The President addresses the Nation

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  • glenster

    PS: if they have a case to determine if TM's civil rights were violated, the
    prosecution will focus on GZ's report, nominal look for TM's whereabouts on the
    other side of the block and halfway back, and confrontation, and claim the motive
    was implicit racism. That's clearer when there's no apparent motive for someone
    to hassle someone of a different race, in this case an African American.

    Defense will say GZ was trained to report someone walking around without appar-
    ent purpose on people's lawns at night in the rain. TM seems to have chosen a
    property on the north side of the block for privacy for a phone call instead of
    his father's back yard to the south. GZ didn't identify by race till asked.

    GZ went to the other side of the block for an address to give the police admit-
    ting he was still curious where TM went. But he's recorded as wanting the police
    to handle it.

    If we look for an extra motive for GZ's look for TM's whereabouts, the most ap-
    parent choice would be TM's stare-down, confirmed by Jeantel as unfriendly.
    TM's insensitive remark to her about someone of another ethnicity wasn't years
    ago but during the event in question. GZ started saying there's something off
    about TM, he was acting like an a**hole--a tough guy--a punk, a reaction someone
    of the same race would likely have, when TM acted territorial about an area that
    wasn't his territory with his stare-down and confrontational approach. GZ's
    reaction indicates that made TM seem to be acting oddly even more to him.

    GZ claims to have given up determining TM's whereabouts and was returning to
    his truck when TM appeared. Jeantel has TM claim GZ was following him, but even
    if we open up the possibilities of the paths of the two men TM could have been
    home or mostly there instead of no farther south by this time if he wanted to be.

    The one who made the initial insensitive comment or got physical first are un-
    certain. We're more sure of events once we have TM using his knees to pin GZ's
    arms to the ground while punching his face.

    Prosecution will have to show there was no apparent reasonable motive for the
    report or look on the parallel street, then make a case that, beyond a doubt,
    racism is left as the ulterior motive. Such things happen, and it's important
    we try to diminish how often, but I don't know how the prosecution expects to win
    their case with these people as the examples.

    Another bunch of money will be spent for the protesters, Sharpton, Jackson,
    etc., who won't get what they want again, get upset again, and we'll foot the
    bill again.

  • sammielee24

    I don't buy the 'slavery hundreds of years ago' argument because many are ignorant of the past and facts of history.


    I agree with that - I believe there are many other underlying issues at hand.

  • sammielee24

    Whether "the people" are ignorant of the law or just don't care, president Obama knows the people protesting this case are trying to get the government to break its own laws. That's exactly what would be the case if the government charged Zimmerman with a hate crime.


    LOL..Nicely put. Of course that's the truth - if Al Sharpton and the NAACP can find a way to file a 'thought crime' get away with charging Zimmerman again, then they will declare double jeopardy to be null and void in this case. That's what they are trying to do. Circumvent the law. So far it isn't working from a legal standpoint because if the USA heads down that road, the law has been blown up and that phrase 'we are a nation of laws' longer exists. It will be replaced with 'thought crimes'...with supporting evidence becoming what someone else 'think's' and not what can be proven. sw

  • sammielee24

    You have no history. Asians and Irish and Jews had a history that they carried with them. If they didn't have it then there was another IRISH guy who did. They all spoke the same language. Same with most Asians, they had a past. With Africans that was wiped away when they were seperated from their families. They lost languages and cultures and history and background. Without those things you are whatever others tell you that you are.


    That is not necessarily true at all.

    You DO have a history. You have about as much as half the worlds population. In no way can you compare the histories of some countries with others and relate that to how you behave today - how you behave today is a choice regardless of 400 years past. The majority of African peoples had no written history and so regardless of whether or not you wanted to know your family lineage - like many others, it simply doesn't exist in any records. You also do not understand your history if you believe that you would have had today, some lineage to fall back on within your tribe - if you were one of the unlucky ones captured by another tribe and enslaved and then sold to another tribe or the slave traders, you history would have died through those means just as easily. This same thing was not uncommon in warring tribes in the Americas either - nor in any of the white tribes in all the lands such as Viking, Normans, Saxons, Franks.

    Your past if you so choose to embrace it, if it rests in part or whole in Africa, is in learing the history of that country and the people who lived there. Your culture if you choose to embrace it, whatever it may be, rests in your hands - in your choice of learning about it and passing it on to your children. Never in time has it been so easy to find your tribal history - if not of a family - of an country. Tribal is not referenced only to Africans but all people in the world.

