"The organisation is imperfect, but it doesn't affect my relationship with Jehovah"

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  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    That's the first thing that come out the mouth of A JW today,

    "the organization is imperfect but it's the best thing out there".

    When I got baptized I was told it was perfect..

  • FayeDunaway

    Alive! Don't feel bad or stupid or down on yourself. You are stronger and smarter than most. That is nothing to feel bad about!! Yes you believed it for a while, but these guys are master manipulators. Look how many people haven't woken up, but you have. Love yourself, and live.

  • OrphanCrow
    "The organization is imperfect, but it doesn't affect my relationship with the organization."

    I have heard that statement from JWs. I think it is one of the most pompous, self-centered, egotistical statements that they make. It makes me want to scream when they say it.

    In other words, what they really are saying is, "Oh yeah...all those guys...the sinners...but, not me! No, no no! My relationship with the Mighty One is perrrfect. So...I am perrrrfect too!"

    Accompanied by either a) a smirk of self satisfaction...or b) sad little eyes for all those sinners who are the imperfect men in the organization...or c) righteous indignation (flared nostrils and raised eyebrows).

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    The organization is imperfect...

    That is how I feel. JW"s helped me to be friends with Jehovah and Jesus.

    The more incomprehensible the JW's get, the more I focus on my friendship with Jehovah and Jesus.

    It's working for me.

  • CloseTheDoor

    When I was young, a relative told me that when I see things go wrong, and not get corrected in a humble manner within the organization, and when those in leadership start becoming slave masters wanting people to notice their works, then I should look to Jehovah and Jesus.

    When I dropped my rose colored glasses, I began to see that my relative's words were wise and made more sense then than they did back when first stated.

    I was born in the Org., so it took longer for me to see things as they really were. I am still active. I don't have faith in the leadership as I did when I was a kid many years ago.

    Because they hated knowledge, and they did not choose to fear Jehovah. They refused my advice; they disrespected all my reproof. So they will bear the consequences of their way, and they will be glutted with their own counsel. (Proverbs 1:29-31)

  • Alive!

    Watcher and CloseTheDoor.

    How do you think what 'works for you' will work for honest people of today?

    The JW religion is not just about quiet inner reflection - it's about aggressive reaching out.

    The JW religion states that ALL over religions, including those that believe in the God of Abraham and the messiah, including all those who yearn for Christ - well, they are satanic.

    So, the JW lies and craziness are not satanic - but other religions, including Christians are satanic.

    Explain. Please!

  • Alive!

    Watcher and CloseDoor - Are you leading others in the way to truth in your congregation - or do you quietly submit to the lies?

    When you go out on ministry - do you tell people that the leadership of your 'church' - the writers of your publications are corrupt? But you are there to tell them about Jehovah and Jesus?

  • berrygerry

    The idiotic reasoning behind the original JW quote is that one should continue "serving Jehovah" even if the organization fails to live up to what is expected of it. But get this: by "serving Jehovah", what they really mean is blindly serving the corrupt organization that doesn't measure up to what it professes to be, because they equate "serving Jehovah" with being in the organization.

    "The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation."

    Could not be simpler.

    Also, does not the wording indicate that there would be a form of worship that is not clean and is defiled?

    Would not that defiled form of worship be the neglecting of orphans and widows (doesn't state "Christian" orphans and widows either)?

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Alive, if it works for me, it can work for others. Those are the people I'm looking for out in field service. I'm looking for people who want to learn about God and Jesus, even if the opportunity comes from an unexpected direction: JW's.

    The JW religion is what you make of it. It can be tailored to your personality. There are many different ways to serve Jehovah. Pick ones that you enjoy and focus on those.

    JW's have the best understanding of the Bible. All other religions have major doctrinal flaws.

    I discreetly share info with a handful of sisters that I hang out with, but I don't try to cause division in the congregation.

    No, I don't tell people that the leadership of JW's is corrupt, because I don't think they are.

    I'm there to encourage them to read the Bible and become friends with Jehovah and Jesus.

  • GrreatTeacher
    They're taking your money, a watcher. And if you're not giving much, they definitely want more.

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