Your views and ideas on forum areas and organization?

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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    "LOL, I have thought for a while that there should be a 'Christian only' section, so those poor persecuted souls can converse in peace"

    I agree.
    After that, maybe we could make a 'JW only' section, where those poor persecuted souls can converse in peace. All apostate views would not be allowed, and anyone who posted a viewpoint or fact that disturbed the peaceful 'unity of thought' would be banned.
    In order to gain access to the page, a prospective member of the 'JW' section would have to swear on the New World Translation that any views that contradict the JW understanding of reality and Gods Word would remain private, and not be discussed.
    A moderator (preferably one with plenty of experience in attempting to quell criticism of religious beliefs) would be appointed to ensure that any 'apostate' comments, from those who dared to sneak in and try to introduce an independent thought or opposing viewpoint, would be promptly deleted.
    I am sure that Witnesses would be thankful to the Governing Bod.. oops I meant Simon, for this loving provision to remain seperate from the 'world'.

    .... It'd be so funny if Simon came in now and said "hey, a Christian only forum, that sounds like a great idea". Talk about having egg on your face ;)

    (p.s. Please don't think I am mocking you or having a go at you. I'm honestly not. You seem like a very nice person. I just have a direct style of talking when I'm trying to make someone think. Hope you are not offended..)

  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    I've not read the whole thread but in case no one else has suggested it , it'd be great to see a couple of tabs at the top for "new replies to threads you've posted on" and "new threads" .

    It's hard work tracking down old conversations if they've dropped off the first few pages of "active topics "

    But, once again,thanks Simon. Hundreds of thousands (?) of people have benefitted from your hard work. Cheers!

    (out of interest, just how many people HAVE signed up over the years? And how do the figures match up to jw. Org? It'd be funny if you had more hits!)

  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    And also a "Like" button would be great for peoples comments.

  • Terry

    This may sound random, but it isn't.

    There was a brief period in popular culture known as the TOP 40 radio station.

    Now-already, you think you know what that was. Well--YOU DON'T!

    The music was NOT categorized.

    On the very same station you would hear every genre: Country, Pop, Easy Listening, Jazz, Rock n Roll, etc.

    This allowed a young man such as myself to encounter VARIOUS tastes in music I WOULD HAVE OTHERWISE AVOIDED.

    We now live in a world and a society where we cherry pick our personal favorites.

    People WRONGLY THINK this is a good thing.

    I would assert strongly: IT ISN'T.

    I need to be surprised, challenged and confronted in order to force me to THINK and to GROW.


    The more narrowly we define things into specificity, category, and micro-interests the more likely we

    will shrink intellectually into wallowing specialists.

    If I had my way, everything would be forced into a RANDOM STREAM of Topics.


    I might not have otherwise looked at the very thing which will help me learn, grow and respond.

    Okay. That's all.

    I know it sounds addle-brained, but there ya go!

  • nonjwspouse

    I usually stay on the active topics section, sometimes going to the "topics you've posted on" button and see those threads.

    I too think a like button would be helpful and interesting.

    Also a search button that searches only the jwn forum, not the entire internet.

    I don't like the inability to change my profile, inability to change password, and inability to edit postings after 30 minutes.

    And I thank Simon for keeping this forum up.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    Terry: "I know it sounds addle-brained, but there ya go!"
    Not at all.
    I agree, obviously.
    You'd have to be addle-brained to not see the connection. ;)


    Yes, there will be name (with search for quicker finding), date joined, # of posts and eventually reputation / ranking (not leaderboard though as it should be a collaborative community rather than a competitive one).....Simon

    Thats an Awesome Feature!..

    One I`d like to see ASAP..

    Great Idea Simon!..

    ............................................ photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • Apognophos

    The reputation feature on forums sometimes ends badly. Anyway, I would definitely support a Christians-only subforum.

  • Sol Reform
    Sol Reform

    ability to block private messages

  • Simon

    Yeah, I hear what you're saying about allowing things to get more exposure Terry but have to weigh it against allowing people to find and filter what they are interested in.

    The new site will allow viewing topics by date started, last updated (i.e. active) and number of posts (which I want to replace with a better ranking measure at some point). This will be across the entire site (so current active topics) or drilled down at any level - i.e. members only or a sub-topic of members only. I also want to provide more tags and allow topics to appear in multiple places. A topic could be to do with the UK, JW Religion and Current Events for instance so should show up for all of them.

    Reputation and ranking is good for promoting good stuff and demoting the bad or at least alerting us to issues. At some point if someone in the community has sufficient reputation and their 'alerts' are always spot on then why wouldn't you immediately take action based on their vote? Same for if they rate something good. Of course systems like this always need controls so people can't 'game' them.

    What is the thinking for the private message blocking? If someone is harassing someone then I'd rather know and block them - I guess number of people blocking their messages could be a useful alert to this? Every feature has to be thought through as eedjits will find a way to misuse them - e.g. send hate-riddled messages to people and then block them so they can't reply ...

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