    My husband descends from the slaves captured by the Portuguese and sold to the Dutch and although we know their slave names, we will never know their birth names. The best way to honor those ancestors, is to understand their history and to understand that what happened to them, happened to others of various colors and cultures every step of the way throughout time. It is to embrace and learn your own history and while on that journey, learn about the history of those same unfortunate people who just because they were not black, suffered every bit as much. A slave has no power regardless of color - he is bought and sold for profit by those that CAN. Those that CAN are not just white. His history also lies in the displacement of the Indians throughout the USA - even less ability to find those ancestors. Again, embrace what you know and don't use it as an excuse for what you think you have lost.

    I have worked with people in finding their histories - you may take the stance that you have lost all from the actions taken against your family through slavery hundreds of years ago - but for those Home Children from England who were shipped off at 4 years of age in 1900, for the Germans froze to death on Siberian death trains, for Jews wiped out in extermination - the history is even younger and just as painful.

    To believe you have it worse, to rationalize that belief and to take it as the cause for actions today is a choice. It is not 'whites' who are the enemy. It is power, greed, politics and wealth. Instead of Al Sharpton calling people to action and blaming 'whitey'...instead of Obama giving a pretty speech to make people feel he is 'one of them' about turning inward and looking at how you become part of a great society, look at the suffering of all the people instead of just your own and understanding that the Al Sharptons aren't working for you - they work against you. Racism and prejudice isn't going away - but how much of the sterotype do we create and how much do we buy into because we choose to remain ignorant of our history? sammieswife

  • sammielee24

    Maybe have them all shipped back to africa


    Lincoln thought about it.


    Liberia Listen i / l a? ' b ??r i ? / , officially the Republic of Liberia, is a country in West Africa bordered by Sierra Leone to its west, Guineato its north and Côte d'Ivoire to its east. It covers an area of 111,369 km 2 (43,000 sq mi) and is home to about 3.7 million people.English is the official language and over thirty indigenous languages are also spoken within the country. Its coastline is composed mostly of mangroves, while its more sparsely populated inland consists of forests opening onto a plateau of drier grasslands. The climate is hot and equatorial, with significant rainfall during the May–October rainy season and harsh harmattan winds the remainder of the year. The country possesses about forty percent of the remaining Upper Guinean rainforest. Liberia is the only country inAfrica rooted in U.S. colonization. Beginning in 1820, the region was colonized by blacks from the United States, most of whom were freed slaves. These immigrants established a new country with the help of the American Colonization Society, a private organization which believed that former slaves would have greater freedom and equality in Africa. African captives freed from slave ships were also sent there instead of being repatriated to their countries of origin. In 1847, this new country became the Republic of Liberia, establishing a government modeled on that of the United States and naming its capital city Monrovia after James Monroe, the fifth president of the United States and a prominent supporter of the colonization. The colonists, known as Americo-Liberians, led the political and economic sectors of the country.

    The country began to modernize in the 1940s following investment by the United States during World War II and economic liberalization under President William Tubman. Liberia was a founding member of the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity. A military coup overthrew the Americo-Liberian leadership in 1980, marking the beginning of political and economic instability and two successive civil wars that left approximately 250,000 people dead and devastated the country's economy. A peace agreement in 2003 led to democratic elections in 2005. Today, Liberia is recovering from the lingering effects of the civil wars and their consequent economic upheaval, although about 85% of the population continue to live below the international poverty line.

  • glenster

    Thought crime:

    Wrong. Thinkcrime in 1984 was when it was determined, often by telescreens, that
    someone had a criminal thought against the gov't. This would be to think that
    someone else has a criminal thought with no more evidence than the thought of the
    thought, I think, which is a forced thought of imaginable thoughts because it
    either wasn't thought through or they were through with the thoughtful and would
    rather be thought well of by the thoughtless who think they know what you think
    but they don't know.

  • sammielee24

    Segregation was applied to and affected black / African Americans more than other races. Attrocities such as lynchings were targetted specifically at them.


    This is true most especially in the South but people forget why some of it fostered.

