Role Reversal: Placing 1969 Awake with JW's Manning the New Portable Literature Displays

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  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    This brings me back. I to am around the same age as snapdragon4 and remember like it was yesterday all the hype leading up to 1975. I should have applied myself to better myself with a higher education but was told not to bother as this would take too much time away from the preaching work. I put most of my time and effort into the JW service thing. After when 1975 came and went by with nothing happening I was stuck with a menial job that I hated. Well it is now over forty years and I will be retiring soon from this system that I was not supposed to grow up in. I have also seen my parents age and die and that was also not supposed to happen. Then the WT wonders why some of us have no love loss for their organization.

  • Sammy Jenkis
    Sammy Jenkis

    You're an inspiration!

  • jwfacts

    Here are links to the individual pages:

    Awake 1969 May 15 Cover

    Awake 1969 May 15 Index

    Awake 1969 May 15 Page 14

    Awake 1969 May 15 Page 15

    1969 Awake bound volume

    All Awake magazines prior to 1970 can be downloaded from

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I notice the article steers the kids towards trades. If I know my stuff, I recall even back then a trade took 3-4 years as an apprentice. So how is a trades career different from a professional career? OH that's right, trades don't teach you how to think, only do.

  • GoneAwol

    Thats a great idea! I would love the chance to undo some of the harm i've done from starting studies.

    Just found out from my Dad that our local k hall rents a market stall every 2 weeks. Now my mush is too well known in the northeast, but if anyone wants the times and location, pm me. Id be like shooten fish in a barrill!

  • ABibleStudent

    Thanks jwfacts for the scans and additional resources to locate old WTBTS propaganda.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • processor

    Reminds me of my own experience. Few weeks before I finally left, I talked to an elder who was really a friend of mine, and told him a bit about my thoughts. When I mentioned 1975, he immediately replied: "Have you read something? Something that you should not read?" I then told him: "I don't need apostates to read about 1975. It's on our own Watchtower Library CD!"

  • RayPublisher

    Just for fun I added some yellow highlighting and a small reference to JWFacts at the bottom. I also converted it to a 4 color PNG file and it is a little smaller in size now.

    Full resolution scan:

    Smaller size:

  • besty

    great job ray

  • BU2B

    Dont know how I missed this but GREAT JOB! Bump

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