Are You Interested In Religion Of Any Sort At This Point In Your Life?

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  • Phizzy


    And I really understand what most householders meant when they said "I am not interested".

    Religion and Belief have been consigned to the dustbin of the past as far as I am concerned.

    If God really existed, and I see not one shred of evidence that "he" does, he would speak to me in unequivocal terms. he never has, and I am nearly 3 score years and ten.

    I have heard a lot of blather from men claiming to speak for God, again with no proof that their claim is true, cannot the Omnipotent One speak for Himself ?

    Religion and Belief are a waste of time, there are many much better fantasy realms to inhabit and enjoy.

  • The Scotsman
    The Scotsman

    Not too fussed about joining a religion.
    I can be spiritual without an organisation...

  • Ucantnome

    I believe in Christ and if I felt I could get out of bed on a Sunday morning and go to church it would probably be a Catholic one.

    I did think about becoming a vicar for a while.

  • abbasgreta

    Baptised and confirmed Anglicans, Chuch of England.(Me, ex MS hubby and two late-teen daughters.) Simply freakin' awesome! Also, we have combined services with the Methodists and Baptists about 4 times a year. Just like a huge family reunion. I also watch a Catholic televised service from Germany twice a month. Being a Christian is NOT about being' in a religion' as such. The Church (Gk ecclesia - gathering or group) is not a denomination or a building. The Church was us from St Andrews enjoying drinks and fellowship in the evenings and worshipping in a marquee at Parish Camp (Great fun!). Or 8000 strong at New Wine, Newark, Notts next month. It is also when you get together in a very small group and pray together. All who take Communion are in God's Household, and we have to meet together to "build it up". The bond we have is staggering.The services for worship from All-age to Holy Communion, from worship songs to intercessional prayers and the talks (old word = sermons) just blow you away...... Believe me, for me as an ex-pioneer and a TOTAL "Babylon the Great" hater formerly - to be able to write this, is testimony to the Grace of God. (Don't wish to bleat on, this is just what happened to us, and I appreciate some of you will be letting out a deep sigh....!)

  • cofty

    I'm interested in an academic way.

    It makes me smile when people like Tammy, who is deeply religious, change the meaning of the word in order to eschew religion.

  • GromitSK

    I get the impression that Tec's faith is based on more of a direct revelation. This, to my uneducated eye, seems to be the way many religions are formed. Most of the religious adherents seem to be relying on revelation to one person, or others claiming to continue the communication eg prophets and seers.

    Tec seems to speaking in a way that makes the revelation appear like a conversation. I would be surprised if more than a very few religious people had experienced anything like that. Perhaps people mistake the internal dialogue some of us experience from time to time as a conversation with a deity. Perhaps it is. Either way it isn't of much evidential value to those who don't experience this. This doesn't mean it's not what the author claims of course (unless we're convinced such communication is impossible) but it's difficult to ascribe any value to it.

    Even the Jesus character allegedly performed miracles by way of evidence to support his credentials.

    Religions can perhaps have their positive aspects if they liberate people from fear and provide relief in a hard life, or lift the members' thoughts to higher considerations. They can also be abused by the unscrupulous or used as an excuse not to think about life by the worn-out or lazy.

  • DJS

    Religion is no longer needed IMHO. And no, I will never be involved with it again. I don't mean to be mean or arrogant, but religion is an un-evolved state. As humans we are capable of evolving past the need to "need' religion to make us better, make us feel better or give us meaning in life. Or make us behave and do the right things. As I see it the more we need religion or a higher power to make us behave or be decent, the weaker and less evolved we are. Believing, especially as it is associated with religion, is one very small step up from reaction, feeling and emotions (a lack of impulse control), which makes us more akin to our lower primate friends than it does to the potential held out in our DNA.

    But as long as we think that we need a Jesus to carry us on the beach when we are tired or give us the strength to quit smoking, drinking, lying, cheating, gambling, blah blah blah, etc., etc., etc., we will never evolve as a species.

    A sense of community and belongingness? Perhaps that may make it relevant to some, but there are other options available. For those who have come out of a high control group, such as the JWs, it pains me to see them continue to 'search' for something that they rationally and intelligently should know isn't there. Turning to another 'spin' in order to make an imaginary creature llike me and maybe reward me in the future is, well, bizarre.

    I just ended a long term relationship with someone I still love, but she has some self control issues that I can no longer live with. She has turned back to church to make her behave, because she can't seem to do it on her own. I find that extremely weak. Sorry, don't mean to be mean or offend.

  • bigmac

    i worship my cars--they are my religion--they take all my money.

    they never let me down--except when the fekkin things wont start.

  • punkofnice

    Not interested in religion now.

    I do enjoy some choir services but just from an artistic point of view.

    The god I thought I believed in proved to be an imaginary delusion.

    Too many questions and too little evidence to prove god exists. If god does exist he wants killing.

  • Fernando

    Jesus yes - religion no.

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