Apostate: From 279 Facebook friends to 81 overnight... thanks MOM!

by sosoconfused 72 Replies latest jw experiences

  • fresh prince of ohio
    fresh prince of ohio

    I have heard news that you have decided to turn your back on the one true organization because you were not recognize for your own abilities. This reminds me of Korah. Do you know what happened to him? Do you wish this to be your outcome? Surely you love your children and what about <wifes name>?

    Your selfish course will cost them their lives if you continue to allow your pride to cause you to deviate from the faithful slave. <blah blah blah>

    Just shaking my head. God JWs suck.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Like, stop eating at the table of demons, Soso. That's what my nephew said he would be doing if continued to be friends with me. So he shunned me. Now he's a card carrying apostate, just like me. You just never know. He's even a member here, though he rarely posts any more. His moniker is TimeBandit. Have a giant hug. Even though we know they are all snowed and that they are all nuts, it still hurts for them to pull their shunning stunts.

  • joe134cd

    I realy do hate to say this, and I know it's hard to do. But it is so important that you keep your mouth closed. Especially if you have got financial ties or are dependent on other witness. I know I am in this situation at the moment. I'm trying to fade. But know that getting DFed could be financially crippling. I smile and keep my mouth shut.

  • 3rdgen

    "so much for at the mouth of two witnesses".(Splash) That's only for peodiphiles

  • Sittingstraight1212

    Thats so sad, sounds like its a thrill for your mom to punish you. Does she like getting attention from the Cong. about her apostate son...

  • jgnat

    Imagine a stage dialogue (I've forgotten the Witness term), where the Witness chases the Human Apostate around on the stage demanding they sit still long enough to hear that they are Officially Shunned (TM).

  • Scott77


    The Wathtower is a negative enabler in this instance. Its behaviors are like that of gangs. I think, you are better off now than when you were still within. Those so called JW friends are fake.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    wow I read through this and all I can say is wow. Dubs will sell u out in a NY minute without any regard for fact, or consideration of your relationship. Been there done that. I've had so many rumours about me, yet very few inquired. They just shun

  • DeWandelaar

    This happens frequently... I am fading and I already had a significant drop in friends. To make it easier for others and myself I have deleted more then 2/3 of my friends. There are still some JW friends in my list but that is only because I conscider them still friends. Also... I have childs and a wife in the "truth" so cutting everyone out will be too big of a sign.

    If I were you sosoconfused I would take in mind that people that handle you like that are not worth you as a friend, partner or brother... Defend your mind... it is NOT because YOU have a lack in some area's or you are guilty to something... it is because people do not know what really counts. Hang on there man!

  • His Excellency
    His Excellency


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