The President addresses the Nation

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  • designs

    Viola said they would send $$ support, I was curious about that, how much and for how long.

    If George needs a job or wants to start a business he can and if need be he can be anonymous, you could offer he and his wife a job or partner with he and his wife in a joint venture. He will no doubt get a nice Book deal.

    This is not going to destroy the Country, just the opposite is happening, people are talking about the elephant in the room and as our President said in his pubic and heart felt address- we are making progress on race issues in this country and we have a ways to go.

  • Simon

    I think if people were willing to step back, look at things honestly and rationally with an open mind and without the preconceived ideas based on all the emotive language and media propaganda that has gone on for the last 15 months or the prejudices of the past ...

    Most would admit that the justice system has not worked as it should and has been abused. Everyone should be entitled to a fair trial and to fair treatment under the law. That means if you're found not guilty that you walk out a free man and get to continue your life.

    It doesn't mean a mob of people get to send death threats and harrass you and your family forever more. That Zimmerman is unable to work and that his elderly parents have to live in hiding is because of vindictive lies by racists, pure and simple. How can anyone support this? Nothing justifies it. No amount of past suffering excuses it any more than killing a German today is legitimized by what the Nazis did.

    That is not how the system is supposed to work but it's how American seems to operate now.

    If someone doesn't like your political view? Try and ruin them. There are many cases of this from the Dixie Chicks to US Operatives being exposed as retaliation..

    Now it seems to be starting in the justice system too - don't like a verdict? Ignore it! Tell the world you're going to hunt them down and try and rile up enough of a mob that you'll get your way.

    "It won't destroy the country" but only if the systems of justice are maintained and respected. But is that happening?

    The "discussion" is simply not happening. We see it here - any attempt at sensible discussion is fine and then the yobs turn up, start chanting their mantra over and over and insulting anyone who voices objections or attempts to point out the facts.

    People don't want to see evidence, they don't want justice ... they want their turn at forming a lynch mob.

    Did Obama start a discussion or light a fuse and walk away covering his ears? What his words say and what his government does (Holder) seem at odds and not designed to calm the situation down.

    I was optimistic when the verdict was first announced that maybe things would calm down and rationality would prevail but it seems things are now going backwards. Maybe it's just too soon and more time is needed. Right now I'm not hopeful.

  • designs

    Obama started a much needed open public discussion, he has not walked away from the issues of our personal lives or the judicial system and its laws. This is going to work out alright, everybody's talking.

  • Violia

    thanks ohiocowboy, I guess I will use that route. As of yet I have not received a response to my email.

    I feel a thinly veiled threat in how will I donate, cash or check, ie, how much will I donate and for how long.

    people this is the USA and I can help anyone I want and it is none of anyone business how much, check or cash or for how long. Some of you need to take off your Klan robes and hats.

  • designs

    Several of you here brought up that you had the will and desire to give George money, showing how and where, asking about that is not odd or unusual.

    Had George followed the surmise of the 49er's Player on being friendly and congenial that night by introducing himself and offering to help the confrontation that happened may have never occured.

  • Simon
    Had George followed the surmise of the 49er's Player on being friendly and congenial that night by introducing himself and offering to help the confrontation that happened may have never occured.

    I don't think comments like this help because you are effectively saying "it was all 100% GZ's fault" and that is annoying for those of us who have looked at the evidence and followed the trial and believe, as the jury did, that even though GZ may have made some mistakes that night it was largely TMs fault and he did not have the right to take or ruin someone elses life and GZ had the right to defend his own.

    The fact is expressions like this can be applied equally if not more to TM can't they?

    "If Trayvon had been friendly and congenial and introduced himself the confrontation would never have occurred"

    If ... if ... if ... is pointless - if TM hadn't been buying Skittles and Watermellon drink it wouldn't have happened either. We can go back and chose any "if" moment we want to give whatever result we want.

  • designs

    Simon its important for all of use to think through these situations and one person's view on how it could have been handled by the adult in this situation is important because you have a lot of people fantacizing how they to would have shot this teenager, and clearly there are far better ways to handle confrontations.

    Someone offering a friendly way to handle things is welcome advise.

  • Simon

    I haven't seen anyone "fantasizing about how they would have shot TM" (certainly not on this site - please point it out if I've missed it).

    Yes, technically GZ was 'an adult' and TM was 'a child' but I don't think that is really an accurate reflection of reality and it isn't fair in hindsight (was GZ supposed to tell in the dark and rain the exact age of someone under a hoodie?). TM was a big guy and at his age should have knowledge of what is and isn't acceptable behavior. Would a few months difference in TMs age to make him an adult have changed who was right or wrong or what happend? I don't think this would be a fair assumption. Should GZ have asked for ID? No, he wasn't challenging TM and would have been accused if he did. I don't think putting someone in a no-win scenario is entirely fair.

    Yes, in a perfect world, everyone would give a ride to everyone else and it would all be happy. Unfortunately we don't live in a Disney movie but instead live in a world with criminals and evil people. Why was GZ there that night in the first place? Because people like TM were committing burglaries. Maybe the blame should be placed with those people who lead to suspicion and the need for a neighborhood watch? They seem to have got off free in all of this.

    Don't blame the woman who crosses the street to avoid someone she sees as a threat because it hurts someone's feelings - blame the rapists who cause the unease and require her to be careful. Don't blame the people who lock their cars when strangers approach - blame the carjackers and muggers who make people overly suspicious and want to avoid such a fate.

    If we're not careful we'll be blaming victims for everything and offering sympathy and counseling to the criminals for their hurt feelings.

  • sammielee24

    Had George followed the surmise of the 49er's Player on being friendly and congenial that night by introducing himself and offering to help the confrontation that happened may have never occured.


    And that is why this issue just spins.

    Everything is only conjecture without the facts and this was a murder trial.

    You can say that Zimmerman should have done this - someone else can say Martin should have done that.

    You can conjecture that had Zimmerman spoke to Martin that Martin would have responded nicely. Nobody can know that because you are assuming the best of Martin and the worst of Zimmerman. You really don't know if Martin still would have attacked Zimmerman or not regardless of any steps Zimmerman took. So conjecture means nothing.

    The facts of the case are that Martin was attacking Zimmerman who was screaming for help - Martin wouldn't stop - he was shot in self defense.

    That is why he is dead - not because someone got out of their car - because he lost control of himself and attacked another person and would not stop.


  • designs

    Things certainly could have turned out different that night and as the adult with the maturity you learn with life experience George should have handled matters in a different manner. A teen makes rash impulsive decisions, the human brain at that stage has another 7 years of growth ahead of it.

    For all of the 'I'd have shot him to' there is and are better ways. I work with criminals, guys who were in gangs, drug users and dealers, there is and are better ways to rehabilitate people and the younger a person can receive solid help from an adult who cares and is willing to work with these guys the better.

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