    The need for labor on the plantations meant for the owner, the cheapest way of getting that labor while maximizing profits. When white slavery was abolished, it meant that another source of cheap labor had to be found. It was - in the black slave trade. An owner could buy a black slave and then not only use him as 'free' labor but include him as an asset on his balance sheet. Thus if you had 1000 black slaves you bought at a lower price, his value increased and substantially if you bred and sold the kind of slave of the kind of color desired in the market place. Those 1000 slaves might now make your assets worth 100x as much as your original investment. Nasty business but that was it.

    Now, that meant that any poor white person who might have had a job working in the fields for a pittance - often the difference between survival and starvation and misery - could no longer find that work because the exploitation of the black slaves meant the whites were often reduced to a standard of living worse than many a well cared for slave. There was no value in a poor white person. And so we see how the seeds of hate began being misplaced - see a common factor today when we have 20 million Mexicans climbing over the border so that companies can profit from that cheap labor. We just don't see it as being the same but he underpinings are very much real.

    When the civil war began, those poor white 'trash' as they could be called - were ordered up to fight for a war to 'free' the slaves that were used by the wealthy and/or landowners.

    The landowners and wealthy and politicians didn't want the slaves to be freed because that was their power and wealth. Their power and wealth declined after the war as they had no money or land left, crippled, poor, abused by their country - now you compound the feelings.

    It isn't hard to see where injustice starts - and how it happens - it stems from the top down. sammieswife

  • sammielee24

    Thinkcrime in 1984


    Orwell. sw

  • Simon

    I think the arguments for being mistreated and harassed causing resentment make sense, but as a justifiable cause of crime and violence i think they break down.

    It assumes a population of white people victimising a minority.

    And yet the worst places with the highest rates of crime and violence appear to be predominently black areas.

    In fact, the blacker an area the worse the stats seem to become and it includes places with black officials in government, law enforcement etc...

    Are people saying that these are still caused by racism?

  • wasblind

    the laws and descrimination, even the signs, were against 'non whites'. It included chinese, indian, jews, asians and latinos and not just blacks. I think if it did they would have said 'no negroes'. Most attention is obviously given to blacks - possibly because it was more clear-cut than less-dark races.

    Descrimination isn't exclusive to blacks.

    So why aren't jewish, asian and chinese people talking about it? I'm sure it's not just 'poor PR'____Simon

    True, However, There were laws specifically geered that had Blacks only in mind

    at the time it was written. They were called " Black Codes "

    Laws were even added to the Constitution after the emancipation

    to be able to re-enslave free men who could'nt find work and arrest them

    for vagrancy. which once again they became free labor for those in charge

    It would be foolish to hire a man when you can get him for free when he's arrested

    then he could once again work the fields or where ever he's needed for free

    The Thirteenth admendment again, written solely wit' Blacks in mind now allowed anyone of any race

    to be arrested for vagrancy . The PR that you speak of Simon, is the disparity that people see

    if you happen to be Black

    Times may have changed, and tactics too

    but the out come is still the same .

    Especially if we refuse to see what's still lies in front of us

    I don't buy the ' Slavery of a hundred years ago ' argument because many are ignorant of the past and facts of history


    I agree with that. I believe there are many underlying issues at hand______Sammieswife

    Hello Sammie

    Yes there are many underlyin' issues but I disagree wit' the comment above

    Public schools only teach a clean version of historical facts of slavery

    and wit' good reason

    But many black people are taught things about their own history

    from their own ancestors, past down from one generation to the next

    As I read through several thread topics I even seen where one poster

    wrote that Obama Mom was white and his grandma who raised him was white

    and I guess this poster was trynna say that Obama had a good education

    because his mom and grandma put value in education

    And Blacks don't ????

    I would like to say, that Blacks have been taught that education

    was the key to a better life. We too put value in education

    My grand father was illiterate, My grandmother had only a third grade education

    My mom had to drop out in the 9th grade to help pay off the morgage

    on the family farm that paid for her surgery

    Several of my first cousins attended historically Black colleges

    Instsitutted by other blacks who like Obamas Mom and grand mother

    valued education

    As for myself, I completed high school and went straight

    to work. And made a comfortable life for myself I must say

    My daughter, is a college graduate who also studied abroad

    She now earns much more than I ever did . I think that's great

    her first time out and leaves her room to grow

    I may be what many might call a Dumb country hick

    but I do know the history of my ancestors and will do my best

    not to repeat it

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