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    When this happens:

    " Just answer this question in an honest and unbiased way, free from any circuitous reasoning or speculation."

    The real issue is the WTBTS leaders approving of their own brothers and sisters being shunned for nothing more than disagreeing with human ideas that are yet to be proven as truth. Do you think the GB doesn't know this happens in the congregations? If they do know, why is it allowed? I just can't fathom the most humble, spiritually insightful collective in all of human history behaving this way? That is who they claim to be, after all. Can you scripturally justify berating your fellow Christian brothers and sisters, just because they disagree with your idea? Do you think the GB will go after the lost sheep that were DF'd for being right?!


  • 5go

    To feed the troll or not feed the troll that is the question? WHich leads my to one proble you didn't really ask questions


    1) Does not change. Real truth remains truth.<--- Assumting one has all the facts yes sadly no one has all the facts especially ones that cling to beliefs as facts rather actual hard facts

    2) In the " world " truth changes. Man's predictions are often wrong.<---- In the world we uncover more facts that change past views and ideas. God's aren't much better we have since uncover most old testiment bible predictions were writtten after they happened or shoe horned into a double meaning the never had.

    3) The prophets never stated probabilities or assumptions. <------ No they just wrote down what the voices or visions told them too. Today we give these same people meds and therapy.

    4) The truth cannot contradict other " truth." Only one can be right. <------ Not a question that's a statement but I could rephase and answer it but why bother?

    5) Truth is verifiable facts. <------- Same as the last one I can't answer statements please phrase into a question. Is truth verifialble facts?

  • gymbob

    I think one of the stupidest things I've ever read on JWN, is a troll actually saying that he's waiting for the local branch to rule on if it's appropriate or not for a publisher to count time while posting on a known apostate website. Did SFTW actually say that in the first paragraph of his long non-answer?

  • Ucantnome

    In the Insight on the Scriptures (WTB&TS 1988)book on page 1132, it says.

    The entire body of Christian teachings, which later became part of the written Word of God, is 'the truth' or 'truth about the good news.'

    In Galatians 2 Paul says in verse 14

    "But when I saw they wer not walking straight according to the truth of the good news, I said to Cephas before them all. If you, through you are a Jew, live as the nations do, and not as Jews do, how is it the at you are compelling people of the nations to live according to Jewish practice?" (NWT)

    Verse 16.

    "Knowing as we do that a man is declared righteous, not due to works of law, but only through faith toward Christ Jesus, even we have put our faith in Christ Jesus, that we may be declared righteous due to faith toward Christ, ..." (NWT)

    Romans 10:17

    Yet faith comes from listening to this Good News-the Good News about Christ. (Living Bible Edition)

    In the Watchtower 1966 page 215

    'When Jesus died, his disciples were very sad, but when he was resurrected , and he told them that all power had been given him in heaven and in earth, this, to the disciples, was the best news, of all to date, (Matt. 28:18-20; Luke 24:50-53) But before Jesus died he told his disciples of an even better good news that would be proclaimed on a worldwide scale in a time far distant from their day.'

    'In other words, this good news of the kingdom would be the good news that at last the Kingdom had been established in power. The purpose of the preaching of it would be for a witness. It would therefore be done by Kingdom witnesses who would be Christians.'

    In the book In Search of Christian Freedom (Commentary Press 1991) page 539 it says under the heading The Foundation and Essence of the Good News

    "What did the apostles and other Chrisian writers emphasize in describing the Messianic rulership and its effects? They consistently pointed to Christ's ransom sacrifice, his victory over kings sin and death on behalf of all mankind, the authority the Father has given to his resurrected Son to liberate from the wages of sin and death all those who put faith in him. That was-and is- the good news the Bible brings us. The Biblical good new does not draw attention to, nor is it tied up with, some date, whether 1914 or any other date, ..."

    I think that this focus on the good news about 1914 and then what comes from that, the faithful slave appointment, the generation that will not pass away, 1925, 1975 and so on it the problem.

    The Truth is 'the truth about the good news' and that doesn't change.

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