7/15 WT- Insane, Far Fetched, Narcissistic "New Light " about the FDS

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    So many good points and again, thank you flipper!

    The arrogance of this new GB is sickening.

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    Wow. Thanks for all the positive opinions and feedback on this article. You folks make some really great replies and points. Been working a lot last couple days, I'll try to reply to page 1 first then get caught up here. Thanks again.

    ON THE WAY OUT- Good point. The GB or alleged " faithful slave " ALWAYS demands obedience just for the sheer hell of it. Like you say" obey us because we say so ". Well- as we both know- that don't cut it. If Jesus is " delighted " in these freaks, what does that say about Jesus ? Lordy, lordy.

    ILOVETTATT- Exactly. It's not easy telling people the truth about the truth. Most JW's are indoctrinated or trained to turn a deaf ear to it. But hopefully articles like this will make some wake up. Not most probably, but some. I know a good number of JWN newer members who this article woke them up and they joined our board. So something must be clicking in some JW's minds about this.

    SAYSWHO- All we can do with this info is share it with either JW relatives or former friends or even non-Witnesses in order to show how $hit crazy WT leaders are and that the JW's are a cult. Even by posting our thoughts here on this thread it enables lurking JW's who are sitting on the fence who read these viewpoints to get a perspective they would not get otherwise in the kingdom halls. It's how I feel anyway.

    TOTALLY ADD- Exactly. It's a cult. And a DANGEROUS corporation that influences 7 million human beings minds. That's why in my opinion it's important to get exposing information like this out there on the Internet.

    INSEARCHOFTRUTH 4 - Exactly bro. It IS insane crap that WT leaders are dishing out my friend. I can't stand reading this junk either. I just glanced through the article as our ex-JW friend sends us this stuff so I can make threads exposing it ! LOL ! I couldn' t take reading it word for word either. I just look for the high mind control lingo and share it to help people be aware of the insanity.

    ZED is DEAD- Hey bro- you are right- this article is SEVERAL big stinking loaves of poo. It's insanity and narcissism at it's worst.

    JULIA ORWELL & FACTFINDER- Thanks & thanks !

    BREAKFAST of CHAMPIONS- I bet Jesus is getting awfully pissed off or rolling in his grave at this information ! LOL ! As I said to OTWO- if Jesus is " delighted " by this horse manure- what does it say about Jesus ?

    LISTENER- It's interesting to see isn't it that the WT writing department conveniently slip that little statement in there that the " slave has been CLOSELY IDENTIFIED with the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. " Incredible. Talk about self appointment and self importance in these WT leaders. You make a good point what does " closely identified " mean anyway ? It either is or it ain't as you state.

    DATA DOG- Wow. I didn't know some anointed " sisters " had gotten DFed recently for apostasy. No doubt it's one reason the WT article reference to them was written as it was written. Like - " now, now sisters watch your position ! " So weird. And oppressive.

    SCARY 21- It iS irritating the GB keeps saying that everyone needs them for salvation. JW's cannot see it because they are under the influence of mind control by the WT Society.

    TRUJW- You can trust us because God trusts us. Incredible, isn't it ? And my left nut is a walnut- trust me I'm telling the truth. Yeah right. It shows how gullible the WT Society thinks JW's are. And they are right- they ARE gullible, they'll believe anything. That's why WT leaders are so dangerous.

    PROFCNJ- Thanks. I hope you make some headway in sharing thoughts on this article with your local elders- but don't hold your breath if they don't see or understand what you are trying to show them. They are pretty dimwitted by WT mind control themselves- but hey - I admire your stamina and attempts to do it ! Good luck to you !

    SCOTOMA- I agree- organized religion IS a pathetic men's club. Very controlling and patriarchal for the most part.

    AMELIA ASHTON- THanks, I appreciate it !

    PUNK OF NICE- I have to admit I was pretty riled up when writing this thread. The ideas and thoughts just kept pouring out of my brain onto the keyboard and I was being very direct. I agree with you Punk- How in the hell could WT leaders even DREAM of being appointed by Jesus when they devalue children and let child molesters travel around to congregations seeking new victims in the " pedophile paradise " at kingdom halls ? It's ludicrous if there wAS a Jesus alive somewhere that he'd even THINK of choosing these WT criminal leaders for anything but being hurled into the " pit of despair " or the alleged Gehenna or whatever they call it. Crazy , isn't it ?

