Shocking talk from 2013 District Convention urges parents to shun disfellowshipped children

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  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    It's interesting to re-read the transcript and substitute "Governing Body" or even simply "Brooklyn" every time Jehovah is mentioned.

  • Laika
    Is there any suggestion in the Bible that Jesus would shun anyone?

    Absolutely none Jeffro, Jesus didn't seem to care much about sin at all.

  • Jeffro


    Jeffro, it's called mocking someone.

    Well, yes, I know that. But it was a tad overdone, so the guy just sounded stupid.

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary

    It is time to take the matter into the Highest Court of the country, and get this WT organisation banned! How many youngsters lost their higher education because of their proddings! Now urging the parents to shun them also! WT should be treated like any other terrorists organisation in the world. It only does harm to humanity!

  • cedars


    I think there is a way to link your transcript in Youtube - it helps with SEO and also deaf people can read it.

    Thanks, great suggestion. I've put a link in the description. If you had something more sophisticated in mind, please let me know!


  • besty
  • Jaidubdub

    Thanks Cedars. This has to be one of the most disgusting talks I have ever heard as I have family members who are disfellowshipped. I felt both upset & angry at the same time How dare they cause such divisions within families. And this shunning business does not work. A friend of mine went to a family jw wedding & her df'd cousin was at the ceremony. She was so genuinely happy to see her, that she gave her the biggest hug & talked for a while. Her other sister (married to a co & thinks she's above everyone else) told her off but she told her to get off her high horse & rather than sitting there giving the df'd relative dirty looks, maybe she should try encouraging her by treating her like a person. The df'd relative spoke to a few of her jw relatives that day (there is a lot of jw's that don't go along with the shunning policy) & said how much she missed everyone & has since started coming back to meetings. I hope she doesn't come back...

    Jack Harper & Mrs Harper, I think yr awesome. A close friend of mine was df'd a few years ago. Each time I see his sister, I ask about him & ask her to pass on my love to him as I miss him. She always has years in her eyes when I do that - I would hate to think just how hurtful this talk would be to her whole family.

  • GLTirebiter
    Regarding family members who oppose us, or family members who are disfellowshipped...

    An interesting point there: according to his words, you don't have to be a current or former Witness to be shunned. All that is necessary is to "oppose us", where "us" means the Watchtower Society. I knew that to be true, being a non-witness who married a JW, but this is the first time I have seen them say so in as many words.

    About the "head of household" exception: don't bet on it, that only applies to "necessary familly business". Necesssity is subject to change without notice, at the whim of the ones doing the shunning.

    Thank you Cedars, great work!

  • dissonance_resolved

    The timing and placement of this talk late on Saturday afternoon is no coincidence. By that point, the attendees really are in a state of mass hypnosis and primed to accept just about anything. I noticed this when I attended the DC last month. The speakers all have that exaggerated modulation and enunciation that I've only ever heard at assemblies and conventions and something about it really does affect your mind after a while. All the negative stuff is usually on Saturday and then Sunday afternoon ends up with the feel good items so you leave feeling "encouraged" but the negative messages are still in your subconscious. It's kind of evil actually, especially if that's being done on purpose.

  • Gayle

    dissonance_resolved,, wow,,thank you.. for outlining briefly but so clearly, how the GB utilize modulation and enunciation, and the methodology of their negative "stuff" (or beating up) one day and the next day of with 'feel good' stuff, encouraging stuff (kiss, kiss, hug, hug). This is how an abusive person controls their victims. Their mind control technique in a nutshell. Urghhhh!

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