1969 "fact": You will never grow old in this present system of things

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  • Phizzy

    I'm not sure if this old guy's memory is correct, but was that not the quote that said the End would come " in this Twentieth Century" in the actual Magazine Article, and then the Org craftily changed the wording in the Bound Volume version ??

  • Rivergang

    I remember that one like it was yesterday (I was 14 in 1969).

    The bloody bastards!

  • Magnum

    Phizzy, you're thinking of the 1-1-89 Watchtower study article that indicated that the preaching work would end in the 20th century. The wording was changed in the bound volume from something like "in the twentieth century" to something like "in our day". [going from memory, so, somebody please correct any of that that needs correcting]

    It seems that fewer JWs & exJWs realize that there is an earlier (1971), more profound statement that was not changed (as far as I know).

  • Rocketman123

    The Watchtower Corporation with its adjoined subservient members the JWS are the epitome of apostasy in are modern era.

    They are also false religion, false prophets warned about listening to and following in the bible itself.

  • zooooooo

    I think this can be called garbage.

    I also think that it affected people who had faith in God and his word more than those who had weak faith, their lives were adversely affected. At least some I know were.

    After the history, 1914, 1925, etc., to me, I have to wonder how on earth they could have printed it.

    Reading these quotes makes me feel sick and disgusted.

  • Magnum
    zooooooo: I also think that it affected people who had faith in God and his word more than those who had weak faith, their lives were adversely affected

    I think that, too. I'm one who really believed it (though I always had nagging questions/doubts). I was ripe for the picking because I love justice, I am horrified by the suffering of sentient beings, I love the earth and want to see it protected, etc. Therefore, I gave the religion my all, not making any preparations for the future, etc. I have no retirement prospects and starting tomorrow at over 60 yrs old, I will be working two jobs - seven days a week. I will work out of town (about four hrs away) Mon-Fri full-time and then come on the weekends and work full days Sat & Sun in a neighboring city. Both jobs are difficult - both mentally & physically demanding. I have virtually no life.

    Thank you governing body. I'm so blessed for having been a JW. The pioneer work was such a great blessing. I'm so glad I did it. ----NOT

  • Rocketman123

    Sorry Magnum that you got so immersed into the WTS and its corruption.

    One thing that's worth noting is the GB men who run this organization have got a permanent life time job which guarantees them health and welfare, travel around the world and treated like a celebrities signing books and bibles.

    They also have their hands on billions of dollars in assets the WTS/JWorg. holds.

    Do you think there aren't men in the organization that wouldn't like to get that position ?

    Do you think these men (GB) are not going to try to keep the position active to themselves ?.

    All they have to do is sit their office and regurgitate what has built up the organization in the past, possibly revising things a little, its all there for them scripted out.

    The answer to those questions should be obvious.

  • zooooooo

    "Therefore, I gave the religion my all, not making any preparations for the future, etc"

    I don't like to quote from the Watchtower. However, I feel that your comment above was probably due to your faith.

    Watchtower September 1st 1969 page 532.

    'Jehovah has made many promises of things yet to occur, One may hope that such things will come to pass, but such expression may only be a whimsical wish, not real faith. Faith is more than just an expectation. It is expectation that is assured to such a degree that it is able to support , uphold and guarantee that what is hoped for will become a reality. This is the meaning of hypostasis, a word common in ancient papyrus business documents in reference to guarantees placed on the transactions.
    ...Substantially the words [hy.po’sta.sis and e’leg.khos] mean that faith gives to things future, which as yet are only hoped for, all the reality of actual present existence,; and irresistibly convinces us of the reality of things unseen and brings us into their presence.” The Expositor’s Greek Testament, Vol.IV page 352. ( the italics are in the Watchtower)

    Watchtower July 15th 1961 page 423

    ‘And since faith is also “the assured expectation of things hoped for,” it follows that we must also have knowledge of what are the things we may and should hope for. Again, God’s Word provides us with the needed knowledge. It assures us that paradisiac conditions will be restored to this earth, and that on a world-wide scale, and that this restoration work can be expected to begin within the present generation.’

  • SouthCentral

    Great post!!!!

    What’s crazy is how sooooooo many witnesses from 30 years ago still believe this. Most of my old friends are on FB and they can tell that I’m inactive from my post. When we had contact at funerals the FIRST thing that they would say is; “U Know We are close to the end!!!!!!”

    I’d just smile or hummn and keep it movin.

    Can you believe this? I wonder if they really believe this BS!

    Again great post!

  • Phizzy

    " Phizzy, you're thinking of the 1-1-89 Watchtower study article " Yes I'm sure you are right, I have a feeling I have a Copy of the original Mag stashed somewhere ! If I have, I shall keep it !

    Thanks for that quote from the "Nations Shall Know" book, most damning.

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