    BUGBEAR- Exactly. The GB's credibility and dignity was reduced years ago, even before this crazy article came out. I don't feel sorry for them one bit- they know what scammed filled information they are dishing out. It's all by design

    P.S. I'll come back a little later tonight or tomorrow morning and reply to pg. 2 and get this thread caught up ! Thanks so much for your great thoughts and observations ! Please keep them coming as I think it's important for newer exiting JW's to SEE and READ our viewpoints as all they've ever had was the JW viewpoint at kingdom halls. Thanks again. Flipper

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    I wonder what my jw brother & sister-in-law really think when they read how high the GB have elevated themselves.

    But they don't answer my letters or phone calls and certainly would not be willing to share their REAL thoughts on the matter with me.

  • clarity

    Hi Flipper ....... thanks for your work to put this forward

    on here for us!


    To hear the GB talking about the new light......well,

    THEY LOVE this IDEA! They said so!


    Have a listen to David Splane at the Stanley Theatre last fall....




    Oh......wait ........IDEA????????

    It's just an IDEA????

    Shouldn't he have said, we love these words from Jehovah,

    given to us by gods holy spirit!


    Splane sure slipped up there! Whoops!


    Data-dog's example of women wanting to have a say

    in their own religion & being chastised & df'd for it.


    Well those big boys in bethel can't have that, omg

    they are so intimidated by strong smart women who

    they consider ball-breakers! hahahaah


    ballbreaker ['b??l?bre?k?]

    n Slang a person, esp a woman, whose character and behaviour may be regarded as threatening a man's sense of power! > Aawwwww gee! And these "men" think they can rule the whole earth...... .....they couldn't find their way out of a paper bag! clarity

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    Thanks Flipper, good shake down. I'll agree, when the FDS applied to all the annointed, we all knew that basically it was the 8-12 men that had control over the presses, but it fit well and was believeable that God was working through the remnant of future kings and priests, no glory seekers in JW land. It makes me wonder now, how many years are we from hearing the WT teach that Brother So-N-So, who is "Closely Identified" with the Governing Body, is really the Faithful and Discrete Slave?

    I was discussing with Brandt Jones a few weeks ago on this same broader subject that 20-30 years ago the WT "truth" fit together even though there were many missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle. However, with the passage of time, the stretch of believability has been increased to the point that the believability factor "snaps" like a guitar string thats been tightened too much.

    For instance, in the 1900's whether the generation teaching applied to worldly people or the annointed, or to 10-15 year olds in 1914 or infants in 1914-1918, it wasn't that big of a deal because you knew a generation could only live for so long, 80 years with diminishing returns. Even after the debacle of 1975, without the "generation" completely deceased it was difficult to doubt with confidence that JW's were absolutely, 100%, incorrect, and full of it. But then the generation gets older and older and eventually the generation so talked about is dead and gone.

    In 1994-95 Watchtower quietly disconnects from the generation teaching saying that the generation cannot necessarily be determined by a certain number of years. However, they still preached and encouraged expectation would come before the end of the millenium. That "evidently" bought them a few more years of still further stretched believability of "well there's a possibility". But this latest asinine "timely spiritual food" from the "Faithful and Discrete Slave" of overlapping generations is just absurd. JUST Unbelievably ABSURD!

    I know for a number of years before waking up to the real truth, I found myself with a wait and see attitude. Carry on, endure, wait and see. Well, I have waited patiently like many others, and feel confident now to whole-heartedly dismiss the teachings and beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses as completly and totally false. JW's basic premise is incorrect, so nothing built upon their castle "paradise of sand" can be true either.

    I think that WT is at the stage of let's "wait and see".... how it slowly implodes. The GB is there own worst enemy. Keep those presses rolling boys, your doing more damage than all the apostates could.

    Thanks Flipper

  • Miss.Fit

    Then in paragraph 10 it states, " Throughout the last days, the anointed brothers who make up the faithful slave HAVE SERVED TOGETHER AT HEADQUARTERS. In recent decades, that slave has been closely identified with the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. " O.K. Now isn't THAT convenient ? Just because they've served at WT headquarters they consider themselves the " faithful slave " ?

    I was discussing the article and the new"understanding" with my JW friend.

    She didn't know what I was talking about. She asked if we read the same article. She had to go home and reread it.

    She told me afterwards that she always assumed that the GB was the FDS class. She couldn't understand why I had a problem with it.

    I think many will feel the same way because they think God is directing the GB. I am uncomfortable with so few having so much power. Who is going to hold them accountable? You are right they just expect us to take their word for it.

