Are You Interested In Religion Of Any Sort At This Point In Your Life?

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  • iCeltic

    Abbasgreta - I know a number of Anglicans and some are happy, some aren't but without fail all are self righteous (the ones I know) condemning of equal marriage rights ( homosexuals having equal rights digusts them even though it makes absolutely no difference to their lives) and have absolutely no reasoning when it it comes to discussing god or the bible. I also was on the receiving end of the local ministers hate (without him ever meeting me I may add) because I 'didn't know jesus'

    and the reason there are thread here regarding god killing children is because the bible says he does, I'm not sure which part of that you don't get.

    these, and many other reason are enough to put most people off religion for good.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Always searching and love learning, but no organized religion for me at this time. To think, my promise to Jehovah in December was that I would pioneer this summer, if I could prove just one thing wrong in jwfacts.

  • sooner7nc

    I want to check out the following:

    (1) Unitarian Universalist congregation in Ft. Worth

    (2) A Buddhist Temple, would love to visit Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia and hang out with Talesin

    (3) The Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week which to me would probably be the most spiritual place of the three.

    Otherwise, no.

  • infernosdante

    no religion for me,most are full of scandelous hypocrits,religion has fostered more hate and violence in the world than anything else.

  • Bugbear

    I think that if you would like to understand the human nature, you should be interested in all religions. In fact a waste majority of humans do confess themselves to some sort of religion. This naturally depending on where you are born or your social environment. I have found an author who lived as a catholic nun for more then 10 years. She wasent sure that her choice was ringth, and therfore started to study the history of all religions. Today she is a professor at Oxford university in religionpsycologi. Her name is Karen Armstrong. She has written many books about her experiencies. I think her books help us understanding why almost all humans confess themselves to all these mad ideas.


  • abbasgreta

    Hi. iCeltic! I'm very surprised you met up with such Anglicans as you describe. I suppose the word "happy" is not quite right. I was answering bigmac's point. No-one is happy all the time, outside circs alter that of course. I suppose we have an inner joy and contentment, which is what I always wish each of you on here. I did meet one quite arrogant-ish bloke in charge of the Crooked Spire at Chesterfield, but he is known to have a bit of a problem. "Work on it" I thought to myself. Human nature. (Bad luck that you ran into such a character. We met the best Shepherd you could imagine). As regards being able to explain the bible/beliefs or understand the actions of Yahweh in the OT I would say that independent bible study with a good bible companion is the key. Everything changed with Jesus - who said for example that even harboring hatred equals murder. Don't think I didn't have some some hard questions too. I have spent hours and hours of study and research on points like this and much more - from the basics of Christianity, every sentence of every Creed which we recite - to why there are women vicars, etc etc. I have met no-one more bible/doctrine savvy than our Vicar, Richard. Most of the congregation, I think, don't feel its so important to be able to stand up to critics. Your relationship with God is a strikingly personal and almost tangible thing, precious and unique to each one, and it somehow transcends the need to want or have to debate about it. (Hard to explain). Some things, we even see differently to one another - eg, Eschatology of Christians etc. IT DOESN'T MATTER. The GOSPEL (Good News) is the same as it was 2000 years ago and that is the gel that binds us. I CANNOT agree with your view of how Anglicans view homosexuality/same sex marriage. The common view of the Church of England is that gay couples should marry and enjoy the financial benefits/security. I and my fellow worshippers would embrace ANYONE at our Church, ALL are welcome. No-one is to judge anyone else. HOWEVER, and this is the point of dissention perhaps. Marriage is one of the Holy Sacraments because it represents the relationship between Christ and his Church (St Paul) (Quotes Adam and Eve, the two becoming one flesh being a holy union).Whilst we love ALL people, the Exegesis/Hermeneutics of Homosexuality in the bible mean that today,it just cannot be openly "embraced" as the majority would wish.THAT is why there can be no same-sex church weddings - it is NOT a question of "No such weddings in our Churches!" The Church of England respect and welcome gay people and there are vicars, male and female, and also Bishops who are gay. BUT - a big BUT - If they are taking Holy Services (Baptism, Confirmation, Communion and Marriages) then they are called on to refrain from gay sexual practices.I just totally understand and agree with this, even if it is a big stumbling point for most. This rule doesn't however, apply to Readers, who can take all-age, morning worship services etc. What a difference in my attitude! I am a reformed character, I cannot give better testimony than this, as previously in the jw life, I hated gays.(Never expressed it though, of course). Now love is the dominant force in my life and I would make sure the first person at our Church to hug and welcome a new, openly gay worshipper, would be ME.xx

  • iCeltic

    That's why there was a split within the Anglican Church, because some were for (folk like you) and some were against. My wife is Anglican and has strong views on same sex marriage as does the vast majority of her Anglican Church (Sydney) and they completely disagree with it. I wish they were more like your church! In fact there's a massive issue in Australia at the moment regarding same sex marriage.

    im also aware that you can't paint everyone with the same brush so it's good to know everyone isn't like that :)

  • abbasgreta

    iCeltic: I think these "splits" exist due to pre-formed ideas which are based on poor bible education. As jws we were guilty of this on many counts on so many points - not our fault, it was the wts false teachings based on the terrible New World Translation. Justin Welby for example said on the subject of same-sex marriages that he had very close friends whose amazing gay marriage sometimes left him feeling jealous - it was so "great". Why cant such a marriage be great? Of course it can. Care and legal protection should be the norm for any legal of-age relationship. Homosexuality is not being "condoned" by such a comment, rather, love and mercy and humility (leaving all matters in Christ's hands) are being shown to be the driving force in our relationship with fellow humans. The first line of my comment also goes for the "split" regarding women Bishops. If you do careful and expanded biblical/ historic research - (I have found it is ALL about the exegesis and hermeneutics - the" then" (when and where written and to whom and under which circumstances) and the" now"- that which applied in the 1st century and spans the centuries and is to be applied in this 21st century in Christianity) - of bible rules/principles, the rightful role of women in the church becomes clear. (I'm not going to elaborate - anyone can research it.) This does NOT, however, allow for any "watering down" of God's Word which the jws spitefully and wrongfully accuse Christendom of. Thats why the Church of England can only go so far with the gay marriage issue as outlined in my last post.x Say a big Hi to your wife from me, and don't forget to "slip, slap and slop" - or is it "winter" in Sydney? (70 degrees instead of 130 lol!)

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