"The organisation is imperfect, but it doesn't affect my relationship with Jehovah"

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  • steve2
    • Every few years, Witnesses in good standing claim the organization is still of God, but has gone astray. This is not new - these strange apologetics have happened countless times across decades.
    • those proposing this view, believe their role is to assist in the fulfillment of "scripture" and their job is to be a champion for helping restore the "truth".
    • if Christendom were ever seen to adopt this excuse-ridden view of the "truth", JWs would seize upon the ardent hyocrisy of it all; that is, it speaks to the myopic caliber of people intent on defending double standards.
    • once humans develop heart-felt connections to a perceived "truth", it is easier to make allowances for the hypocrisy of those who claimlto possess the truth, rather than face up to the psinful realization that they were fooled by the delusional claims.
    • the organization simply mirrors on a small scale the pandering to man-made teachings endemic to Christendom.
    • Under these far-too-familiar circumstances, believers' need to keep believing no matter what becomes a tiresome spectacle to behold.
    • there is nothing new under the sun. Delusion is delusion is delusion, no matter how well argued.
  • RoyalFlushPhil

    What's scary is after reading the historical truth about the Watchtower Organization and it's origins some are debating it became corrupted as if it was once uncorrupted. What's the standard we are using making claims this religion is superior to any other religion since each group of Christians can make certain doctrines the Watchtower teaches as original look invalid through their scholarly articles on subjects dealing with the Bible.

    Jehovah's Witnesses and The Bible Students never had the Truth, it's a indisputably fact! The Bible said in "In the Last Days" God would gather people together and learn about him in truth, not error, false prophecy, ruined lives and money grabbing plus Idolatry of the Governing Body who threw Jesus Christ out of their Organization by attacking anyone who uses his name more than the Governing Body or "The Organization". Jehovah's Witnesses writing for the Watchtower are now equating the Governing Body as Jehovah and "when you obey the Governing Body, your obeying Jehovah or it's the same as obeying Jehovah!"

    When the Eastern European Jehovah's Witnesses finally made contact after two decades of religious oppression they were shocked by the twisted truths and bedfellow of the UN and Governments the Watchtower USA became, Romania and many other East European JWs Excommunicated the United States Governing Body for Apostasy! They teach the United States Organization is the "Unfaithful Evil Slave", so confusion is nothing new among people of follow a group of glory seeking Pharisees looking for new converts to make "twice as worthy for Hell!".

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Very good post ALIVE!

    I no longer identify/regard myself as a J.W.

    I'm a Christian who does not commit to the practices of a real estate corporation which fronts as a religion and corrupts scriptural teachings - not to mention the protecting of paedophiles!

  • RoyalFlushPhil

    kaik, if you watched the May Monthly JW Broadcast they used the name of Jesus only to bring up how he pointed to a widow that gave her last few coins. This was 33 minutes in to their broadcast, I counted Stephen Lett saying Jesus once and that was not to praise him or mention his glorious position in Heaven. JWs worship Jehovah's Organization because that's all this video talked about, they despise Jesus Christ while reading any book in the New Testament you can't go through a chapter without Jesus being mentioned.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are not Christians, to many of it's members he is a inconvenient truth, we have members here on JWN that started using the name of Jesus Christ only to have the Elders started talking to them, Witnesses begin watching and marking them for obeying the Bible. The Apostles prayed to Jesus Christ, the ancient Church Father's have prayers to Jesus written down, where does Jesus Christ find a role in a religion that's so hung on showing off it's worldly works and iconic buildings and bragging titles?

    Jehovah's Witnesses preach a false gospel (Galatians 1-2), they are anti-Christs running around pretending to give Jesus his dues but their lives don't reflect they belong to Jesus Christ. JWs are the most confused religion because their believers don't know what they teach and members who lost touch with them over five years would come back to a entire new religion. No other religion has done more 180s on Bible interpretation and epistemology than the Watchtower, even the Mormons stopped their madness decades ago while the avid JW looks forward to how the Governing Body's writers are going to throw a wrench in their current dogmas!

    Searcher, I have a great video on the historical Jesus Christ, it's the best one to date I've come across, new material I did not know!

  • notsurewheretogo

    But the organisation cannot be imperfect IF God or Holy Spirit is directing it.

    Yes, individuals within the organisation are imperfect but when the GB comes together as that group of men and IF Holy Spirit is directing them then the GB, and in turn the Organisation, CAN NEVER EVER BE WRONG UNLESS God is wrong.

    The Holy Spirit would overshadow and cover the imperfections much like it supposedly covered over the imperfections in Mary's egg for Jesus to be born perfect.

    If the Organisation does get it wrong and a JW says that Jehoover adjusts at a later date then how could anyone put their full trust and be obedient to what they say? How could they ever trust with their lives ie the Blood doctrine IF the organisation is imperfect and Jehoover makes them see new light to adjust them at a later date?

    I'm sorry but logic in this arguement always wins...it's just the JW never sees the logic.

  • Vidiot

    RoyalFlushPhil - "What's scary is after reading the historical truth about the Watchtower Organization and it's origins some are debating it became corrupted as if it was once uncorrupted."

    Waking up is a process; this particular stage was part of mine.

    Don't worry too much about it... it's not much of a stretch to go from "they had it once but lost it" to "they probably never had it".

  • Oubliette

    To the point of the OP:

    That's fine, but it SHOULD affect your relationship with the organization.

    Since the people running it are clearly a bunch of "imperfect" men that just as clearly have made, are making and will continue to make mistakes, then we don't need to be so worried about "obeying" every little thing they say. In fact, we don't have to worry about pretty much anything they say.

    So relax. Get an education. Take that better job. Save for your retirement. Heck, wear colored socks and tight pants if you want. I don't even care if you wear Spanx in public.

    It's your life. Live it.

    And don't forget: It's a cult!

  • Fernando

    Hey brother Jeramy

    Personally I would encourage you to take another look at what you wrote:

    "wholeheartedly devoted disciples of Christ with a mission to proclaim the Good News".

    When did you ever hear anyone in the Watchtower proclaim the Good News according to Paul at the doors?

    Could it be true that more than half the NWT bible's references to "good news" are by Paul?

  • done4good

    This is a good thread.

    Watcher, Close the Door, Jeramy:

    I understand where you all are coming from. Several years ago, I was where you are today to some extent. None of you would even be here, if you thought 100% obedience to the GB was necessary to be a JW. None of you obviously think that way, at this point in your lives.

    This is where things may get a bit harder, however. As you begin to question the veracity of the GB's teachings, and management style, at some point you need to ask, "If this is the truth, where did it all go wrong then?". What about that "light that gets brighter"? The GB taught you to judge other religions as "false", and their leaders as "corrupt". How do you know that the one you are still choosing to follow is not equally corrupt, just different?

    These are tough questions that you will need to ask, and there will be many more along the way. If you keep an open mind, you will find some of the answers initially disturbing. Try to understand what cognitive dissonance is, because this is what will prevent you from logically drawing the correct conclusions, and resorting to rationalizing your particular "understanding" of things. Also, don't expect to have all of the answers immediately. Try to become comfortable with the fact you are learning. Learning is good, always.


  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Brother Jeramy, a Catholic can use similar reasoning as you to defend being a Catholic. But of course we all know that JWs will say the Catholic church is false. How is it that JWs always use special pleading to defend their religion as true despite its obvious failings, but are quick to indict all other religions as false even for the most minor errors? JWs are hypocrites!

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