7/15 WT- Insane, Far Fetched, Narcissistic "New Light " about the FDS

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  • Scott77

    The level and arrogancy on the part of the Watchtower Leaders at their Headquarters in New York State is baffling and at worse, very disturbing. Thank you Mr. Flipper for the last expose. I do not understand why the rank and file within will never realize this shameful state of arrogancy?


  • JakeM2012

    Flipper, Bump to Top

  • designs

    I wondered what went through the minds of Knorr and Fred Franz, how did they see themselves and God. I think Knorr was totally business, maybe not even a believer, this was the primo corporate job with excellent cash flow, Fred sounded like he 'heard voices' or had visions, in any event I think he believed whatever floated through his mind was from the great beyond.

    This current crop of GBs have entered the smoke house lodge and inhaled deeply from nature's little helpers.

  • flipper

    SCOTT 77- Indeed WT leaders are very arrogant . I believe the typical rank & file cannot see the WT leaders arrogance because they are too mind controlled to see it. They are victims of the WT leaders who are blinding their minds by manipulation and heavy duty mind control tactics. Until a JW can individually see that, discover it - only then will they see through the control and manipulation. I hope more will free their minds and lives.

    JAKE- Thanks for the bump.

    DESIGNS- Yeah, it's interesting to consider what makes these guys tick. Personally I think it's money, fame among their JW peers, power and control. And the fact that all the GB members are $hit crazy

  • Robert222

    I can answer a few of the questions or comments brought up. I was a born-in JW, with many family members still in. Women as annointed are necessary because they can judge the women of the earth. Only a woman knows what it's like to be a woman, a man can empathize, but can't judge another woman or teach another woman. Annointed women in the congregation help and teach other women and children, just not from the platform, and they normally all out in service during the day with the other women and children.

    As far as the GB knowing they are scammers, that they are not sincere, like in the days when the society was being formed, is basically true, however, remember they are sitting on millions of dollars, it can be wiped out due to Governments, tax laws, whatever, so they are afraid of losing their membership. If they are no longer considered a church, or a religion, what would happen to all their real estate, their money, their penthouse apts in NY and all their travel plans to exotic foreign locations?

    This message board helped me tremendously to walk away from the Truth, and I haven't regretted it.

  • Phizzy

    "Walk away from the Truth" ?? The Deception more like, or the Big Fat Lie.

    Thanks for the thread Flip, it should wake up any JW's who read it, unless they are being totally dishonest with themselves, not a good state to be in.

  • Robert222

    Well, they call it "The Truth", it's just like any other religion. No different, except the JWs are a cult. I still think it's a personal decision if you want to walk away, or stay, or pick another religion. It all means nothing to me.

  • flipper

    ROBERT 222- I totally understand what you are saying that a woman CAN best understand other women's concerns and problems and that women would best be served by other women in positions of " anointed oversight " in heaven ( if there was such a thing ) - however - why hasn't the wT Society allowed women to serve in positions of elders in congregations as humans so they can ASSIST or HELP more females while on earth as a " proving ground " of sorts before they assume the alleged " heavenly duties " with Christ- allegedly ? That's the point I was making that women should have been allowed to serve here on earth- if they are going to heaven to serve as " kngs & priests " - allegedly.

    And as the WT leaders being scammers- I agree- they are scammers who don't want to lose their pot of gold and stranglehold on JW's finances.

    PHIZZY- Thanks. I do hope this thread wakes up even just some JW's and makes them think somewhat. Thats what I hope for

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this up for any who wanted to comment on this insane, narcissistic control put forth by the governing body insisting they've been chosen by Jesus to rule humanity. Feel free to comment. Thanks. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • prologos

    Robert 222 Why would a woman have to be appointed to the GB/FDS to help another woman?

    let the boys fight it out about position, appointments.

    They are going to be really DISappointed,


    the 7/15 WT predictions notwithstanding.

    they predict to be appointed over all the universe not later than 2087.

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