7/15 WT- Insane, Far Fetched, Narcissistic "New Light " about the FDS

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Nice summary. You really did a good job of distilling the article down to it's bullshitty essence.

    I'm sure Jesus was delighted to download his personal copy off of jw.org and read how delighted he's going to be

  • Listener

    You've done a good job of exposing who the GB members really are.

    "In recent decades, that slave has been closely identified with the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses"

    It is just pathetic how the writing department (aided by instructions from the GB) cannot be clear in any explanations they give. What does that even mean to state 'closely identified', either it is or it isn't identified as such.


    " Also among the anointed are humble sisters, who would NEVER try to assume the role of teachers in the congregation. "

    There have been some sisters who partake that have written letters to certain individuals in the organization. Some have been DF'd for apostasy recently. The DC apostate talk that mentioned " letter writing " was directly related to some of these occurrences and others. The Elder who gave the "apostate" talk at my DC was directly involved in a judicial matter involving an anointed Sister who was speaking out against the GB. According to him it was very scary and disturbing ( the truth can be disturbing ), and he never wants to deal with something like that again.

  • scary21

    It just irks me to no end that the GB keeps saying and implying that mankind needs them for their salvation. Why can't JW's see this ?

  • trujw

    You can trust us cause god fully trust us. What watchtower was that. A religion that has a 100 percent failure rate. Face palm. Wife double face palm.

  • ProfCNJ

    Hi Flipper, thanks for sharing your candid thoughts and analysis. I was smiling when I came across this line of reasoning:

    How in God's green earth does the GB think that if " sisters " are not allowed to TEACH in the congregation that Jesus would have them ruling in heaven as " kings and priests " ready to judge with Jesus over those on the earth ? It's ridiculous. If " sisters " are NOT allowed to be elders in congregations what sense does it make that they'd be allowed to rule in judgment positions in heaven ?

    I am excited to see these articles discussed in our local kingdom halls and be ready to take up matters with our elders at the appropriate time. I will use some valuable insights from this thread, Cedars, and several others in dissecting the new light.

  • scotoma

    And the Pope just threw a few crumbs to homosexuals. Isn't that nice of HIM. And then he says women in the church should take a greater role - but the preisthood is closed.

    So the Body of Governors are no different.

    ALL-ALL-ALL organized religion is a pathetic mens club.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Thanks Fipper.

  • punkofnice

    You tell 'em Flipper!

    When Jesus comes for judgment during the great tribulation, he WILL FIND that the FAITHFUL SLAVE has been loyally dispensing TIMELY SPIRITUAL FOOD to the domestics. Jesus will then DELIGHT in making the second appointment- over ALL his belongings. Those who make up the FAITHFUL SLAVE WILL GET this appointment when they receive their heavenly REWARD, becoming CO-RULERS with Christ.

    Oh my goodness gracious me! This is both sickening and laughable!

    I no longer believe in Jesus and all that but if I did I'd reason like this:

    Jesus wanted the little children to come to him because he loved them. He wanted to protect and look after them.

    Why then, would Jesus be ''delighted(TM)'' with 8 men in Brooklyn that did NOT look after the children but rather threw them to paedophiles without caring for anything more than their own cash intake? Why would Jesus be ''delighted(TM)'' with a corum of paedophile loving men (one or more of whom is probably a paedo themselves hence their laxity of punishment - protecting themselves), that have a huge list of lies, deceit and death in their name? I think it's more likely the Devil would be delighted.

    ....but then I'm a non believer now so I simply hope the GB go to the chair and fry along with paedos they protect

  • Bugbear

    I feel sorry for the GB. They believe, that they and only they are the true interpreters of the wholly word the Bible. This takes them into a trap, from which they never can back. They can´t deny what is written in this book. Everything of what is said about slavery, homosexuality, women, blood, and the Old testaments sacrifying of animals and the cruelty of this god – still stands there. Theologies have had problem with this book in or about 1700 hundreds of years. Trying to explain how a merciful and loving caring god could kill the worlds entire population except for 8 people, 4300 years ago. And trying to explain why he will kill the rest of 8 billion people in Armageddon, except for his true believers.

    This book “the Bible” is nothing but a mirror of an ancient time, with totally different values and understanding. You could read it as a time document, a very interesting such, but you must understand that in this ancient time people had not the same understanding of human values, and did not understand “the creation” in the same way as modern research has forced us to do.

    Hanging on to the books values will continuously, take the GB to more and more problem. Trying to explain all the odd things from the book with “new Light” will reduce their dignity and credability, till the whole society collapse.


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