Role Reversal: Placing 1969 Awake with JW's Manning the New Portable Literature Displays

by snapdragon4 79 Replies latest jw friends

  • problemaddict

    I never considered that since they can't go anywhere, as long as you are respectful and kind, they won't do anything.

    Well done.

  • cofty

    Love it! We should have sermon outlines for reverse witnessing :)

  • Gojira_101

    First off, AWESOME!!!! You did it perfectly and I know sometimes it hard not to take our frustration out on the individual JW, and we have to always remind ourselves who we actually have the problem with...WTBT$ I really hope that young girl will research. You planted that seed.

    Second, I always love how the typical JW says ....although many Witnesses did indeed think that Armageddon was imminent in the 1970’s, at no time did the Watchtower itself put anything in print to that effect. Are you sure about that, I pressed her. Definitely, she said.

    Then they are shocked to find out it's in their own literature. I've been realizing lately that the typical JW doesn't know what is in their own literature.

    I really do hope this young woman will pursue an education and escape! BRAVO!!!!!


  • snapdragon4

    Hi Shyla

    Generally speaking Witnesses are lovely people who have had the misfortune to be deceived by the WBTS, we should treat them with compassion and try to win hearts.

    I truly believe that simply confronting them with the facts in a respectful and kind way will keep the lines of communication open and in time liberate many.


  • designs

    Brilliant, using the classic Awake from 1969.

  • haboob48

    That was amazing! The young one will never "unhear" what she has heard! Great Job!

  • haboob48

    That was amazing! The young one will never "unhear" what she has heard! Great Job!

  • ShirleyW

    I've used that quote from that Awake as well, one brother wrote down the date and page of the article, as well as the quote from a Kingdom Ministry from a while back (don't have it in front of me right now) that says basically the same thing. Well, one only knows if he actually looked it up when he got home.

  • factfinder

    Excellent job snapdragon4!

    It was perfect your compairing how your age and life worked out compared to the fact which that issue of g emphasized!

    They cannot deny that the g said it and you encouraged her to verify it in her own 1969 g bound volume. Very good.

    I find interesting that when you asked her if she had a time frame in mind for when the end would come she replied within 30 years. So she does not believe it will be any day now.

    I was 18 when I first began attending meetings in 1976 and some there told me "you will always be a teenager" because the end was so close.

    I guess most witnesses no longer believe the the end will come any day now.

  • jwfacts

    Had this happened on my doorstep I imagine they would have run a mile. The beauty of this new initiative is that they are a captive audience and other people are watching. ... This really is going to backfire on them. I've noticed the stand appears to be manned by different witnesses each week. I intend to take every opportunity to reverse witness whilst the opportunity affords.

    Interesting observation. I remember as a teenager doing informal Witnessing in a market, and having an apostate speak to me. We had a long chat, and he provided me with one interesting piece of information that I never forgot. He would never have come to my door, or me to his, but he was able to speak to me because of my being conspicuous in public.

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