    I was taught to always listen to their direction because it was coming from god. I never thought to ask: who says? How do we know?

    I find I am looking at things in a different way and it is scary.


  • flipper

    Been working a lot the last couple days, my apologies for not responding yet. So I'll catch up on pg. 2 & 3 replies today. Thanks for all the great replies !

    DESIGNS- Popes is a good way of describing the GB indeed. They THINK they're popes- in their dreams. Sadly they really DO think they're popes.

    PUNK OF NICE- Exactly. I agree with everything you say. I believe the GB knows full well what they are doing and the scam they are pulling on people as well. Good point you make is that if they REALLY had the answers and the alleged " truth " there would be no reason at all to use cult mind control tactics- but they do use those tactics, so we know that something is up in a dishonest way. As you say they greedily want more money and power and any man, woman, or child who gets in the way has to pay for it by being molested, die of no blood transfusions, or just generally have their entire lives wasted by this 139 year old business corporation masquerading as a religion. Disgusting.

    ST. GEORGE of ENGLAND- I'm afraid you are very correct in your assumption. Most JW's who will study this in their WT study in September will not even notice the things we are discussing in this thread. And for what reason ? They've been manipulated in their minds and mind controlled to be heavily sedated while sitting at meetings and their synapses and nerve endings in their brains are numb and don't think. It's like their brains have been literally hardwired to be shut down and through lack of usage- they cannot assimilate any thoughts outside of WT Society dogma. Hell- They don't even assimilate any WT dogma anymore because they are so used to accepting anything the WT leaders say. And THAT is the dangerous part. If WT leaders said to them, " you need to jump off this cliff in order to pleas " Jehovah " and survive into the paradise " many would do just that ! It's very frightening the insane hold this WT cult has on it's members.

    CALEBS AIRPLANE- That's hilarious. Yeah, I guess the GB didn't get appointed in 1919 or ever really ! LOL !

    CTRWTF- Pretty funny stuff you state ! I guess " sisters " losing their monthly cycle once they are in heaven would assist their judgments and ruling methods while with Jesus once they are resurrected. It sounds like something the WT Society would even put in print in an answer to a question from readers or something. LOL ! Hilarious.

    SOPHIE G- I have felt that for many years now - that the WT Society is just scamming people and perhaps attempting to pull off the greatest, or one of the greatest rip-offs in history of peoples lives while using those lives up selfishly to serve WT leaders and WT shareholders needs and purposes. It's very NAZI of them actually.

    NUMBER 6- I agree- WT Society has lost ALL crediblity. Of course, I don't think they ever had it in the first place, but it's just more OBVIOUS now that they have no credibility because WT leaders are getting more desperate to hang onto their control and power over JW's. It's revealing that the hunger for power among just a few men in the GB and their cronies is escalating. The consolidation of power and control is something that some of us feared here a few years ago on the board and we were talking about it about 5 years ago. WE are seeing it happen right now today at the top of the WT organization. I feel for the rank & file members. They'll either jump off the WT ship, or be assimilated into the lost quagmire of WT madness with no way to escape in their own thinking- anyway.

    JEREMIAH 18:5-10 - Good point. WT Society does try to say there are neither males nor females in heaven. They have an excuse for everything.

    ON THE WAY OUT- Very good point. The trimming down and consolidating of control and power to just 8 men now on the GB indicates WT leaders are tightening the reins of control and perhaps getting ready for something - although I don't know what that something may be. If WT leaders and WT shareholders had something illegal in mind I would think it would be easier to pull it off now with a consolidation of power. Of course- they've done plenty of criminal activities over the years so as long as they hide it from the public and rank & file JW's in order not to call attention to it then WT leaders will be O.K. with it. What freaks they are.

    PARTISAN- Where did you get that quote from ? wow ! Pretty heavy stuff. It sounds exactly like what the WT Society does to JW's and people getting trapped inside the JW cult ! Very interesting. They absolutely destroy people's minds, indeed.

    WASBLIND- Indeed, I agree- in the REAL world the GB would be fired, or laid off for not performing their duties properly. But unfortunately WT Society leaders live in a closed society- a fantasy make believe world.

    WESTIEBILLY11- I'm glad that you are seeing and discovering the lies of the WT Society. I hope you gain your freedom of mind soon and escape from their control ! Good for you. I hear these District conventions are just over the top this year with hateful, controlling statements directed against ex-JW's, calling us " mentally diseased". But when you think about it- who REALLY are the " mentally diseased " ones ? Isn't it the WT Society leaders and the GB who try to control all 7 million Witnesses ?

