Your views and ideas on forum areas and organization?

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  • Simon

    The new editor will support spellcheck but only if the browser supports it natively like Chrome does (actually most do nowadays)

    My spelling is awful - you can tell when I've posted from a tablet as it's often closer to gibberish than English.

  • LongHairGal


    How about deleting all the old PMs? (or was this covered)

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Very sorry if this has been mentioned, but how about having a 'Help' or 'I Need Help With..' section (or any wording you want). Basically, the section would be for anyone who needs or wants somebody to help them with something. It could be a campaign, ideas, references, how to help a Jw they know, good thread on Jwn for a certain topic etc.. I like to help people, as do many others here, but it's very hard to keep up with all the threads.. Whereas this section would allow us all to check in and see who has asked for help. What do you think?

  • Terry

    I'm very conscious of margins! I would love to have the means of setting my margins on both sides.

    Is that possible?

    Thank you!

    I'm very conscious of margins! I would love to have the means of setting my margins on both sides.

    Is that possible?

    Thank you!

  • Splash

    I've seen something on other forums that I'd love to see on here.

    On the home page there's a bit at the bottom saying "Members logged in now are:", then lists who's logged in, and then it has "Guests viewing" and gives a number of current non-members who are online viewing the forums.

    It would be great to se this.


  • darthfader

    Excellent thread! Thanks for asking for suggestions -- some good ideas might be gathered from (which allows ranking and distributed moderation)-- Also I'm posting from IE10 (with IE10 Browser Mode and IE8 standard document mode) and the editor is "hosed". I'm sure that this text will all be "run on" even though I have it on separate lines.

  • Simon

    Yes, there will be an updated editor compatible with all modern browsers and tablets.

    I don't like the "who's online" displays because there are privacy issues and also I'm not quite sure what anyone is supposed to 'do' with the information. Same for things like # of times a topic has been read - what am I supposed to do with that information as a viewer? Read or not read something based on it?

    I'd like to give more usage statistics overall though which are interesting but want to keep things minimalist but useful where possibly. So, things like when someone joined, how many posts they have made, where they are from etc... may be a click or mouseover away instead of directly in each topic just to keep things cleaner.

    I still haven't finalised all the HTML tags and CSS properties that are going to be allowed but left-margins should certainly be in there but I'm not sure why right-margins would be necessary?

  • DesirousOfChange



    It would be cool to go to the Members section and be able to organize members by the date that they joined. That would make it possible to see how many new members in the past day/week/month/year/etc



  • *lost*

    what about an 'occult' section ? as I am discovering it is tied into a lot of 'history' of the world and organisations.

  • besty

    linking to a specific post - I seem to recall that used to be do-able?

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