"The organisation is imperfect, but it doesn't affect my relationship with Jehovah"

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  • Alive!

    I've noted active, devoted JW's state the above.

    And, it's not a problem for me to remain trusting of God, I just don't trust religions or men.

    Recently, a member of this forum stated that he remains an active JW, in the family of God's people, wanting to encourage and do good - whilst recognising that the pastoral leaders (the GB) have shipwrecked the faith of many, being unsound scripturally etc, etc.

    Stop and think about this - the bible says to not follow after those who lie and hurt the faith of "little ones".

    The Pharisees were accused of traversing over lands and expending much energy to make a single convert - only for that convert to end up worse of than he started off with.

    It's one thing to not believe this is the 'truth' and feeling the awful pressure of managing ones life, trying not to lose ones family.

    It's quite another thing to declare oneself to be a Christian believer of God's JW household, and somehow believe the God of love would use corrupt liars to parade as Jesus' brothers in the urgency of last days. Really? And, to then visibly promote faith in corrupt men, and try to bring converts into a place where the rulership is wrong.

    Some of us are dying from hurt here.......give me a break.

  • CloseTheDoor

    It is understandable what you say Alive. Some have various reasons for remaining in the Org, including myself. Some actually do believe it is "God's household", some don't. Some believe the teachings, but don't participate in the practices.

    For a different view, an active Witness maintains this website, which he believes the Governing Body is the evil slave, and that JW's make up part of the "household of God." http://perimeno.ca/ Lots of articles in defense of some core teachings, but against the GB.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Good link thanks C T D !

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Made a mistake. Please ignore.

  • Alive!

    I have briefly read at this website.

    So, sticking with the wicked, confusing lies of false prophets makes one obedient to Jehovah?

    Does Jehovah wish for me to preach lies to people? To make a fool of God?

    This is meant to be a time like no other - not comparable to former times.

    I'm sick to the heart of having spread false prophecy, unscriptural doctrine and spending energy enticing people to NOT follow our Father, but men.

    The so called GB have been proven false since inception - from their pyramids and other craziness to today. Should I or you let these men guide me? Or worse still take out and publish their lies to others?

  • DesirousOfChange

    It's quite another thing to declare oneself to be a Christian believer of God's JW household, and somehow believe the God of love would use corrupt liars to parade as Jesus' brothers in the urgency of last days. Really?

    Jehovah allowed wicked Kings and Priests in ancient Israel, and yet.......it was His group of chosen people.

    Is that any different today? Are we seeing Wicked Leaders in God's Organization? And yet, isn't he still using it to direct His people?

    The question to ask is: When the wicked Israelite King & Priest were promoting Baal worship, did Elijah support following them? Were the Israelites who offered their children to Baal (Jer 19:5) blessed by Jehovah for following the direction of His wicked (tho appointed) Kings & Priests?

    What are we to do today if we are disturbed by actions of those "appointed" in God's Organization?

    Follow without question? The 11/15/2013 WT says: YES.

    But what happened to the Baal worshipers in the days of Elijah?


  • JamesThomas
    When people surrender their life to a primitive tribal deity created by ignorant sheep herders thousands of years ago, don't expect any sane activity to follow.
  • FayeDunaway

    People who cling to the 'idea' of the witnesses but admit that the GB is misguided or 'imperfect' may really just be sentimental and are trying to still make it work for themselves without moving on with their lives. They are stuck in their own living state of Limbo, always wishing for the way things used to be...instead of moving on and researching completely the tangled web of witness beliefs.

    also theyve been taught there's nowhere else to go.

  • Alive!

    I just don't understand how a JW 'believer' can make so many excuses for 'God's Organisation'.

    I'm no-one. Unlike the Israelites and the Christians of the first century, I've never witnessed a supernatural miracle, I have only a book of words that a group of men have interpreted for me. I trusted them.

    Having watched the May broadcast - I can totally forgive and overlook Lett's odd presentation in his gestures etc - but his words? That's not weak imperfection, it was deliberate and coercive. As is the general voice of the JW publications.

    How can anyone overlook this stuff? Sorry! Just venting. Going through some difficult processes and probably not handling it well.

    Every now and then, I think how well I'm managing, then I crash.

    It's the grief - the grief of loss re trust in my ability to know the truth.

    What does that make me? That I converted and followed them for so long - it all felt so wonderful. I refused to be stumbled by the actions of witnesses towards each other, I took it all on board.

    What killed my faith in 'God's ONLY organisation' was the GB.

    Since fading, I've learnt the truth of how badly those who leave are spoken of, the duplicity, the flakiness.

    I hate it. I just have to try and separate my hatred of the lies from hatred of myself for believing it all.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    When a JW says:

    "The organisation is imperfect, but it doesn't affect my relationship with Jehovah"

    You simply respond by saying:

    "Exactly! The organization is imperfect and it doesn't affect my relationship with Jehovah. I'm glad to see that you finally understand where I'm coming from!"

    The idiotic reasoning behind the original JW quote is that one should continue "serving Jehovah" even if the organization fails to live up to what is expected of it. But get this: by "serving Jehovah", what they really mean is blindly serving the corrupt organization that doesn't measure up to what it professes to be, because they equate "serving Jehovah" with being in the organization. So in reality, the JW quote is actually a ridiculous self-contradiction where they simultaneously separate Jehovah from the organization while also equating the two ... all in one sentence! It's as if they're really saying:

    "The organization is imperfect, but it doesn't affect my relationship with the organization. So even if the organization should fail you, you should not let that stop you from being loyal to the organization because surely the organization will not fail you even if the organization fails you."

    Their thinking is so twisted. They're nuts and they're too indoctrinated to see it!

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