Role Reversal: Placing 1969 Awake with JW's Manning the New Portable Literature Displays

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  • BluesBrother

    Excellent ! Perhaps we should take a leaf out of their own book using their suggestion to always have tracts handy for informal witnessing. Unfortunately I am trying to lie low and am well known in this town so I have to take care, but when up in the city I should have some copies of the best articles for use with the trollied up dubs. As we have said , they should now be easier to find and WE can be prepared for the conversation....

  • diana netherton
    diana netherton

    So absoultely brilliant!! You made them see that you're not some evil, insane crazy madman, but another fellow human being with feelings just like them. I hope the young girl checks out the site. I would hate for her to wither away as a JW...

  • snapdragon4

    jwfacts: fantastic, but only page 14 appears to be printing, not page 15

  • ABibleStudent

    @ snapdragon4, I was able to print jwfacts' scan using Google Chrome. I did need to select landscape instead of portrait to get it to print better.

    @ jwfacts, Is it possible to include the cover page of the Awake! and table of contents scan in the 1969 Awake! scan that you provided to give the scan a little more credibility? Also, I really like besty's comment to print in the margins that the article is not on the WTBTS's Cd and that is provided by/viewable on

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,


  • sd-7

    Spectacular! Brilliant! Ha ha! Love it! As Blondie often wisely says, hang 'em with their own words. Great job.


  • SAHS

    Excellent strategy! What would be really great is if someone could approach one of those new JW stands and present some specific points, just like you have already done, “snapdragon4,” but with the whole discussion being discreetly filmed with picture and sound (perhaps by another person hiding using a camcorder with a telephoto lens, while the person actually executing the encounter has a high-quality hidden microphone). Afterward, the audio-video footage could be assembled and edited (post-production), and a fairly brief but meaningful clip could be compiled which could then be uploaded to strategic Websites as well as various television media as an interesting little side story.

    Wouldn’t that be awesome if such a little clip could end up going viral on YouTube, or better yet, actually be included in some news feature (such as 20/20, W5, Dateline NBC, or some relevant feature on CNN, Connie Chung, the religious cable channel “Vision TV,” etc.). Just think of all the effective exposure such a strategically-placed little clip could produce on some relevant television feature! That would just be “the cat’s whiskers,” wouldn’t it! Something to think about. I sure hope that somebody can take up the challenge.

  • scotoma

    I still have an old street magazine bag that says Watchtower 5 cents. I feel like making a scan of some old magazines and walking around their display holding up old titles.

  • laverite

    Really wonderful. In those settings, they really are a captive audience. I've tried to ask questions and talk to JWs who come to my door. They are quick to leave. The first hint that you want to talk and they are outta there.

    The last time they did that, I did say to them as they were high tailing it on out that as soon as someone wants to talk to them they leave. I asked what kind of message that sends.

    And, as our dear Outlaw says, the Jehovah's Witnesses are the only people who come to your house and knock on your door to tell you that they can't talk to you.

  • AudeSapere

    Captain Blithering wrote: I'd love to be able to say to the missus "someone asked me on the ministry the other day..... (insert topic of choice)" to get her thinking and give me an excuse to do legitimate research, otherwise she'll just think I'm looking for negatives as she knows I'm a doubter..

    Another variation on that is to get *her* to volunteer and then see if someone from here can go up to her and counter-witness as snapdragon did - with complete respect and kindness.


  • AudeSapere

    Scotoma wrote: I still have an old street magazine bag that says Watchtower 5 cents. I feel like making a scan of some old magazines and walking around their display holding up old titles.

    LOL! Actually made me laugh out loud. I think we used to have one of those over-the-shoulder bags. Too funny. Great image. LOL


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