • SloppyJoe

    SFPW never answered my question on another thread, nor will he here. Data-Dog put the phone down, no need to call anyone.

  • Finkelstein

    Some people have an aversion to the truth as well being intellectual honest, now who could I be talking about ?

  • Listener

    "However what’s noteworthy is their willingness to adjust their understanding when absolutely necessary."

    If it becomes absolutely necessary there can be no willingness about it.

  • wasblind

    " In my opinion, proclamations of truth have to be wieghed and compared to other so-called truths in order to indentify the pretenders. It has to be done according to a standard which in this case obviously would be the Bible "____Stand for pure.......

    Case and point : When will the end of this wicked world will come?

    WTS says : " Before the last members of the generation that was alive in 1914 will have passed off the scene, all things foretold will occur, including the "great tribulation" in which the present wicked world will end "____Reasoning book page 97

    The Bible says : " It does not belong to you to get knowledge of the times or seasons which the father has placed in his own jurisdiction " ( Acts 1:7 ) Also " Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the son, but only the father " ( Matt. 24:36 )

    who's the pretender ??????

    " What also should be appropriate to consider when questioning whether or not the Bible students procured truth, one would have to examine what they were teaching "___Stand for pure.........

    What did the Bible students teach ?

    " As October 1914 approached, some Bible students expected that at the end of the Gentile times they, as spirit-anointed Christians, would recieve thier heavenly reward. Illustrating this is an incident that took place at a convention of the Bible students in Saratoga Springs, New york, September 27-30, 1914

    A.H. Macmillan, who had been baptised 14 years earlier, gave a discourse on Wednesday, Sept 30. In it he stated: " This is probably the last public address I shall ever deliver becuase we shall be going home [to heaven] soon "

    However, two days later ( on Friday , October 2 ), Macmillan came in for some good-natured teasing back in Brooklyn."_____Proclaimers book page 62 Grey box

    100 years and still teasin'. LOL

    " Now to keep it honest, is to say that the Bible students and the WTS have got it right all the time ? Absolutely not, of course they've made mistakes over the years, and likely will make more."_____Stand for pure........

    You don't say !!!!!! and all his time we were told

    " Thus what is taught is not from men but from Jehovah"____Sept 15, 2010 WT page 13 para 8

    " However, what is noteworthy is thier willingness to adjust thier understanding when absolutely necessary."____Stand for pure.....

    Truth changes; Explain that in a court of law

    " Throughout the years we've aquired more torches of truth and have had to ocassionally adjust our understanding as a result"__Stand for pure...

    1st Torch : Thought 6,000 years of human history had ended in 1873..........Blown out

    2nd Torch : 1874 the Lord had returned......Blown out

    3rd Torch : 1878 expected heavenly reward.........Blown out

    4th Torch : 1881 ......Blown out

    5th torch : 1925........Blownout

    6th Torch : 1975.....Blown out

    Who says the light is gettin' brighter in the world of a Witness

    " Now going back to credibility"___Stand for pure.........

    In Luke 19:11; Acts 1:6. They imagined and questioned about the kingdom. the Bible does not show where they taught anything wrong

    because they were guided by Holy spirit

    The WTS also compare themselves to Nathan the prophet

    what they fail to realize is that Nathan only gave his opinion not a prophecy he claimed from God

    The WTS is like Hanaiah the false prophet who taught folks to believe in a falsehood

    to bad he didn't get a reprieve from " Nu lite " and the WTS won't either


  • wasblind

    Oops I forgot to add 1914 to the blown out torches

  • Retrovirus

    SFPW says Truth is relative in the sense and trajectory of time.

    Really? The "Truth" that the wt capitalises? The "Truth" that a baptised jw can be df'd and shunned for questioning?

    SFPW, look up what truth really means. Yes, our level of understanding is limited and can and will change. But what we understand is just that. Not "truth". And especially not "Truth"!

    As many have pointed out, the wt wants it both ways at once. The excuses (imperfect men, light getting brighter) and the status of dispensing "Truth".

    I'd call it dishonest.


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