    TORNAPART- Interesting comparisons you make. Good job. Isn't it weird that Jesus said that HE was the way and the life- yet the GB is saying the SAME, EXACT THING- that no one can gain salvation except through them ? It's insanity at it's worst !

    SAFEATHOME- I agree- it IS frustrating for those of us with JW family still in this cult- but all we can hope is that someday they'll open their eyes and see it for itself as to wHAT the WT organization is REALLY all about. Until then- I'll try to be patient. But you are right- wT leaders KNOW they are pulling a scam and they stoop to psychological weapons of mass mind control tactics in order to dupe, deceive, and control people. It's very sad.

    NUGGET- Good point you make that the GB has conveniently, sneakily slipped this self appointment in to separate them from the other crazies who partake of the emblems. Also good point you bring out that the " belongings " used to be associated with being PEOPLE- not material things - ( I remember that as well as I was raised in the JW's and I remember belongings being called " people " ) - so the GB is detaching itself from having to be responsible for rank & file JW's and just attaching responsibility to itself for basically WT functions is all. It's become in the last 40 years or so a VERY impersonal organization. Interesting. The relationship IS a one way street- with WT leaders controlling the JW slaves.

    BU2B- Yeah, I thought that point was crazy as well- with the GB saying how DELIGHTED Jesus would be to appoint THEM ! It's such a pompous, arrogant statement ! How the hell do THEY know Jesus will be excited or delighted ? If he's alive he's probably pissed off beyond belief that these fools are so arrogant ! Or if he doesn't exist- the GB is just delusional in their PRETEND world using Jesus as another ploy to scam people. I lean towards the latter view. I understand your anger and frustration my friend. I'm right there with you. I have 2 adult daughters still entrapped in this mess. I hope all of our families wake up before they waste their entire lives on a pipedream. We can only hope.

    ILOVETTATT- All we can do like you state is patiently try to assist our JW relatives to see this stuff. And yes, patience is the key. It's only normal that many of us will have anger and we can safely vent that anger here on the board away from our JW relatives, it's one of the many reasons boards like this exist- but I agree it's better nOT to vent the anger to JW relatives as it further shuts their minds to our helping them. If you read Steve Hassans books- he says the same things.

    SAHS- I agree with you that many JW's just cannot see this stuff because they've been so programmed and mind controlled. Thanks for sharing the experience about your parents. I've got JW parents as well and it's like talking to a brick wall sometimes. Good point about slowly helping loved ones see the TTATT as it can cause a lot of uneeded stress otherwise. WT elders are just foaming at the mouth to kick out anybody saying anything different than WT dogma. One reason to be careful in what we say to JW relatives I'll be back to do pg. 3 in awhile.

  • flipper

    O.K. for pg. 3 responses ! Going to reply while I cook breakfast in between !

    VANDERHOVEN- Thanks for supplying the link to the July 15th WT. Appreciate it.

    FACTFINDER- Your welcome. Indeed the arrogance of this new GB is sickening for sure. I'm sure most of my JW relatives who still attend are so mind controlled that they won't even blink an eye at this new information. It's insane.

    CLARITY- Thanks for supplying the link to David Splane telling people he loves this new idea of the GB being the " faithful slave ". Of course they'd love it. Smug self appointed arrogance always gives a person a big head. Now we have 8 GB members with heads so huge- you'd think they're taking steroids. And you are right- GB and WT leaders are SO intimidated by strong, opinionated women it's ridiculous. Barbara Anderson stood up to them, and look at the treatment SHE got ! WT leaders are nothing but a bunch of self serving pussy's in my opinion. A bunch of arrogant, pompous a-holes.

    JAKEM2012- I agree with you that the WT leaders are doing more and more damage themselves by all the changes they are making in the generation doctrines and the " faithful slave " changes that they are shooting themselves in their own foot. By their desperate attempts at consolidating their power and control over rank & file JW's WT leaders end up causing more damage to their credibility in reality. Good points you bring up.

    MISS.FIT- Good points. It's amazing how many JW's just don't question the GB authority on anything . It's very sad how people accept anything WT leaders say without questioning anything. But WT leaders have conditioned people to be this way. In order to control what they think and how they feel. It's criminal really. I'm glad to hear that you are thinking on things differently now and opening your mind up my friend. It's for our own protection and welfare that we do so. Good for you

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this up if some had missed it or wanted to comment. Thanks ! Peace out, mr. Flipper

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