NEWBIES are leaving like crazy! Be very afraid WT

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  • Markw1509

    I joined in March this year, but made my first post last weekend.

    I absolutely, definitely, totally and unequivocally LOVE this site!

    It's full of humour, deep-thoughts, research and passion that I never ever saw in the congregation.

    Thanks everyone for putting the biggest smile ever on my face!

    I just love this wild, whacky, incredible world we live in, a world I was told was wicked and destructive when I was brainwashed.

    Not from where I'm looking from!

    Thanks to you all.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife


    I feel the same way about this wonderful forum - lots of healing going on!

  • Bruja-del-Sol

    Welcome to all Newbies... I really like this forum!

  • Scott77

    This is a great thread in its own class. Thank you clarity for your insight.


  • clarity

    Omg you guys you just got me crying ... know how we always felt blessed by god

    (some still do,& that's OK), well tonight I feel

    blessed by all of you.


    I get to type up your name more than once & see you up close,

    see how you jump in, to help the newbies & the oldies with your

    generosity, your support & participation, your encouragement.


    I feel happy when you get it! Happy when you get FREE!


    The watchtower society assumes that we want followers, hahaha No.

    You must follow your own path in your own way in your own time!

    Thanks all of you, f rom the bottom of my heart.


    Iownmylife, Bruja, Scott77


    Tonight Mark joins us..

    1st post was on the wknd ...Thanksgiving Day in Canada!

    Well you have put a smile on our face & we are thankful for you!






    Welcome here Mark, keep your eyes open & enjoy every minute!



  • smiddy

    Their seems to be so many newbies coming in every few days that its hard to keep up with , so a big WELCOME to you all .


  • clarity

    Hi Smiddy ... great to see you here!


    For all who know Mary Lou, she made a brilliant video at 93 yrs old,

    well she is doing well after a hospital stay ..& is coming home soon!



    If I miss the name of any Newbies plse type them here & say hi...



    Here are two more who are finding their way around here,


    the whole bunch of us are cheering for you, WELCOME TO...







  • Pyramid God
    Pyramid God

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!

    It sure is nice to have all of you to talk to after losing all of my family and friends.

  • Ding


  • vangogh

    welcome and best wishes to you, it is a great site, yes.

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