1969 "fact": You will never grow old in this present system of things

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  • sowhatnow

    wow this is funny this should come back up front, i was just saying to my husband yesterday, that when they were doing the whole 1975 thing

    the assembly hall in pittsburgh was being built and i was there on site, now you know that was in the planning for years, and there were two brand new kingdom halls also built in the mid 70's, so the society KNEW there was no 1975 thing, but used it to fear monger an manipulate.

    as they continue to do

  • jookbeard

    anychance of the original scan of that 1969 Awake?

  • Ding

    I bumped this thread to the top because few JWs today remember that the WT taught this as truth. A person who was 16 when it was published would be 68 today.

    Yet JWs today are still relying on the prophetic pronouncements of the self-proclaimed "faithful and discreet slave" for their "spiritual food at the proper time."

  • FFGhost

    I've always wondered if this article was the reason why the WT arbitrarily picked 1970 as the oldest Awake available on WT-CD and now WOL (online library). There's no reason to pick "1970" vs. "1960" or "1950" or "1922" other than they want to obscure their weirdest or most damaging old teachings.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I think this is one of their worst false prophecies.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I remember those times (I was 8 in '69), and can vouch for the fact that this mentality was the prevailing attitude and belief of the Witnesses at the time. Virtually everyone believed it. Assembly talks, Circuit Servant talks, all of it pounded the ideas in; most of it never ended up in print. Fortunately a few things were printed (like this Awake article) or otherwise recorded so we have some proof of what was taught.

  • LongHairGal


    I’m glad this was bumped up because there are many JWs and ex-JWs who are suffering today in their senior years because of this teaching and who must feel bitterly about this!

    I wasn’t yet in the JW religion in 1969. I was a teenager headed for the workforce. When I did make the fateful mistake some years later of entering a hall, there was never a whisper of this (or the 1975 fiasco). Thankfully, I resisted all their efforts to get me to give up my job or I wouldn’t be Retired today..Meanwhile, all the hypocritical older people in the congregation pushing poverty for some young person were collecting THEIR pensions at the time!

    So, yes, this 1969 article is one of the most damaging teachings of the JW religion. No wonder they wouldn’t want to highlight it.

  • Rocketman123

    The Watchtower Corporation publishing house (JWorg) is a fear mongering publishing institution.

    One has to keep in mind the WTS has been doing that since late 1800's in announcing that Christ was returning in 1874.

    The 1975 date was calculating by using so called mankind's existence of 6000 years and they even said October just to make look all valid.

    Lying corruption covered over with a face of pretentious preaching is what the WTS/JWS has been about and pretty much still is, an organization of lies and false prophecy mostly created to proliferate literature and to cultivate money and power for a few self avowed men.

    ..........and that is " The Truth "


  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    Ffghost, definitely.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Im almost 43 (though unlike most my age I refuse to grow old and have the heart of a teen. However I was born in 78.... In 1969 a child born would be 52.. This is sad. In the 1980s the doctrine of JWs was semi-believable. The Live Forever Book I still find interesting for it's brainwashing tactics. But after Fred Franz died the WT is F**ded up.

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