7/15 WT- Insane, Far Fetched, Narcissistic "New Light " about the FDS

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  • flipper

    PROLOGOS- Unfortunately, I don't think a woman would have a snow ball's chance in hell getting appointed to any position of oversight by chauvanistic GB members or WT leaders. It wouldn't change the deception at the top of the organization anyway. But GB members are too proud to appoint a woman to any authority positions. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • hamsterbait

    Brother WHATSISFACE "staring"at children he passes in the street:

    A child molestor is more likely to be appointed: Anybody who says a pedo is a pedo for life is saying things "inspired of DEMONS" from the DC.

    Women? Filthy sex crazed masturbating WOMEN?


  • flipper

    HAMSTERBAIT- Unfortunately you are right - a male pedophile is more likely to get appointed as an elder or ministerial servant than a female in the JW organization. One reason it's such a messed up organization. It's run by a number of patriarchal pedophiles

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